Everyday Fiesta Feels at home with my Family

This year we experienced new things that made our life now more intact in our home. How do your kids cope up with these changes in their lives? They cannot go to a park, play inside a malls' playhouse, or even have lovely food with their favorite restaurant. For me now my first son Harvey is on online schooling I made sure that study and fun balance are always present. I make sure that my family still can have an enjoyable and make them feel that it is #EverydayFiestaFeels in our home. 


I noticed that Harvey loves singing while he is playing with his toys, I discovered this new gadget from Shopee  while I'm browsing their app. It is a multimedia player that has many uses. Do you know that when you sing a song it is beneficial for improving breathing, posture, and muscle tension? Another thing when we sing we can easily express our feeling and we can get over to it as we sing. That is why I bought this WOW! Fiesta Melody, with just ₱4,999 it is a perfect device for my son. 

There was also a time that he wanted to have a break with his study, he asked me if he can sing and use the WOW! Fiesta Melody to ease his tired brain. Well, it is effective, he enjoyed singing a song, check the video below.

We LOVE the WOW! Fiesta Melody if you are not yet convinced well let me tell you some points why we do love it. 

  1. It is easy to operate - Even my 6-year-old son can select a song and sing without any issue. 
  2. It has many built-in English and Tagalog songs. They included a booklet where you can choose your song. 
  3. It is Car Friendly - it has a compact size with underside tab provisions for in-car installs. It’s also equipped with a 3.5 mm IR jack for easy remote access
  4. It comes with a free microphone so you don't need to look and buy a new one if you haven't.
  5. You can easily download any songs that you want to include with the instructions included at the box.
  6. Most especially it is a Multimedia Player via USB Drive – Play movies and music from your USB drive. Supports all popular multimedia formats.

WOW! Fiesta Melody is a perfect device for my Harvey to practice singing this pandemic. Aside from he is learning some songs he also enjoys singing and watching our favorite movies with the use of WOW! Fiesta. See there are lots of activities that you can enjoy with this   #WOWFiesta Melody. I'm sure your family will #EverydayFiestaFeels. You may purchase the WOW! FIESTA Melody online at the following:

Physical Stores:
SM Appliance Centre, Robinsons Appliance, SM Hypermarket and SM Supermarket, Automatic Centre, Anson’s, Abenson Stores, Western Appliances and S&R

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