Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pop Tops Australia's Favorite Kid's Juice Drink is now here at the Philippines

8:54 AM

Filipino Moms exert effort on preparing their kids baon for school. It is the most special love that our kids can bring to the school and I know it is hard to decide and find the perfect healthy food choice that our kids will surely eat and enjoy. But nowadays, this combination can be challenging to find, especially in kid's beverages. So here I am again recommending my drink choice for your kids to bring. Introducing Pop Tops: Australia's Favorite Kids Juice Drink. 

Harvey was excited seeing the bottles
The design of the bottle is perfect to attract kids but it is not just the package it is the whole Pop Tops including the juice itself. Each Pop Tops comes in a handy-lunch box sized 250ml serving, perfect for little tot's drinking needs, and for our moms to carry on our purse.

Pop Tops bottle fits perfectly to the tiny hands of my #LittleSamson Harvey, don't worry mommies our little ones can't make a mess because of it's small drinking spout compared to the ordinary bottles. Harvey is loving the pop-up cap design of this bottle it makes easier for him to drink and close the bottle. With the right serving size, we moms will have a peace of mind that our kids get the most nutrients they need in the amount that they want. 

Asking where Pop Tops are made from? Pop Tops is made from real fruit juice, with 30 percent less sugar and less sodium, no artificial colors , flavors or sweeteners. Pop  Tops juices are made in Australia, with the highest quality and safety standard that our children deserve. 

There are only two flavors available at the market apple and orange flavors. 
Apple Flavor Pop Tops
Orange Flavor Pop Tops
Pop Tops also introduced some colorful characters to add fun to our kid's drink. Led by Alfi Apple and Oli Orange. Aside from being a daily kid's beverage, Pop Tops is so attractive and engaging that it can be an ideal giveaway for birthday parties and other special occasions.

"Pop Tops was developed with health and safety in mind.  It is not enough that each child is satisfied. They have to benefit from what they consume in the long run. Each drink they consume is an investment in their future health, and Pop Tops is the only kids beverage that delivers this in a way that children will love, " says director Neil Vincent Ching

"One of the main dilemmas parents have is persuading their children to eat or drink what they have prepared. Pop Tops priorities to make the beverage attractive and easy-to-use for your child, so that they can have all the nutrients in a drink they can enjoy. This makes life a lot easier for busy parents who want the best for their children," shares Atlas Global Advantage managing director Hans Nathan Ching. 

Comparing to other drinks, Harvey is loving this drink and he already recognized the bottle itself on what flavor is on it. I can say that this drink is a good replacement for a squeezed juice that I'm sure that Harvey will enjoy. So try out this Pop Tops juice and find it at the following stalls and supermarkets Sm Snack Exchange, Rustans Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket and SM Hypermarket nationwide. 

I received Yakap Delivery from Neozep

1:49 AM

I am a working mom, so even I am not feeling well I still go to work. A few weeks just past I feel really sick because of colds. Neozep found out that I had colds they send me a #YakapDelivery box to keep my day going.

I was then at the office busy doing office works when I got a message that Neozep send me something to ease my colds. Both of them are makulit while doing the delivery and told me what is inside of the box.

Neozep send this care package that comes with Neozep Non-drowsy and Neozep Forte plus their limited edition tumbler.

Neozep is always my go to medicine for colds. They do stick on their saying the "Isang yakap ng ginhawa mula sa Neozep para sa'yo dahil gusto naming gumaling ka agad!"

If you will ask which Neozep medicine is better I'll give you a short description to where to use it.

Take Neozep Non-drowsy when you need to do task or when you need to go to work. "No antok ginhawa sa sipon para tuloy ang trabaho. While Neozep Forte is taken when you can rest at home for more restful recovery to ease that colds and all of it's symptoms.

Sorry for my haggard face in this photo. 

 You can also watch Alden Richards #YakapDelivery Commercial.  Again Thank you Neozep for my #YakapDelivery box. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Precision Meets Passion at Vivere Salon Glorietta with Mr. Alben Lawa

9:04 AM

They all say that hair is the crowning glory of a woman that is why I am so honored to try out the expertise of one of the stylists from a well known salon Vivere Salon. Hair is the most precious part of a woman's body we do everything just to make it shiny and it helps us to look good.

