Peripera Ink Velvet Review | #10 Dry Rose Brown

For the past couple of weeks, I saw myself being addicted to lip products. I'm always on the search for the best products that I could keep to my lips color but does not dry it. Today, I'm going to share with you my newly discovered lip tint the Peripera Ink Velvet Lip Tint on of Peripera's line of The Airy Ink Velvet. 

The Brand Peripera

Peripera, known as Clio's playful and fun little sister, exemplifies playful, romantic and chic makeup. Named after Peri, a fairy from Persian mythology, this brand embodies fun, feminine, and youthful edginess.

The Packaging

As you can tell it has a girly pinkish color, by the way, I got #10 Dry Rose Brown. I don't know if the color of the box tells what shade will it be inside. It contains a graphic design of an ink blot with its name. On the product itself, it is composed of hard plastic with a dough foot applicator. At first, I thought that it is on droplet kind of product but I was wrong. Personally, the packaging is perfect for travel because it is not in the glass container. The applicator is also a plus because it smoothly glides into my lip. 

The Product

The color of the product is really nice old rose color, pigment last long time. As I said above, it smoothly glides to my lips though it contains some fragrant that some people may be turned off by the smell when you apply it on your lips, personally, I loved it! A smell of a rose with a hint of sweetness. As it fades, it does retain a color stain to your lips. What I love the most about this product? It gently moisturizes my lips, when I tried this one, I have dry lips that might affect the lip tint performance but then I was wrong. The color is still visible and it softens my dry lips. 

The Price 

It's original price is 650php but when you will going to avail this product from my shop which is as follows Dashing mom Store, you can get it around 440php. A great deal right? 

Final Thoughts

The Peripera Airy Ink Velvet is a good catch it staying power is long to the fact that it is just a lip tint. A product that proves Korean cosmetics is a bomb. You will not regret buying this product because a little goes a long way it will stay forever. 

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