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Choosing a diaper for our babies is really hard especially there are times that on the first few days it is ok then on the following days it became irritable to our baby. Sharing with you some of the insights that you need to know when choosing a right diaper for your baby.

1. It should be comfortable.Our baby should move around without any leaks. There should be soft garterized waistband and leg elastics for a comfortable fit that flexes with baby’s every move

2. Our babies little bumpies are delicate, we should choose a diaper that absorbs fluid quickly to help keep baby’s skin dry.

3. Diaper must allow the air to escape up to 10x faster^ through outer cover so baby’s skin stays dry (^vs. non-breathable covers)

4. The absorbent of the diaper should with super absorbent gel which helps absorb and lock fluid inside, providing up to 12- hour dryness^ (based on average urination rate of babies per 12 hours)

Well all of this characteristics can be found on one brand which is Huggies Dry Pants

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