My bleached hair and purple hair

If you're my avid reader you already read my post about a month ago that I decided to bleach my hair to achieve my dream hair color which was purple or violet. Here is the link on my post : Bleached Hair. Back then I only apply a semi permanent hair color that only last for days until a week.

From that day I said to myself that I will retain my bleached hair to try on different hair color trends do that I could make my own statement. Nevertheless, I do achieve that. But I got tired of redoing my hair color every two weeks. So again, I decided to stop coloring it and stick to this yellowish color. I do love my hair I constantly do home treatments and conditioned it almost every day to make it strong.

Luckily I was invited to try Vivere salon and to have a hair makeover. Vivere Glorietta 2 Branch interior is a mix of modern colors and patterns with a touch of Zen. A great combination of inspiration and balancing of moods of the customers as well as the staffs. All of their Senior Hair stylist embodied the salon principle "Precision Meets Passion" which on my own observation and experience this is where they are excellent.

My Glam Team : Sir Alben Lawa & Ate Mona
Vivere Salon promised that all of their stylists are the best, did you know that they are trained in the signature techniques of the Vidal Sasoon Academy, know for their easy to maintain, manage, wash and wear but an unbelievably stylish approach to cutting. Here, each snip and angle is designed to create shape, texture and form, based on what is most flattering for our client’s face shape, what is most ideal for their lifestyle, what is manageable for their beauty regimen and how it all works given their hair texture. To complement our cutting services, we also have a range of scientifically proven hair treatments from Schwarzkopf, designed to make everyday styling easier while ensuring the health of your hair. 

My hair stylist was Mr. Alben Lawa, he is very accommodating and he picks a perfect color to my hair. A quick profile background of Mr. Alben Lawa, about an eight years on hair expertise and 2 years as a senior hair dresser in Vivere Salon.Whenever I go to a salon I always ask my hair stylist for his opinion on what hair style and color would actually make my face brighter and slimmer. As per Sir Alben, I told him that I believe in his expertise that he can do anything in my hair. So let's begin my hair transformation story.

So here is my untouched hair a combination of yellow, gold and black roots

The Ate Mona, attended to me and washed my hair to prep my hair for coloring.

After the first wash of my hair

 The first step is to lighten up the root of my hair because it is already growing. Color mixture was on my hair for about 20 mins. 

Ate Mona is applying color lightener to my roots

After the wash of my lightened hair
As I've said I let Mr. Alben to do what he thinks looks good on me. So here is the coloring, I wasn't able to take a pic of the mixture that they used to my hair, but it is a little bit pastel purple color.

Hair color is Redish Violet
This time color seats down for about 20 mins and they do my roots for another 15 mins. While waiting ate Mona give me some relaxing massage. To kill time and just to relax me.

Color red hair color on my hair

The lightning does not give it a justice but in personal it is a mix of color red and purple
 Love the results, also Sir Alben treated my abused hair, to make it soft and for a long lasting hair colorful.

My overall experience in the Vivere Glorietta salon is awesome. They also took a photo of me because the outcome color is pigmented. Comparing my old hair style to my new one. It is more pigmented and vibrant. Curling my hair will also make it look good.

Before (left) After (right)

Here is my updated hair color after 6 days, which is so fab. It is not that loud red color, it compliments my skin even better making my skin more whiter. To my #DashingMomSquad , one thing I can say, staying out of your comfort zone means giving a chance for a better you.

I recommend you to try the services offered by Vivere Salon. All of their stylist are the BEST! If you are curious to try out their services especially Sir Alben Lawa at Vivere Glorietta Salon. Visit them at 3rd floor Glorietta 2 it is near Nail-aholics and Ohh Lah Lash. Don't hesitate to ask if Sir Alben to be your stylist.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Manila Art Sesh at SM City San Lazaro

8:42 AM
Last July 8, 2017, SM City San Lazaro had an event pertaining to Arts entitled Manila Art Sesh. It is a friendly competition between art major students from different schools Adamson University,Bataan Peninsula State University, Bulacan State University , Cavite State University, Indang, Cavite ,De salle University- Dasmariñas ,Manuel L. Quezon University, Quezon City, Mapua University
National University , Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila , Rizal Technological University , Technological University of the Philippines - Manila, University of the East- Caloocan , University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

The theme of this Intercollegiate Pop Art Mural Challenge is the Philippine Structures that have brought pride and progress to the Filipino Nation. Each team was provided with a slot of 8x6ft panel section on the maze provided by SM. They are all provided paints from Boysen Paint Philippines to add color to their sketches.

