Bonding time with Harvey and his Kinder Joy

Our monthly supermarket trip has turned into a bonding day for me and my son Harvey. We love going to the supermarket because we get some time to spend together searching for our favorite snacks and food.

It is our ritual to drop by at the chocolate section, where we can find our all-time favorite snack—Kinder Joy! (It can be found in many convenience stores like 7/11 and groceries like Walter Mart and SM Supermarket.) We also heard that Kinder Joy has around 90 NEW toys and that's why our recent supermarket trips have added some more excitement.

It's our favorite chocolate, but I will also describe to you guys why many kids rave about it and why parents bring home Kinder Joy eggs to their kids!

Kinder Joy is an egg-shaped chocolate snack with bright colors of orange-red, white, blue and yellow. Harvey can easily find Kinder Joy on the shelves of the stores with those colors and shapes.

Our bonding time starts when we get home together with his bag full of snacks; Harvey loves opening a Kinder Joy surprise egg because it can be his snack with the delicious creams (milky cream and cocoa cream) with two crispy wafer balls.

Harvey and I love the taste of the chocolate. And I also love to see how he becomes so excited to open the other half that contains a surprise toy! Harvey loves cars and gets excited every time he opens a toy that contains a car from the Disney movie Cars.

Our drill is that he will be the one to open the egg and search for the toy inside. He'll check if the toy is already assembled or if he needs me to help him fix it. We also love to share some of the Kinder Joy chocolates with his cousin, Ate Zia because sharing is caring. There are times that if we have two of the same type of items that need to be assembled, we do it at the same time! Goofy moments and playtime are always there while enjoying the delicious chocolate of Kinder Joy.

Every time we have a Kinder Joy toy, I always keep the containers because we will be having a little art session with them. I will update you guys once it is all up. See, every part of the Kinder Joy toy is useful: it develops our kids' creativity when they assemble the toy, develops their cognitive skills while they read and learn how they can play with the toys inside, and most importantly, it provides bonding time for us when we play.

By the way, did you know that Kinder has an app? You can download the FREE Magic Kinder App on the App Store or Google Play. It is an educational and entertaining app, which has tons of interesting content for the whole family! And what’s more – the content is updated every week!

Have you and your kid tried the great taste of Kinder Joy? If yes, don't forget to comment below what activities you love doing while enjoying Kinder Joy chocolates. #kinderjoyphilippines #worldofkj


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