Another school year has started, and parents are more than ever concerned about their child’s welfare, especially their health. Since they won’t be around to look after them all the time, they are naturally wary.

Their kids interact with other kids and do activities that will most likely get their hands dirty and make them prone to certain skin infections. With their fragile skin at their young age, parents will necessarily do everything to protect their children from contracting skin infections.

Dr. Maria Lourdes Palmero, FPDS, explained that there are three forms of skin infections that parents should watch out for in their kids: bacterial, fungal and viral. She said the infections are based on etiology or the kind of organisms that cause it.

Bacterial infection is the most common, she said, caused mainly by Staphylococcus aureus, with minor skin infections such as impetigo or “mamaso” that usually has noticeable golden-yellow crusting that multiplies over time. There can also be folliculitis or small deposits of pus, usually in the hair follicles; then there’s furunculosis or “pigsa” in the vernacular, plus carbunculosis.

For fungal infections, there’s ringworm that is common to children; on the feet, it is called “alipunga” or tinea pedis; on the hands, tinea manum; on the face, tinea faciale; and on the groin, tinea cruris or “hadhad.” In terms of viral infections, it’s the common warts or verruca vulgaris, known in the vernacular as “kulugo” that may be seen more often in children.

Dr. Palmero explained the most common mode of transmission is through contact with an infected person but of course there are other factors. “Food is not a factor, but the environment, specifically the heat or moisture, may be associated to development of fungal infections. A child’s immune status can also be a factor; or if a child has skin barrier issues, like eczema or extremely dry skin, infection may be more easily acquired. These factors make the child prone to infections since organisms can easily enter the skin. Infectious agents may also come from other sources such as animal or pet fur, or even from soil.”

As interactions among kids happen mostly in school, Dr. Palmero said awareness and hygiene are key. “Kids in school who touch things everywhere should have a habit of frequent hand washing to lessen transmission of skin infection. Moisturization also helps to guarantee the skin’s barrier function so they don’t get infected easily.”

To know if their child has bacterial skin infection, parents can look for blisters with golden-yellow crusting that’s slightly moist. If there are small deposits of pus in the skin, that may be folliculitis; or if with nodules, child may have boils. For fungal skin infection, there’s usually a round patch with central clearing (ringworm). For viral warts, there’s usually rough lesions  on the hands or feet.

“These are the common presentations to watch out for; but if there’s increasing severity, parents may notice symptoms like loss of appetite, fever, or body malaise, where the child feels tired or weak. This means the infection is progressing. Fever is the most important sign of worsening infection” Dr. Palmero continues.

She emphasized that parents should have basic ideas on the form of treatment for skin infections. For superficial bacterial skin infections), best options are topical medications that contain mupirocin. But if the infection comes with fever or if it prolongs, Dr. Palmero said it’s best to see a doctor. “Depending on the severity, seek doctor’s advice for systemic treatment, which can be oral or through IV (intravenous) that is administered directly through the bloodstream.”

Fungal infections merit a different medication, mostly the antifungals, such as clotrimazoles or the allylamines. For viral warts, salicylic acid may be used. Again, the treatment depends on the severity of the infection.

Dr. Palmero stresses one piece of advice for parents, though. Aside from teaching their kids proper hygiene, she said there are pediatric dermatologists in the Philippines that they can consult and rely on for advice to keep their kids infection-free. She said for the most effective and safe medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments for the skin, hair and nails, it is better to consult a dermatologist, preferably a member of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS), the country’s dermatology authority.

“The problem is many parents resort to self-diagnosis and self-medication. They give drugs that’s most of the time not really warranted. What’s scary is that what they’re doing may worsen the situation and prolong the child’s suffering from infection,” Dra. Palmero stated.

For more about First Aid for Kids follow them on  Instagram (firstaidforkidsph) or   For topical medications that contain mupirocin, visit Foskina at   

The iconic series returns with a whole new set of enchanting sisters

The Power of Three is summoned back to television screens with the all-new Charmed on Blue Ant Entertainment. But while it still has all the witchy elements that held viewers spellbound to the show’s previous incarnation, the up-and-coming series reveals a few new things that are sure to enchant audiences all over again. Here are just some of them:

The show’s reboot introduces three new sisters fated to vanquish demonic forces through magic. Social justice warrior Melanie “Mel” Vera (Melonie Diaz) and her younger sister, the fun-loving Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) live together before meeting their long-lost older half-sister, Macy (Madeleine Mantock), who was kept a secret by their single mom for many years.