Of course in every competition there will be a set of judges to help the organizers to pick the winners. The first Judge is Ms. Abe Luna Orobia, son of Maestro Orobia, a well known painter and great Grandson of Juan Luna. He has conducted several art workshops in Ayala Museums and other art institutions and has received several awards in UN Development awards, ASEAN Children and featured as Solar Daybreak Artist of the week.Next judge is Mr. Gelo Magno, an assistant executive director of School of Multimedia Arts in Asia Pacific College, the Vice President of the Association of Pinoy Print Makers and he is also the Production Designer and Stylist of GMA 7's Dapat Tama. Last Judge is Architect Cesar Aljambra, he is from United Architect of the Philippines.

I'm with my co-blogger Rich Raymond Bautista, during the event. We arrived early and the registration for the contestants are on-going. So we decided to have a break and do some window shopping at SM San Lazarro. After that we go back to the event center and then contestants are now sketching their canvass. Here are some of the photos we gathered.

The emcee announced that the contestants can now start to give some life to their sketches using Boysen Philippines Paints. They are known to have a wide variety of colors. Boysen has also proven itself as the industry leader in product innovation with its constant development of new products to suit specific market needs, especially in environmentally friendly paints.

While the contestants are busy painting their art works, speakers do share some of their learning to the audience.

After hours of hard-works the final judgement comes. Here are some of the Murals from the contestants and a list of the winners.

Congratulations to all of the winners especially to Bulacan State University
Manila Art Sesh paintings are still up I think until July 28, 2017. So grab a chance to see all beautiful paintings.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Saturday Pampering at Nail It! Salon Vertis North

8:58 PM
nail it vertis north

I was very honored to be one of the chosen ambassadors of the newly open nail salon in Vertis North. I am thankful especially to The Momma Club Ms. Jayreen De Guzman for giving me this opportunity. Let me just give you a background about Momma Club. It is a group of Mommies who are giving support to each other giving advises and sharing stories.

nail it vertis north
Going back to the newly opened nail salon is a franchise of Nail It! Their tag line is an affordable luxury nail salon.

nail it vertis north

 Definitely my experience to this nail salon is so relaxing. When I came in to Nail it! salon I was warmly welcomed by one of their Operations Manager , Ms. Myrna dela Rama. Nail it! Vertis North branch is the 14th branch of the growing family of Nail It Franchise. The mastermind of Nail it! is Ms. Jean Uvero together with her daughters, one of them is Ms. Agatha Uvero . Before the Nail it, nail salon was their mommy and daughter bonding only, but the services that they tried does not satisfy them. Back then they conceptualize this nail salon to add their personal touches and make it to be their business.

nail it vertis north

nail it vertis north

Nail it Vertis North branch was franchised by Ms. Lot Zerrudo-Matulac. I had a chance to talk to her, she shared a sort of history before she took this opportunity to own a nail salon. A young entrepreneur Ms. Lot was already having a franchise store of 7/11, but then she overheard that Nail it Salon offers a franchise. She made up her mind and took this opportunity to try this business.  This day was also their Salon Blessing and Hope for a success to this branch.

nail it vertis north

In my experience at Nail it! Vertis North experience I love the interiors because they have my favorite color purple, which compliments better on white. It is such a luxurious color to enjoy and to relax. The store has a nail polished section that comes with a wide array of colors and textures. By the way all of their nail polishes are branded which a good thing because you are sure that your nails is at a good hand.

nail it vertis north

Ate Chen assisted me throughout the session and pampering, she even suggests what color should I pick on the racks for my nails. Before we started she asked me if I have allergy on the ingredients that she will be putting on my skin. Nail It! Always make sure that customers are educated on what are the ingredients or what will they need to know before starting the session.
nail it vertis north

She first buff may hand with this blue sponge and with water. Then the hand spa session started, first she put on a scrub, lotion to exfoliate all the dry skin and gently massage my hands and arms. She put on a mask for a smoother skin. My skin feels smoother and soft after.
nail it vertis north

I do usually let the attendant clean the edges of my nails and buff off some of the first layer of the nails. On Jhen hands was so gentle that I didn't notice that it was already done. She also massages my hand after cleaning it which was my favorite part of this session. By the way their equipments are all sterilized and sealed each session so the customer assure that it is sanitized.

