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Playtime with Kuya Harvey and Liam on Araneta Fiesta Park | Araneta City’s newest outdoor fun park

 Araneta Fiesta Park promises a fun experience for the entire family

My kids (Harvey & Liam) together with my cousin Kuya TJ and I experienced a fun afternoon play at the newest outdoor fun park that is located at the middle of Metro,  the Araneta Fiesta Park. Do you want to know more about this park that I'm sure your family will enjoy? Keep on reading.

How to get there (at the Araneta Fiesta Park)?

  • If you are coming from the North Ride P2P bus going to Trinoma Landmark/ SM North. 
  • Ride MRT for North station going to Cubao.
  • Walk Going to Araneta City Bus Station (along Times Square Avenue) which the Araneta Fiesta Park is located beside.

What's inside the Araneta Fiesta Park?

When my kids and I arrived at the Park, we thought that we need to pay for the entrance fee on the park. To our surprise Entrance Fee is FREE on the Araneta Fiesta Park, if you wanted to try out some rides tickets for each ride start at just ₱50, and enjoy all rides offered at the Araneta Fiesta Park for only ₱500.

The Trampoline

Upon entering the Park on your right you can see the first attraction which is the trampoline. Our really makulit kids love jumping this will be a great ride for them to enjoy to pump up their energy more, because they are just starting to enjoy the whole Araneta Fiesta Park. 

Kiddie F1 Cars

If your kids loves car definitely they will run to this ride! It is a rechargeable kiddie car ride where kids can drive on their own while going around the tracks provided.  

See Kuya Harvey does not take any hesitation not to try this ride because he loves car, and thru this ride he can drive on his own with his own pace. 

Ofcourse Liam also tried this ride to but his feet is not yet to long enough to be able to press the pedal. I think this ride is best for 4-10 years old. 

Water Boats

Kuya Harvey able to try this fun ride of Floating Bumper Boats, a huge pool was place on the semi-side of the Fiesta Park. Kids can have fun with this one bumping with each other while strolling around the pool.

The Train

We got tired on all of the jumping and playing so I decided to buy some ice cream around the area and we all ride the Train that goes around Araneta Fiesta Park. A little bit of tip if you want to check out the place  first you can ride the train which goes around the area. There you can now see what attraction hits on you. 

Train ride really calm down my kids, and we were able to take a deep appreciation on where to go next. 

Interactive ride

This interactive ride is unique in a way that kids together with their parent can ride and goes around the area. It is a perfect bonding between parents and kids , You can do a little bit of talk and enjoyment with this ride.

The Inflatables

I can say that this every kids favorite during our visit, because they are 4 huge Inflatables with slide and obstacle course where kids can enjoy. Liam loves each slide here, he enjoy every step going up and every slide. 

I wasn't able to take a photo on each of the ride but I'm going to attached here the video where kuya Harvey took some brave and tried the Jurassic Adventure, which is basically helps his muscle to pump, because it contains obstacle course , a zip line and a wall climbing. Don't worry parents they do provide safety harness for our kids which our secure. 

For the adults they do have Basketball arcade , Duck catch and throwing of rings. Which you can get a stuff toy whenever you win the challenges.

I almost forgot here is a special guest for those kids who love Dinosaurs, you can take a picture with them they do have schedule which I will be sharing with you 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. So take note of those time stamps so you can have a good smile with the dinosaurs.

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