Experience Hong Kong noodles within the comfort of your home with Sau Tao | Shopee Mall

Sau Tao is a brand originated from Hong Kong, is known for its premium quality non-fried noodle, a healthier alternative to traditional noodles. Now available at Shopee Mall . They bring a non-fried noodle here at the Philippines as follows:

Sau Tao Non-Fried Instant Bowl Noodle with XO Tantan Soup 100g

This yummy noodles are swimming in a deliciously balanced soup with hot spiciness from rayu Japanese chili oil and a melow nutty sweetness from soy milk and sesame paste. Get it for 100php only

Taste the delicious Shallot Sauce partnered with the special non-fried noodles. A perfect snack in th afternoon.

A Combination of a right amount of pepper and a stir fry noodle for only 107php.

If you are still looking for a spicy taste, Sau Tao XO Sauce Extra Hot is a condiment made from scallop, best mixed with your noodles, rice or to any dish that you like. 

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