I do love the color of my nails which was a Satin finish Tove color by Zoya.

My overall experience here at Nail it salon was very relaxing aside from their comfortable couches, all of the employees are approachable and they always smile. The owner of the Store is also beautiful and charming, I got a chance to talk to her. When you are meticulous like me on your nails, don't worry, just look for Ate Jhen, she put the nail polished on my nails perfectly as you can see on my IG post below. I recommend you to try and explore Vertis North Mall and especially go to Nail It Vertis North to try out their services. Here are the services they offer.

nail it vertis north

Hand & Foot Care

Simply Hands | 220
Simply Feet  | 280
Includes Spray, Soak, Remove, Clean, Buff, Stroke

Coloring Hands | 100
Coloring Feet  | 130
Includes Spray, Soak, Remove, Color

Pampering Hands | 250
Pampering Feet  | 300
Includes Spray, Soak, Remove,Exfoliate, Signature Mask, Stroke

Soothing Hands | 375
Soothing Feet  | 450
Includes Spray, Soak, Remove,Paraffin, Stroke

Clarifying Hands | 375
Clarifying Feet  | 450
Includes Spray, Soak, Remove, Exfoliate, Clarifying Mask, Stroke

Strictly Men

Laidback Hands | 150
Laidback Feet  | 180
Includes Spray, Soak, Remove, Clean, Buff, Stroke

Executive Hands | 380
Executive Feet  | 430
Includes Spray, Soak, Remove, Exfoliate, Signature Mask, Stroke

Little Missy

Simply Me Hands | 100
Simply Me Feet  | 130
Includes Spray, Soak, Remove, Clean, Buff, Stroke

Spoil Me Hands | 180
Spoil Me Feet  | 200
Includes Spray, Soak, Remove, Exfoliate, Signature Mask, Stroke

Added Indulgence

Paint Your empty Canvas (Nail Art per Nail) | 25
On The Tip (French Tip Application)  | 35
Two colored Tips (Multi-colored French Tip)| 50
Two Colored Nails (Multi-colored Nail Polish) | 60

Hands | 700
Feet  | 750

Nail Solutions (Foundation or Theraphy) | 150
Nail Renew (Treatment to Renew) | 150
De-Gelify (Removal of Gel Polish) | 250
Strokes (30 Minutes of Chosen Area) | 300

Complete Care

Be In Bliss
Ralaxing | 580(f)|680(M)
Simply Manicure, Simply Pedicure, Coloring Manicure, Coloring Pedicure, Pampering Feet, Stroke

On Your Toes
Clarifying | 630(f)|730(M)
Simply Manicure, Simply Pedicure, Coloring Manicure, Coloring Pedicure, Clarifying Feet, Stroke

Stand Firm
Firming | 730(f)|830(M)
Simply Manicure, Simply Pedicure, Coloring Manicure, Coloring Pedicure, Soothing Feet, Stroke

Perfect Set of 20
Balancing | 780(f)|880(M)
Simply Manicure, Simply Pedicure, Coloring Manicure, Coloring Pedicure, Pampering Hands & Feet, Stroke

Walker's Paradise
Invigorating| 980(f)|1080(M)
Simply Manicure, Simply Pedicure, Coloring Manicure, Coloring Pedicure, Pampering & Soothing  Feet, Stroke

All You've Ever Wanted
Soothing| 1030(f)|1130(M)
Simply Manicure, Simply Pedicure, Coloring Manicure, Coloring Pedicure, Soothing Hands & Feet, Stroke

Cherry on Top

Gigling| 510
Simply Manicure, Simply Pedicure, Coloring Manicure, Coloring Pedicure, Pampering Feet, Big Toe Nail Art for Kids

Nail Solutions

Repairing| 450
Foundation , Intensive Theraphy, Renew