L'Oreal x Love Marie Collection Review

Heart Evangelista is one of my favorite actresses today, aside from her elegant look, I like her sense of style and makeup preferences. Simple yet classy, that is why I'm so amazed that she teamed up with L'Oreal Philippines being the first Filipina to have her own collection with them. Heart Evangelista collaborated with L'Oreal for an exclusive lipstick collaboration called "L'Oreal x Love Marie". Its an inspiration is us women who are in different stages of their lives.

According to Heart:

"This represents not just me, but different kinds of women - somebody who is very strong, someone who is very shy, someone who is finding herself - so it represents different kinds of women that people can relate to".

Being a fan of Heart Evangelista, I have to get the products on to my hand. I got the LIMITED EDITION BOX Limited Edition L'Oreal x Love Marie Box Set that cost 1,995php. The whole collection consists of 5 shades that personally picked by Heart herself. I can say that she really wear each of the shades. By the way, L'Oreal x Love Marie is from the Color Riche line of L'Oreal. So let me now show to you the different shades and what are my thoughts about them.

Product Information

The L’Oreal x Love Marie Color Riche Mattes collection is the first-of-its-kind and limited-edition lipstick range stemmed from Heart Evangelista’s passion for painting, the gift of creativity, and how it transcends to her love for all things beauty. Each lipstick case from the collection is delicately wrapped with a painting print exclusively designed and signed by Heart.

Price: Each lipstick cost 399 php while the limited edition box cost 1,995 php
Shades Available: 💄 266 Pure Rouge
                               💄 298 Brick Planet
                               💄 233 Rouge A Porter
                               💄 247 Hinted Blush
                               💄 211 Spring Rosette


About the packaging for the Limited Edition Box. It is a hard cardboard type with a black base cover and printed sticker of Heart Evangelista masterpiece in front.

When you open the box you will see the letter that was signed by Heart. Together with the letter are the 5 Color Riche lipsticks with a printed painting of Heart herself.

For each lipstick, the painting/art was just printed on the sticker, but you can see closely that it is meticulously done.


Brick Planet 

the brown/nude shade within the collection. It will work for all of the Filipina skin tone. 

Rouge a Porter 

a unique name for this one, it contains a peachy tone that makes my skin look healthy and brighter.

Spring Rosette 

a pink shade that is not one of my preference but I can do wear this when I wanted to be girly. Perfect for the teenagers.

Hinted blush

is a mixture of pink and nude color or as I say to my video it is somehow a muted pink shade. This type of shade is the right pink tone for me because it does make me look young.

Pure Rouge 

 I thought at first it will not work for me because I'm the kind of person that does not wear red a lot but to my surprise, it looks stunning on me 
Don't forget to watch my video about this collection

Again I LOVE this collection because I'm a huge fan of Heart Evangelista, but if you are that kind of girl who is looking for a long lasting lipstick, this one is not for you. Aside from that, it cost a little more than the regular Color Riche lipstick that cost around 349, it is not a long lasting lipstick. You need to retouch every now and then to have the pigment stay on your lips. A good characteristic of this lipstick is it glides perfectly on my lips and it has pigment on one swipe. It is also moisturizing on the lips.

I only wish that the painting was really printed on the actual tube because if I use this lipstick regularly and throwing it inside my kikay kit, there is a possibility that the sticker will come off. So that's it hope you learn something from my post. My personal choice is Brick Planet and Pure Rouge

What is you favorite shade out of the 5 shades available for this collection? Comment down below.

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  1. I think the Rouge a Porter will work for my lips. I love the box packaging so nice! Thank you for this review Miss Rayrose. 😍


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