Maybelline SuperStay Eraser Review

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick REALLY STAYS! You know that already if you're my avid reader, you will know that is my FAVE Go to lipstick especially on events/occasions. Because it really lasts for hours even you're eating that greasy food, drinks cold/ hot drinks (may forever talaga). Also, I know you are having a hard time to remove it when you need to. The first time I tried out this lipstick I just use my an ordinary tissue and my toothbrush + toothpaste to remove it. I can't describe how my lips turned out at that time, it is super red and I think it contains some scratches from the toothbrush. SuperStay Lipstick is so hard to remove.

I recommend you need to buy an oil-based makeup remover to be able to remove this one. I was so relieved when Maybelline Philippines also launched the SuperStay Eraser which is super effective in removing the lipstick to your delicate lips.


The packaging is quite similar for a lipstick, with black and silver details. The product doesn't have a box, but it is sealed with plastic. It is twistable like a bullet lipstick. 


SuperStay Eraser color is a white lip balm like product. To use you just need to apply it above the lipstick. It smells like a plastic, but once you apply it to your lips it feels like a lip balm. 

After I apply it on top of the lipstick I press my lips together for it to penetrate between the lipstick and my lips. Then I just get a clean cloth or cotton pad to wipe it off.

Price : 299 pesos

Compare to other lipstick removers, this is a little bit pricey, because it just contains 2 grams of product. For my personal experience, I can finish all the product within just a span of 1 month. 


Being a known drugstore makeup brand you can easily find Maybelline Kiosk on SM Supermalls, Robinson's Malls, Ayala Malls, Online stores like Lazada, Shopee, Beauty MNL

Overall review, It does remove the lipstick but about the price? I will not repurchase this one, because they are other makeup removers that can do the same duties but a lot affordable. 

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