How to Achieve Your #SkinGoals with Products from the Shopee 6.6 Super Sale

Get the skin of your dreams with items from Shopee.

There’s a skincare regimen for everyone. No matter what your age or gender is, it’s vital to take care of your skin’s health and appearance. Remember, it’s never too late to start. Here are seven products from Shopee’s 6.6 sale that can help you in establishing the perfect skincare routine for you:

1. Choose a gentle cleanser. 

Proper cleansing is an important step in skincare. It removes dirt, oil and other impurities that could have been clogged inside your pores. Make sure you pick a cleanser that’s mild and designed for your skin type. 

Try: Laneige Multi Deep Clean Cleanser Papain Enzyme

2. Pick the right kind of toner.

Some people don’t like toners because they’re probably buying the wrong one - and getting bad results. If chosen and used correctly, toners can moisturize, cleanse, and soothe your skin. 

Try: Bio Aqua Blueberry Glow Toner

3. Don’t skip the serum.

Most serums have a high concentration of active ingredients that restores cell growth. It’s also full of nutrients that addresses specific concerns so it’s best that you choose the right one for you. 

Try: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

4. Start early on the eye cream. 

Eye creams are designed to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles around the eyes. Experts  say you should start using eye cream as early as 20 years old and that with regular use, skin around the eyes will stay elastic. 

Try: 3W Clinic Eye Cream

5. Don’t forget the spot treatment. 

If you’re prone to acne, it’s best that you include spot treatments as a part of your morning routine. It has active ingredients that help kill bacteria and unclog pores. 

Try: Mario Badescu Acne Spot Treatment Drying Lotion 

6. Moisturize all you want. 

Even if you have oily skin, moisturizer is still important. Not only does it serve as protection against harsh conditions, it also keeps your face hydrated and plump-looking. 

Try: Estee Lauder Anti-Aging Moisturizing Face Cream

7. Load up on the sunscreen. 

No matter how humid it is, never, ever skip sunscreen as it protects skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Aside from that, it also prevents premature aging, lowers skin cancer risks, and prevents sunburns. 

Try: SANIYE Sunscreen Cream SPF 90+

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