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Best #Affordabuys you can get with your 2000 php near Metro Manila

We Filipinos are know to be "kuripot" but being one does not mean that we are not meticulous on what we are buying. Kasama na din dian ang pag make sure na may quality ang mga products na binibili natin. How about having does qualities on one big roof! Yes you heard it right you can get items with good quality in a lower price than other stores. Let me tell you about Affordabuys has it all. 

Affordabuys is located at the busy road of Bagbaguin Rd, Valenzuela City which is a perfect location when you are coming from Manila or even from the North part of Luzon. It is also easily be located because of their big LCD screen outside of the store and their brand logo. 

Basically Affordabuys  started with an online store thru Live selling just like any other online stores during the whole dilemma of pandemic. The owner was able to find a light beneath the struggle that anyone is facing during that time. There income became higher and they do gain followers so they decided to expand more this year that is why they open their first store! Squad this is just their soft opening and they have all the items that is perfect for everyone in the family. Here's some glimpse of their soft opening. 

I was given a challenge to budget 2000 pesos and buy everything that will fit on that budget so today I'm going to show you what I got.

Toys for my kids Harvey and Liam:
 Bad Dog Toy (285php) 

Jumping Pirate (100php)

@itsrayrose Murang damit na worth 50php sa @affordabuys.superstore happy ang kids sa new clothes #Affordabuys #AffordMoNa ♬ Cute song of fun scene - Yoshiki ARA


@itsrayrose Mini vlog 1 samahan ninyo akong iexplore ang @affordabuys.superstore sa Valenzuela! #Affordabuys #AffordMoNa ♬ Fun and happy whistling and ukulele(930822) - yutaka.T

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