Mel is a graduate student at the women’s studies department headed by her mom at Hilltowne University, while Maggie is a freshman looking to join a sorority—much to her sister’s dismay. Macy, on the other hand, happens to be a brilliant geneticist. The reimagined series brings the Charmed Ones together after a mysterious incident at home leaves their mother dead.

New Magical Awakenings

At the wake of their mother’s unexplainable demise, the sisters begin exhibiting strange supernatural abilities. Mel, the second of the three, can suddenly freeze time, while the youngest, Maggie, freaks out when she starts hearing the thoughts of anyone she comes in contact with. Macy, too, is left baffled after somehow throwing and breaking an object with just her mind. The sisters learn later on that their magical abilities grow by tenfold when they join together to invoke the Power of Three.

Darker Twist to Sisterhood

Women empowerment takes a more sinister turn in the new Charmed when Mel and Maggie receive a text from their mom to rush back home—only to discover her lifeless body at the bottom of a broken attic window. The sisters are distraught, but Mel becomes consumed by it and starts shutting Maggie out. What’s more, Macy appears out of nowhere claiming to be their sister, and also gets shut out.

As their latent powers begin to unravel and demons start appearing at their doorstep, the Vera sisters soon realize that to uncover the truth behind their mother’s death, they must accept their destiny and act as one.

Will the Charmed Ones learn to find strength not just in their differences but also in the bond of their sisterhood? Charmed premieres on October 16, Tuesday, at 9:45PM (8:45PM JKT/BKK) on Blue Ant Entertainment.

Find out what the Vera sisters are brewing next by following Blue Ant Entertainment at, @BlueAntEnt on Twitter, and @BlueAntEntertainment on Instagram.

Kids these days are too busy using their gadgets and watching YouTube. They don't spend time doing activities like playing at the grounds. October is SM Supermalls Kids Month, SM Supermalls invites moms and dads to spend their Saturday in all 65 participating malls nationwide.

"To our super kids, we dedicate this day to you with everything you love to do at SM- play, shop, eat and win! Everything's here for you so make sure to enjoy it with your moms, dads and the whole family," said Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls senior vice president for marketing.

To run down all of the activities that SM Supermalls prepared for us here is the list.

1. Play #AweSM. Give the kids chance to interact with other kids by letting them play their best-loved arcade games, try different rides, or meet their favorite characters such as Shopkins, Paw Patrol, Shimmer & Shrine, and other surprise guests!

2. Shop # AweSM. Another great alternative to playing on smartphones is playing with toys! Shop for toys, clothes and Halloween costumes at the SM Kids and Toy Kingdom booths. Also never miss The SM Store's Babies and Kids Fest, where parents can score up to 50% OFF on various kiddie essentials this whole month on October.

3.  Eat #AweSM. Kids can take a break from staring at TV screens by indulging in kiddie-rific sugary treats such as cotton candies, ice creams pizza from Greenwich, donuts from krispy kreme, and more!

4. Win #AweSM. Put your kids' camera skills to good use and have them capture family fun moments at SM. Share your experiences on for a chance to win P,5000 worth of SM gift certificates in the nationwide #AweSMKidsMonth promo this October 6.

A SO STRESSFUL October this month, I have a lot of backlogs and workload at the office. I know that I'm that kind of person that shuts down every time I feel a pressure going through my nerves but girl I need a full stress reliever! I heard that Nailaholics is having their annual #NationalPamperingDay this coming October 17. Let me take you a little note on what's going to happen in this event.

First, it is a nationwide event, Nailaholics wants us to dedicate this day to stress out all of your worries and feel to be relax with their featured services. You can choose from manicure, hand spa, hand massage, foot spa, or foot massage. Not only that this only cost  10 pesos and valid between 10 am to 2 pm. You just need to surrender your voucher which I think you got it a weeks before 17th of the October.

Aside from that, you will have a relaxing day for yourself, the proceeds of this will benefit a non-profit organization La Verna Aged Care and Dementia Village. Don't you think that's a good steal? Relaxing for a day by my most trusted Nail salon Nailaholics and helping a nonprofit organization in one.

Sir Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head said that “All work and no play is no way to live life. Take the time to pamper yourself—it’s more important that you do so in these modern times. Relax, refuel, reinvigorate and pamper yourself—you deserve it,” ends Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head
Are you a 90's kid? Well you need to read this one and get ready because Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, joins leading local beauty brand, blk Cosmetics, in celebrating its first year anniversary with the exclusive launch of its latest collection, blk to the 90’s. On October 8 at 12:00MN, users can be one of the first in the Philippines to get their hands on the 90’s themed collection via the blk Official Store on Shopee.

