Mom 101: Perfect baby items I can't leave without from Tiny Buds

 Liam is growing so fast, as he grows I know that I need some go-to products to take care of him. Alam ko nag struggle din kayo sa pag linis ng ngipin ng mga anak ninyo but I discover a good product that will help you and your kid for easier brushing teeth session. The Tiny Buds Tiny Chewbrush

  • This product is perfect because it perfectly fits our kid's tiny mouths. It is made with BPA-free silicone that massages gums and cleans up their teeth. Liam loves this product, I do let him hold this one and he chews it for about 20 minutes. 
  • The next product is the Tiny Buds Natural Baby bottle wash. It contains a non-toxic solution for cleaning baby bottles. It instantly removes dirt and bacteria. 
  • The Nail clippers is a hero, Liam's nails are so fast to grow, yet he does like it to be cut. But when I show these clippers from Tiny buds, I think he is not afraid of it. His nails are now well-groomed. 
You can buy all of this Tiny Buds items on Shopee 

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