A’bloom Perfect Skin Expression With Meringue Puffs | Review

Are they cute? Did you know that these puffs are made for our face not for us to eat? They are the first makeup tool from Althea Korea's A'bloom collection. It was inspired by baking meringue cookies. Achieve the perfect skin makeup with the lovely, cute pastel pink color and cookie-shaped meringue puff.

Introducing the Giant Meringue Puff

The texture of this product is soft and once you soaked with some water it will expand. I know that you are asking why does it was shaped like this unlike any other beauty sponges available on the market. Well personally for me it is kinda cute, you can apply your make up base perfectly using the bottom flat part of the puff while the small peak can help you blend around your nose and eyes area.

Align with the big meringue puff, they also added some small puffs, which is perfect for the under eye area and eyes.


  1. The price point Big Meringue puff cost 100 pesos only compare to other leading brands in the market. While small puffs cost 140 pesos. You can visit Althea Korea Website for more details.
  2. It is so soft and fluffy.
  3. It easily blends out foundation


  1. Being a product that is so soft, I needed to use more product/ foundation because they absorb it so quickly.
  2. I have a hard time blending in between the eyes and nose. I need to squeeze out the sponge for it to fit. 
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