Why Do You Need A Washing Machine With A Hygiene+ Feature?

Corona Virus makes me more cautious about every action that I will make. Keeping my family healthy and germ-free is one of my tasks this few months. Because of this Pandemic cost by Covid-19, all of us became meticulous in all that we are doing-especially cleaning our clothes. It is not enough that you will just wash it with your trusted laundry soap.

For my case whenever I go out of the house I made sure that I wear a protective mask (which is a washable one), face shield and once I got home I dump my dirty clothes and mask to a bin outside of our house to eliminate the spread of the germs. Upon entering the house I make sure that I use alcohol and run straight to the bathroom to take a warm bath.

Coronavirus needs a tougher cleaning agent to be able to kill it, but I know what you are thinking moms. What if you're kids have sensitive skin? What if it destroys the fabric of the clothes? I discovered a new innovation in terms of Washing Machine technology have you heard Cool Hygiene within a washing machine? If not let me tell you about it.

CoolHygiene 20 °C Program is 70% more energy-saving and keeps your wash allergen and bacteria free even at low temperatures. Keep your cool when your soiled clothes emerge good as new! There is one brand that has this technology which is Beko.

Aside from the CoolHygiene technology Beko Laundry making is easier because of the other specification of their washing machines it has Energy Saving quality that I am sure all moms out there will love. When you are going to use the washing machine they make sure that you cannot hear any sound and it is safe for babies.

Right now we need to exert extra effort to clean our surroundings especially our clothes we wear outside the house. Beko Washing Machines are the best because of their CoolHygiene technology and which is an eco-friendly feature. It is not enough that you just clean your self. Your clothes should be cleaned properly so that we are sure that we are living a Covid-19 free home.

I will share some points that we need to consider in buying Washing Machines

Efficiency. How efficiently does your washing machine in terms of saving power and water? You need to choose an economical washing machine that means saving in for your household.

Load Capacity. Load Capacity is another point that you need to consider, if you are a big family you'll want a washing machine that has a large capacity.

The overall function of the washing machine. As I said, now we need to consider if the washing machine you are buying has a hygiene technology that will take good care of your clothes while cleaning it thoroughly without damaging the fabrics. Some have steam type hygiene but I prefer CoolHygiene technology.

Price. The price of the washing machine is our number one factor that we need to consider. We should allot a budget and check the feature of the washing machine.

Check if it is eco-friendly. Eco-friendly washing machines mostly have a low sound that you can peacefully wash your clothes at night even your kids are sleeping.

Now we all know that what we need to consider hygiene features in buying washing machines. After all, staying clean and making sure that our family is healthy is our priority now.

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