Try Kleenfant's Antibacterial Baby Laundry Detergent + Extra Care Fabric Softener Plus many more baby stuffs from Shopee

Kleenfant is a brand that aims to provide quality consumable baby products that are affordable yet the safest it could be. Not just for toddlers but and babies but also for adults. Pedia and Dermatologically approved. Wipes are Made in Korea and with FDA Certification

Antibacterial Laundry Wash  Provide the MOST NATURAL and SAFEST detergent that cares for our babies . This prevents rashes and irritation to their most sensitive skin. Effectively removes milk stains and dirt while providing gentleness on Mommies hands. 

Extra Care Fabric Softener -  Kleenfant natural fabric softness and let our baby enjoy the fluffy, comfortable feeling with Kleenfant EXTRA CARE Fabric Softener. Specially made with loving NATURAL INGREDIENTS proving it SAFE and GENTLER for our little one's delicate skin 

Unscented Baby Wipes - Kleenfant baby wipes are made with extensive safety standards  which restricts a range of potential harmful ingredients to ensure our  wipes are gentle on your baby's delicate skin.