Isn't exciting? Also users will be treated to a flash deal, and bundles from blk Official Store on Shopee. October 12 to 24: ₱100 off with a minimum purchase of ₱500 from the blk Official Store. October 19: Exclusive blk to the 90’s bundles signed by Anne Curtis, limited to the first 100 users to purchase the bundle. 

Here is the sneak peek of blk Cosmetics Latest Collection.

  1.  Two-way Powder Foundation - For the girl on the go, this two-way Powder Foundation glides easily on the skin! and is perfect for everyday wear Available in the shades Porcelain, Sand, and Honey. 
  2. Volume + Lash Extension Mascara - Wow the crowd with volumized and longer looking lashes with blk Cosmetics’ Volume + Lash Extension Mascara.
  3. Soft Matte Mousse - Get fuller looking lips using blk’s Soft Matte Mousse. Available in the shades Totally, Booyah, and As If. (349php)
  4. 90’s Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow - Make your eyes stand out with blk’s 90’s Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow. This long lasting liquid eyeshadow is available in the shades The Bomb and Slammin’.
  5. All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick - Pop that 90’s look with blk’s 90’s All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick, and get ready to party the night away in shades Oh Snap and Peace Out. 
  6. 199X Tee and Neon Island Tee - Complete your 90’s inspired look with the blk’s 199X Tee and blk’s Neon Island Tee.
  7. blk x Neon Island Bumbag - Carry all the essentials while rocking that 90’s street style look with this bumbag by blk in collaboration with Neon Island.

Visit the blk Cosmetics Official Store at Download the Shopee app for free on App Store or Google Play Store.

Renown publisher and learning solutions provider partners with youth-focused organization to introduce business skills programs

In today´s highly competitive global economy, equipping young learners not just with the core skills for their academic excellence, but also with the entrepreneurial edge when it comes to facing real-life challenges  head-on is an essential component for a successful future.

Announced to a rapt audience of both concerned educators and interested students during the recently-concluded Manila International Book Fair held at SMX Convention Center at Pasay recently, the partnership between REX Book Store Inc. and JA Philippines introduces their co-developed Business Skills Pass (BSP) program.

The country´s leading provider of high-quality learning solutions for young learners further ignites its commitment to providing 21st Century Education through its meaningful collaboration with Junior Achievement Philippines  (JAPI), an international organized committed to provide skills and training for young learners with lessons in workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on modules such as the BSP program.

For over 49 years, Junior Achievers Philippines Inc. (JAPI) has sought to develop future business leaders in the country by tapping the potentials and dreams of young people, inspiring and equipping them to understand what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, nurturing a new generation of achievers with the help of educational institutions.

Through the official launch of its BSP program, JAPI aligns with REX Book Store´s initiative of creating and sustaining a future-ready learning environment for young Filipino learners, one that moves forward with the latest advancements in educational methods and learner-enabling technology in mind.

The program is aimed at providing a degree of qualification for students which would certify them as having sufficient entrepreneurial skills to start their own business ventures, or be employed with businesses that require certain skills with an entrepreneurial orientation. The program designates results-oriented lessons integrated to a learner´s current curriculum aligned with the K-12 system.

With its full-year duration and mini-company experience, BSP creates a cohesive learning track for students who wish to enhance their business, economic, and financial knowledge. After achieving BSP certification, students are introduced to opportunities offered by both small and large businesses, as well as some of the top higher learning institutions of the country.

With the effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution continuously changing the ways with which we live in the 21st century, educational paradigms and learning methodologies must also evolve and adapt to these changes, and engage current challenges with a critically informed and holistic approach.

This is what REX Book Store strives to develop and implement with its suite of learning solutions and materials specifically designed to support the learner as a Whole Child; ensuring that each and every learner is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged throughout the learning process. With the help of schools, industries, educators, parents, and communities, REX Book Store aims to foster a holistic learning environment to ensure the success of each child, to shape and guide them towards a better, brighter future. Through its partnership with JAPI, REX Book Store widens the reach of the Business Skills Pass program, opening more opportunities for young Filipino learners to engage the challenges of the future. For more information, please visit 

Online shopping is one of the convenient ways to grab your favorite items worldwide. I usually do shopping online because I only exert a little time but get everything I want. First I do search only which website is reliable and affordable, then check if they do deliver here in the Philippines. Shipping fee from some websites like Amazon is a little bit too much for me. Luckily I was able to discover that Globe Online Beauty Fair is now happening. Explore the best of beauty from the comfort of your own home as Globe brings you its first ever Online Beauty Fair. Enjoy exclusive deals and discounts from your favorite beauty brands across four platforms: Amazon, Sephora, Althea, and Lazada. Now you can easily shop the world and ship it home.

