HydraMatte Beauty Pop by Penshoppe Review & Swatches

Makeup industry here in the Philippines this year is non-stop, as in they are all releasing their products every month. For this post, I'll be sharing with you a local brand here in the Philippines that I know you are not expecting to have their own makeup line. Yes, Penshoppe, I know they are known for their fashionable, trendy clothes but this year 2019 they launched their own make-up line called Beauty Pop. It is a huge launched because they even get Victoria Secret Angels as the face of their newest makeup line Lais Ribeiro and Romee Strijd.

Their lipstick collection contains 19 different shades divided into 2 lines/collection. The HydraMatte and LiteMatte, I'll be discussing the HydraMatte on this post and do head over on the next blog post for the LiteMatte review. Enough with the intro let's proceed to the first line that they have


Product Information

HydraMatte Lipsticks contains vitamin E that give moisturizing, velvety matte application.

Size: 3.6g
Price: 219php
Shades: It contains 9 shades


It is a bullet lipstick that has a gradient blue to the pink combination. Each lipstick comes with a box and a paper bag once you purchase. I can say Penshoppe really thinks about their product because the color of the packaging pops out it is trendy color, especially for the millennials. Hydrating, bold color and sheen were written on the box. Also Beauty Pop motto "make your beauty pop!"

The product expiration date is stated at the box but shelf life after opening the product was not stated.


Here is the arm swatch that I  made for you, looking to this picture I can say they mostly focus with pinkish to brownish tone shades. Let me show to you the different shades on my lips.

HydraMatte contains 9 shades:

  • Girl Next Door
  • Legally Nude
  • Naughty & Nice
  • Mauve It
  • Heiress
  • Very Berry 
  • Party Fever
  • Day Dream
  • Fearless

 Girl Next Door

A rosy nude shade

Legally Nude

A Pinkish Nude shade

Naughty & Nice

A Hot Pink shade

Mauve It

A purplish mauve shade


A Striking Red color shade

Very Berry

A cranberry red shade

Party Fever

A red violet shade

Day Dream 

Light Pink shade


A deep plum shade
Don't forget to watch my video for the quick preview of the shades

For my overall thoughts about this collection from Beauty Pop by Penshoppe HydraMatte Lipsticks check out the details below.

  • I don't like the darker shade which is the Fearless honestly that shade is so patchy and it took me around 10 application to get the decent amount of color on my lips.
  • On this HydraMatte shades, they are not that pigmented compare to the LiteMatte, it is because they contain Vitamin E, which keeps the pigment a little bit hard to blend with my lips. You need about 3 swipes/layer to get the right shade. 
  • If you're going to ask me which shade/s are my favorite it will be Heiress, Very Berry and Party Fever. They are most likely the pinkish shades that stand out on my opinion. But if I'm looking for a playful look I will definitely choose Naughty and Nice
  • My least favorite shades will be : Legally Nude and Fearless, aside that I experienced difficulty on their application,  seems that they don't look good on me.
  • Some people compare them on Sunnies Face lipsticks, on their looks maybe they have same, but upon application SunniesFace lipsticks are softer than this lipsticks. 
  • On their price 219 pesos, it is a great catch you just need to think which shade would you like to pick and what shade works for your skin tone. Also this kind of lipstick doesn't last long, you need to retouch or re apply it. 
For you which shade on the HydraMatte is your favorite? Comment Down below

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  1. I love the A cranberry red madam.. Bagay siya pang morena beauty.. At pwede rin siya gamitin pang araw araw.. Kasi hindi ganun ka light ang kulay..


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