Orly's newest innovation ORLY Gel FX Builder in a Bottle

A tea party was held at Marco Polo Hotel, guest are all wearing white to celebrate the launch of ORLY’s newest innovation, the ORLY Gel FX Builder in a Bottle. The product is an effortless, all-in-one, brush-on builder application that offers flawless and more natural looking nail extensions.

dashing mom at orly builder event

The stage venue is all dressed up for the reveal of the new product of Orly Philippines and I am also excited to try it for my self because I am a self-confessed nail art addict but my nails are not that strong enough to grow long.

Orly Builder stage design

Ms. Nadia Deering showed to us the exciting new colors that Orly will be launching this year 2019 that is perfect for Spring and Summer. With the nude tones getting a shimmer and glitter upgrade and the bolder colors of Vibrant Reds and Aqua Blues being a staple of everyone’s Summer wardrobe.  Light Coral and Iridescent Pearl also make its usual rounds, renewing a fresh take on a new season.

Nadia Deering

Everyone was invited to join a toast for the success of Orly here at the Philippines together with SprintAsia and  Ms. Nadia Deering (third from left), ORLY International Vice President for Sales.

Orly Toast
Mr. Paul Yap (right most), SprintAsia President, Ms. Jenifer Yap (second from right), SprintAsia Vice President, Ms. Persie Torregoza (third from left), SprintAsia General Manager, Ms. Frances Abayari (left most), ORLY Philippines Brand Manager, Ms. Nadia Deering (third from left), ORLY International Vice President for Sales, Ms. Elsbeth Schutz (fourth from left), ORLY Ambassador and Celebrity Manicurist, and host, Ms. Cesca Litton (third from left), shared the stage for a toast 

Orly Filipina Ambassadors

three inspiring Filipina women

During the event of ORLY, they invited three inspiring Filipina women who have led significant contributions in their respective fields for some quick beauty dialogue; Doctor Geraldine Zamora, whose strength and resolve to help her patients are known in the field of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine; Journalist Margaux Salcedo, with her crystal-clear narrative of events and places in her weekly column; and  Actor Pinky Amador whose talent is well-known globally, ORLY International Vice President for Sales, Nadia Deering was also invited too. Each of them shares their own insights and experience for the topic of the importance of women helping other women thrive in their particular areas of expertise. 

The process of Orly Gel FX Builder in a Bottle

I was able to try Orly Gel FX Builder in a bottle on my one finger. I'm going to show you the steps on how they easily put it on my nails.

  1. Your nails need to be clean at prep. Wipe it with Orly Cleanser, push some of your cuticles and cut a little bit of nail.
  2.  Put an Orly Nail Tip Primer to your whole nails. This will protect your nails for cracking. 
  3. Get an Orly Gel FX Perfect Fit Form and apply it underneath the ends of your nails. Set as your guide.

Orly Gel FX Perfect Fit Form
Orly Gel FX Perfect Fit Form
4. Apply Orly Gel FX Builder in a bottle from the tips of your nails to your desired length. Get a LED Lamp and cure it for about 10 seconds. A quick tip, if you feel a little bit of burning on your nails just removed your nails from the led lamp. Repeat step 4 until your desired thickness is already achieved. 

Apply Gel FX Builder in a Bottle

5. Cure your nails for 30 seconds and apply the final coat to see a crystal clear nails.
dashing mom orly philippines

As of writing of this article, Orly Gel FX Builder is still on my nails and looking good. I will share with you the Pros and Cons of using this product.


 - You can only avail it on the partner Orly Philippines outlets or nail salons
 - I think it's a little bit pricey
 - Upon curing the product on your nails you might feel a little bit of burning sensation

Pros :

- Orly Gel FX Builder is a lot of lighter than any nail extensions
- It is durable
- Your nails will look so stylish in a crystal clear nails
- Superior self-leveling quality allows for effortless application and the consistency remains easy to control, with less need for filling and a formula that minimizes heat spikes.
- Lightweight and flexible
- All-in-one soak-off sculpting gel for nail extensions

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