Globe is offering 10% discount for a minimum spend of P1000 on Lazada, 10% discount and a free Sephora Collectio Mini LipStain on Sephora, and on ALthea Korea another 10% discount with a minimum purchase of 1,500. Just simply use the voucher code GLOBEBEAUTY upon checkout.

Want more great news? Globe also partnered with an international shop which is Amazon!  Get discounts from shipping partners Johnny Air Plus, My Shipping Box, and Jinio—no need to worry about customs and taxes—and get your beauty haul delivered straight to your doorstep.

“Globe recognizes that today’s fast-paced lifestyle often makes it difficult for women to take time out and care for themselves,” says Jil Go, Vice President of Portfolio and Partner Management, Content Business Group of Globe. “They lack time to go out and buy makeup and personal care products, or worse, their favorite beauty brands aren’t available locally. The Globe Online Beauty Fair is all about elevating the online shopping experience for today’s beauty-savvy but incredibly busy woman."

Now we can all enjoy our shopping with International / local online stores with Globe. You can also visit their site at to view the list of offers, go to the partner site or app, and enter the voucher code to redeem promo. It’s that simple! Better hurry because these exclusive offers are only until September 30, 2018.

Follow Globe on Facebook and Twitter for more details.
Graphic tees are the most versatile pieces that you can ever have. You can wear it in your most comfortable pair of pants, style it on with your favorite blazers and more. Did you know the well known Photographer, Model, and Director Margaret Zhang is known for her unique ways of wearing graphic tees? Let me give you a quick look at her style.

As you can see her wearing a simple shirt but still she manages to look fashionable by just adding accessories.  In this post, I want to share 5 of my own renditions on styling a graphic tee.

1.Plaids baby. Wearing plaids might be too overwhelming, but it brings out some of my quirkiness.  This Plaid coat and asymmetrically cut skirt make the flow of this look interesting.  I’m pairing them with my Can’t wait for FRI YAY graphic shirt to focus the attention of the people on my shirt. As I said before, I’m short that is why I always opted to wear pointed shoes.

 2. Casual Shortie. A white graphic shirt + black short and comfy sandals are one of my go-to looks. I sometimes layer it with a red jacket.  As you all know I’m a little bit short around 4 feet and 11 inches, that is why wearing shorts makes me longer.

3. A Playful Girly me. This bright yellow skirt goes well with my comfy graphic tee. To add some curves to my waist I twist the shirt on the side.  To make more the outfit more jolly adds some pastel colored dangling earrings.

4.   Distressed pants. For this look, I'm wearing a popping color yellow and adding it up on my dark jacket and distressed pants. Keeping the color palette a little interesting will help this look standout. Pairing this look with my white shoes keeps the focus on the shirt & denim makes the outfit pop even more.

5. Jogger Baby. Who would have thought that these pants work well with my bright colored graphic shirt and my pointed shoes? This look is giving me an edgy/boyish feels. 

See there are lots of different ways to wear graphic shirts I'm just sharing some of them to take a chance and grab your very own shirt and style them. You just need to know what color fits your personality and skin tone. I do love Margaret Zhang’s sense of fashion. She wears comfortable shirts in a different level. For you #DashingMomSquad, what is your favorite graphic shirt? Comment down below your own version on how to wear it. 
You might be dreaming of a long and full of volume lashes, but scared of trying out eyelash extensions. For myself, I already tried eyelash extension, but it tends to break my eyelashes. They do add up life to my eyes and face. So I was so thrilled that Ms. Diana Sinag, contacted me to try their services. Let me take you a little information why I'm so excited about it.

Have you heard a laser for hair? No right? Ms. Diana owned a Salon named DYNES Salon & Wellness Center. It is located at Maysan Road Valenzuela City. It is accessible because going there is as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you're coming from Manila, you need to go to NLEX and exit on Valenzuela exit. After that turn left going to Maysan Road. Just drive along the road for about 4 minutes and you will see their signage Dynes Salon & Wellness Center. It is beside a milk tea shop. 

