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Getting the right comfortable clothes for our babies is our aim every time we do shopping for them. We tend to look for a cute design that will make them stand out yet that clothes should give them comfort every time they wear it. While I was browsing my social media account, I came across a post from one of my trusted baby clothing lines BeBe by So-en that they were now officially on Shopee! Yes, it is now easier to get your baby's clothes without going outside the house. 

BeBe by SO-EN, is an Infant & Kids clothing line created by SO-EN Garments Corporation to deliver the maternal needs of all female customers nationwide. They are also known for outstanding quality, soothing fabrics, durable materials, and smooth designs to provide ease and comfort to our babies. Besides all of the good qualities, it is 100% Filipino made which makes me a proud Filipino. 

Before the pandemic, I usually buy clothes from SM Department stores to ensure that I can get the best clothes for my Liam, but now I need to consider this pandemic and it is now easier to get clothes that I want through Shopee Philippines. 

I will list some of my haul for my baby Liam below, and yes! It is available on Shopee. To get you right to the track you can check their Shopee Official Mall page : there are lots of clothes that you can choose from and also they are sale! 

Let us show you some clothes, just keep scrolling!

On our first photo, Liam is wearing one of the 3in1 set of Pajama which is available in 3 sets of colors (Pink Set: Pink, Yellow, White | Blue Set: Blue, Yellow, White | White Set: which is all white) for his bottoms and a ezAircool sando those tiny fabric holes will make him comfortable even it is mainit because it is a breathable type of fabric. One of the essentials that every baby should have!

The next outfit is a perfect combination of sleeping! The underwater Friends collection will surely make Liam standout. It is a new product by BeBe by SO-EN with 3in1 printed T-shirts with piping. That secure baby's arms to fit perfectly! It is available in 2 variations the Blue and Pink one. 

Cuteness Overload on the next outfit that we are going to show you! Another Underwater friend Collection but this time it is a short & T-shirt combo. A perfect item for your little one's indoor photoshoot. It is made from cotton-rich fabric which makes your baby feel comfortable. 

There are lots of stuffs stored for you and your babies at BeBe by SO-EN Official Shopee Store! I forgot to take a picture of some of Liam's Haul but I'm going to show it to you below. 

It is a muscle tee terno with Underwater Friends Collection design again. It is so cute! Well as I am saying there are lots of items that you can buy form their Official Shopee store so go ahead and visit them now! You just need to take note that the sizes of their products are in months old. Regular sizes are 0-12 months old and they also have 18-24 & 24-36 months olds which have a higher price. You don't need to worry about your baby's skin because they are all made with Cotton-rich fabric! 

These apparels are 100% Pinoy made and make use of cotton-rich fabrics, so expect it to have the So-en comfortability that we all know and love. Another thing that I love about this line is that most of their items come in sets of three, which is definitely a plus. The fabric choice also makes this item wrinkle-proof, which saves time and effort on our part as parents because we don't need to iron it.

Come visit and shop on their Shopee store this August 1-8 so you'll be in time for Shopee's 8.8 sale. Download Shopee App now!

Follow BeBe by SO-EN Instagram page @soen.bebe and Facebook page on Facebook check them out!

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