Dynes Salon & Wellness Center

Dynes Salon & Wellness Center is owned by Ms. Diana Sinag, a beauty enthusiast who aims to spread her knowledge and skills by means of having a salon and a school where she can conducts training. 

About PhotonLaser  

Laser for your skin is good because your skin will be renewed. On our hair, the process they use a device, a small and handheld, with a blue light that emits from the end when on. After a product is applied to the hair, the laser is run over the hair piece by piece to make it work. They say that it helps hair cuticles to absorb more products to make it work more. Verdict It does straighten my hair and it gives my hair back to life. 

G.E.L. Lash Lift

Ms. Diana helps me achieve my just woke up look by means of using Gel LashLift. She herself studied abroad to master this procedure. G.E.L Lash Lift designed to boost and add extra definition to your lashes. It nourishes, lengthens, thicken, darken and lift the natural lashes without the help of false eyelashes. 

There was no stinky smell nor itchiness on my eyes while doing the 1-2 hour process. It was a chill process. By the way, Ms. Diana brings this technology here in the Philippines to help other Salon owners, the beauty enthusiast to learn this unique technique. That is why She founded the G.E.L Lashes Academy, where you can learn all of the things about this new trend. Ms. Diana is a trained master for G.E.L Lashes's signature SuperBoost Lash Lift. She was trained by Rebecca Chung, the CEO. 

About the Training.

You just need to purchase the whole kit. Which is the picture below. 

As you can see it is a Bag full of products to be used on your own G.E.L. Lash procedure. Don't worry, classes conducted by Ms. Diana only have fewer students. She makes sure that each student will learn the technique truly and they also provide models for you to train with. But if you want an extensive training you can ask them for a one-on-one training program. Don't worry about the trends because G.E.L Lashes academy offers their graduates a lifelong support and they are accommodating on your questions. 

For proof  that Ms. Diana is a certified G.E.L. Lash distributor here in the Philippines, look at the pictures below. 

Dynes Salon & Wellness Center was recognized by Golden Globe for this award! 
She was also invited to be one of the international judges in Thailand and awarded more certificates
To know more information, please head over to their Facebook account. And if you want to learn this technique really soon they will be having a training at ELORA G SALON AND SPA 2nd Floor Mc Arthur highway Poblacion 1 Moncada Tarlac, October 25, 2018 (10:00AM). Learn and Boost your career in the Beauty Industry one day training in LASH LIFTING!

Course inclusive of: 
  • Premium starting kit
  • Lunch and snack
  • Certificate from G.E.L Lashes academy in Hongkong 

for more details about the G.E.L Lashes training head over to their Facebook accounts at Gel Lashes PH & Dynes Salon and Wellness

Here is my before and after picture for the Gel Lash Lift. 

I have naturally long lashes but it tends to go downwards. For a comparison, my lashes at the right picture give my eyes a life and it looks so gorgeous. Now I can go out of our house without wearing a mascara nor having a gel lash extension. This treatment last for 4 months. It is all worth it. Don't forget, if you are a salon owner or someone who wants to learn and add more skills that you can benefit, try Dynes Salon & Wellness Center & Gel Lash PH short course training for the Gel Lash Left. 
Last Friday, I was able to indulge myself on an All Filipino made products which made me proud. It was a bazaar by Karton PH, a little background about Karton PH. brings a fresh new vibe to urban life with its carefully curated selection of quality, artisanal goods proudly owned by Filpino entrepreneurs.

I had a chance to talk to their Content and Social Media Strategists Ms. Althea Serad, she shared to me the background of their brand.

Founded in the third quarter of 2016, the idea of Karton began in a bazaar. One of our partners asked a Seller when his products will become available again, and the answer was “in the next bazaar,” which is months away. This answer sparked the idea of building an e-commerce website where Sellers can sell their products any time of the year and Customers can reach their products online and have them delivered to their doorstep with the click of a button.

For me, it was a great idea especially as a mom who doesn’t have time to pay a visit to malls. I just need to visit their website that lets me choose from a huge roster of handmade goods and specialty dishes.

Aside from being a convenient e-commerce site, sellers have a unique and aspiring story behind their brands. Let me show to you my haul on what are the items that I got from the bazaar.

Karton delivers an alternative platform for local entrepreneurs to sell their products while providing shoppers with a hassle-free online buying experience. Head over to their website now and check their products. They are perfect for this coming Christmas Season. Also, some of the sellers offer personalized packaging.

For more info check on the links below: