Our monthly supermarket trip has turned into a bonding day for me and my son Harvey. We love going to the supermarket because we get some time to spend together searching for our favorite snacks and food.

It is our ritual to drop by at the chocolate section, where we can find our all-time favorite snack—Kinder Joy! (It can be found in many convenience stores like 7/11 and groceries like Walter Mart and SM Supermarket.) We also heard that Kinder Joy has around 90 NEW toys and that's why our recent supermarket trips have added some more excitement.

It's our favorite chocolate, but I will also describe to you guys why many kids rave about it and why parents bring home Kinder Joy eggs to their kids!

Kinder Joy is an egg-shaped chocolate snack with bright colors of orange-red, white, blue and yellow. Harvey can easily find Kinder Joy on the shelves of the stores with those colors and shapes.

Our bonding time starts when we get home together with his bag full of snacks; Harvey loves opening a Kinder Joy surprise egg because it can be his snack with the delicious creams (milky cream and cocoa cream) with two crispy wafer balls.

Harvey and I love the taste of the chocolate. And I also love to see how he becomes so excited to open the other half that contains a surprise toy! Harvey loves cars and gets excited every time he opens a toy that contains a car from the Disney movie Cars.

Our drill is that he will be the one to open the egg and search for the toy inside. He'll check if the toy is already assembled or if he needs me to help him fix it. We also love to share some of the Kinder Joy chocolates with his cousin, Ate Zia because sharing is caring. There are times that if we have two of the same type of items that need to be assembled, we do it at the same time! Goofy moments and playtime are always there while enjoying the delicious chocolate of Kinder Joy.

Every time we have a Kinder Joy toy, I always keep the containers because we will be having a little art session with them. I will update you guys once it is all up. See, every part of the Kinder Joy toy is useful: it develops our kids' creativity when they assemble the toy, develops their cognitive skills while they read and learn how they can play with the toys inside, and most importantly, it provides bonding time for us when we play.

By the way, did you know that Kinder has an app? You can download the FREE Magic Kinder App on the App Store or Google Play. It is an educational and entertaining app, which has tons of interesting content for the whole family! And what’s more – the content is updated every week!

Have you and your kid tried the great taste of Kinder Joy? If yes, don't forget to comment below what activities you love doing while enjoying Kinder Joy chocolates. #kinderjoyphilippines #worldofkj

Grab this Exciting Offer from Citibank and TravelBook.ph

Get a Citi credit card and earn 5,000 TravelBook.ph points!

They say when an opportunity comes, just grab it.

Opportunity comes unexpectedly; it could be a game-changing deal from a client, a “yes” to a dinner date invitation, or a limited-time travel package to the country’s beautiful destinations.

Citibank and TravelBook.ph have partnered to give you an amazing deal that you may want to grab fast. By applying for a Citi credit card and using it, TravelBook.ph will give you 5,000 reward points, which you can use for hotel and tour bookings!

Having 5,000 reward points from TravelBook.ph is equivalent to having PHP 5,000 that you can use to book the vacation you deserve.  To give you an idea of what you can get, here are recommended hotels and tours from TravelBook.ph in some of the most popular destinations in the Philippines where your 5,000 reward points can come in handy.

If you want to go to Palawan, we recommend that you stay in Subli Guest Cabin. Their Queen Cabin room can accommodate two or more persons and comes with complimentary breakfast.

Make the most of your Palawan adventure by availing of a tour of the famous Underground River inclusive of the environmental fee.

 Explore Cebu City, the “Queen City of the South,” and stay in Mandarin Plaza Hotel Cebu. Set in the middle of a commercial district, this hotel features an elegant outdoor pool and sauna.

Enjoy a full itinerary at Cebu City with this tour package that will take you to Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Museo Sugbo, Cebu Heritage Monument, Yap San Diego Ancestral House, Basilica del Sto. Niño, Magellan’s Cross, Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, Fort San Pedro, Taoist Temple, and Taboan Market.

Another famous destination in the country is Bohol. For accommodations, Staylite Park Bed N’ Breakfast in Tagbilaran is easily accessible, clean, and practical.

See the lovable Philippine tarsier and the dazzling Chocolate Hills by booking the Bohol Countryside Tour and Sagbayan Peak inclusive of Tour Guide.

Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
To enjoy these offers with 5,000 reward points from TravelBook.ph, just follow these steps:

1.       Apply for any of the following Citi credit cards until September 30, 2018: Citi Rewards Card, Citi PremierMiles Card, Citi Cash Back Card, Shell Citi Card or Mercury Drug Citi Card.
2.       Use your credit card for purchases worth at least PHP 20,000 within 60 days from receiving your card.
3.       A text message will be sent to you when you have qualified for the promo. Upon receiving the text message, go to https://giftaway.ph/welcometociti and redeem your PHP 5,000 eGift.
4.       Go to https://giftaway.ph/card/travelbook and purchase 5,000 TravelBook.ph reward points using the eGift.

To see the latest hotel accommodation and tour plan promos, follow TravelBook.ph on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TravelBook.ph/ or visit www.travelbook.ph.

To carry on their century of accomplishments, innovations, and experiences, Serenitea
continuously creates products that are more and more exciting while keeping its quality at its
peak. From their pioneer branch in San Juan, Serenitea quickly branched out to more than 50
stores nationwide.

On December 19, 2018 Serenitea will celebrate their 10th year anniversary. They come up with new and exciting drinks aside from their existing variants which have the extra creaminess and extra unique flavors.

The Frost Temptation Series is composed of three flavors: Matcha Frost, Cheese Frost and
Durian Frost. The Matcha Frost is made from Green Tea powder infused in milk and cream and
is best paired with any chocolate drinks and Matcha concoctions just like the Cocoa with Matcha
Frost. It is a rich and sweet chocolate beverage topped with creamy frost with a distinct matcha
flavor. The Cheese Frost is made from cheese powder infused in milk and cream best paired with
any of the milk teas, chocolate drinks and Matcha concoctions just like the Taro Lover with Cheese
Frost. It is a silky taro drink topped with cream frost that’s mildly cheesy salty. Lastly, the Durian
Frost is made from Durian mix infused in blended milk and cream and is best paired with freshly
brewed green tea or any of the espresso based drinks just like the Matcha Latte with Durian Frost. It is milky matcha green tea topped with creamy frost with the exotic flavor of Durian.

I had a chance to try one of the flavors which is the Taro Lover with Cheese Frost.

Stay updated with Serenitea’s promos and other news by visiting their social media accounts:
Website: http://iloveserenitea.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iloveserenitea/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iloveserenitea/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/iloveserenitea/

Chubi gave a sweet message and congratulated Anne while doing a dance segment for one of her major sponsor and leading e-commerce platform, Shopee.

On the video, Chubi said, “Hey Anne! Congratulations on your final concert. Would have loved to be there but we have a special little something for you. Enjoy!”

Right after, a concert staff gave Anne a bouquet of flowers from Chubi.

Anne and Chubi made headlines before when the actress posted on social media a throwback photo with her and Chubi, where she said, “Batang 90's ka kung kilala mo kami. đŸ˜‚ First and ONLY "love team" ko. So nice to see you again Reyster. Kakamiss. - Em ❤️”
Hi #DashingMomSquad, this article is so new to my blog. Hope you enjoy and learn something about it. Also, don't forget to watch Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WiFi in Cinemas! Before anything else watch their special clip down below.

The movie revolves around a girl named Norma, played by Sue Ramirez. Norma is a teenage girl, somehow the popular girl around her campus. On an ordinary day at school, she experienced nose bleeding which caused her fatigue and lowers her energy. Her family decided to bring her to their family doctor for better findings. All of her medical laboratories were all normal, but still, she's not feeling well. Aries, played by Jameson Blake researched about all the symptoms and discovered he Norma has the so-called illness of  Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity. I know you are all asking what is that illness, well it is an unusual illness that makes here literally allergic to Wi-Fi, data signals or anything related to technology signal. Norma was then forced to move in with her grandmother in the province and learns to live a much simpler life away with gadgets, social media accounts. Norma has a relationship with Leo, played by Markus Paterson, one of the basketball varsity at their school and the older brother of Aries. It is a love triangle between two brothers.

I recommend this movie to you millennials. Why? because this one takes you to the memory lane where the form of communication is thru handwritten letters and enjoying once company thru visiting beautiful places. Isn't that lovable? This movie will give you mixed emotion feelings where "kilig", drama and shocked will be possible while watching this movie. It is a perfect movie for everyone!

Why you should watch Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi?

1. Brings you back to the old times
2. Shows you how written love letters is better than receiving a text message from your loved one.
3. Cherish each moment you are together with your loved one.
4. We don't need technology on our daily basis. We can enjoy life even without internet or gadgets.
5. Life is happier when you are with the one you love.
6. Spreading Fake news is a totally bad idea.
7. And lastly YOLO "You only live once!". Don't hesitate to say what you feel in the person you love.

For more information, you may check out

Cignal Entertainment’s Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/CignalEntertainment/ 
Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi’s Facebook Page

“Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WiFi” is Cignal Entertainment’s first venture into full-length feature film production and is one of the eight feature films chosen by the Film Development Council of the Philippines for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2018 happening in August.
Rally for your favorite UAAP basketball star players as host school National University gears up for the first ever Season 81 pre-event The Last One Standing: 1-on-1 Hoop Challenge, happening on August 17 at the Mall of Asia.

“We are thrilled to give our fans a jumpstart of the upcoming UAAP Season 81 as we showcase the players’ individual skills at the first ever 1-on-1 hoop challenge,” said Nilo Ocampo, President of the Board of Managing Directors of UAAP. 

The one-day basketball tournament will pit players of participating UAAP teams against each other on a 1-on-1 basketball challenge. Aside from the tournament, there will also be a Slam Dunk Contest, a 3-point shootout and a Skills Challenge. All competitions will have a men’s and women’s division, except for the Slam Dunk Contest which is for men only. With 8 participants per division split into two groups, the tournament will have a single round robin format with the top two players of each group advancing to the semi-finals. The last two players standing will play in the finals. Winners will get up to Php 20,000 worth of products and gift certificates from SM Supermalls!

Don’t miss out on other fun activities this season! Show off school spirit at the UAAP Season 81 opening at the MOA Arena with special performances from James Reid, Spongecola, and surprise foreign artists!

For updates on UAAP Season 81 tickets, visit https://smtickets.com/.

This year I pledge to invest in my body especially on my skin. My skin needs that enough vitamins and nutrients because I'm putting on too much makeup whenever I'm on an event, reviewing products. Taking care of my base should be my first priority so that I can give you a good review. As I search for a perfect treatment for my dry to combination skin, I came across to a skin salon which they offer a good quality of services like facial IPL and eyebrow micro-blading. Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic is an advanced medical aesthetics center that offers a wide array of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. The treatments are designed to improve the appearance of the face and body for a more youthful glow. Men and women now have options to forego surgical procedures for face lifting and body contouring. Cosmetic science has provided us with safe, non-surgical choices that deliver quick, visible and natural looking results. This is wonderful news for people with today’s busy lifestyle. The non-surgical treatment of Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic require minimal to no recovery time allowing you to get back to your life with little interruption. That was according to their site,  I tried their most famous 24 Karat Facial with Diamond Peel. I will walk through the process so you can expect.

Before anything else, I know you are all asking what is 24 Karat Gold Facial with Diamond Peel? 
Feel the magic of gold with our 24 Karat facial that comes with our award-winning diamond peel and our Signature Facial that gently cleanse your skin and removes deep-seated dirt. Our 24 Karat Mask is like no other as it whitens, minimizes pores, helps with oil control and anti-aging and also hydrates your skin. - According to their site
The whole process takes about 1 hour and 30 mins it may be extended if the mask is not yet that cool enough or if the steaming machine is not yet ready.

Price : 1,650 pesos

Here's the whole process...

1. They clean my face with a facial wash, it is a gentle wash perfect to wash off some of your make up before going to the treatment.

2. Next, they do put some Cleansing cream, yes I know why did they use cleanser again? It is because it does some wonders for your face and takes off some dirt residues.

By the way, I love this part because they do facial massage while applying the cream to your face. By this time I'm so relaxed and feel so free with dirty. They do remove the cream off my face with the help of some warm cloth

3. After that blissful facial wash, ate Jo prepared my face for some steam to give some moisture, open my pores and to soften my impurities. The steam takes about 15-20 mins.
4. They are using devices for this service, after the steam, they will prep your face for extraction. Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic uses a vacuum to lift up your impurities like whiteheads and blackheads for easier extraction later on.

5. Right now my face is ready for some aching pricking/extraction and I'm getting ready to shed some tears but guess what I didn’t cry nor I didn’t feel the pain. It means that ate Jo's hands are gentle. I remember there were times that I fell asleep. A toner was placed on my face after the extraction.

6. Next is Diamond Peel, minimize the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, and pigmentations. Removes blackheads. The pores are also tightened and blackheads will be removed. Improves skin conditions. They use crushed real diamonds for this process.

7. And at last pricking is done and my face is ready for the 24 karat facial mask. According to Google It slows down the collagen depletion, increases skin's elasticity, lightens the skin's complexion, stimulates the cells making the skin firm, improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging, wrinkles, tanning etc.

You'll have to try it to believe me that it has amazing gold skin care benefits. Once the mask was on my face it cools down my skin. 24 Karat mask was a gel-like type of thick mask.

8. This third device that they used on my face is called High-Frequency Facial Treatment Laser, it is specifically used every after facial to help shrink enlarged pores, reduced the redness of the extracted impurities. It also helps decongest puffy eyes and dark circles around the eye. A hint, this is my second favorite treatment after their Signature Facial Massage.

9. An Anti-Inflammatory cream was placed on my face to avoid inflammations.

Wow, that's a lot of processes but it will benefit your skin at it's best. 24 Karat facial with diamond peel benefits are for whitening and moisturizing on the skin. I would recommend it especially to those people who have dry skin. It cost 1,650 for the facial, diamond peel and mask. It is a good catch! It is better to invest on your skin before anything makeup. Some tips I can say you just need to relax through all of the process especially dun sa facial massage. After a day, swollen pores are tamed down and my skin feels good. Soft and pimple free! 24 Karat Gold Mask Facial with Diamond Peel really helps my skin condition.

Skin House Ms. Charissa and their staffs are very accommodating, they even offer some drinks upon my arrival and makes me feel comfortable throughout the service. Skin House is definitely a #dashingMomRecommended spot. If you are planning to avail of some of their services please do read below. Thank you

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic Branches are located at

Pasig- 8006 Pioneer St. Corner United St. Pasig

Mobile 0917-829-0990
Landline 631-0136

Quezon City- 170 Mayon St. Near Retiro St. Q.C.

 Mobile 0917-898-7546
Landline 254-3987
Clinic Hours:
Mon. Wed to Fri 11 am to 8 pm
Sat. & Sun 10 am to 7 pm
Tuesdays OFF

For more information, visit Skin House Beauty Official Website www.theskinhousebeauty.com
Like them on Facebook: Skin House

Follow on:
Twitter: @SkinHouseBeauty
Instagram: @SkinHouseBeauty
Ber-months is so near that is why we are hearing and reading news about early Christmas bazaars and sale. I'm sharing with you my personal tips on how you can prepare yourself indulging with all of the low priced items and how can you minimize your impulsive shopper traits. I got a chance to visit the Baby Company Crazy Sale, it is a huge sale of all baby kinds of stuff and necessities where mommies like me would love to visit and spend whatever I can spend for my little one. Here's an overview on what I found during the sale.

Baby Company's 3-day Crazy Baby Sale was held at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex. A huge price cut off on the following brands Huggies, MamyPoko, Moony, Baby CLean, Cetaphil, Cycles, Cradle, Uni-care, Hello Kitty, Baby looney tunes, Pigeon and many more baby brands name it and they have it.

Going back here's my shopping tips for you to prepare this coming Christmas season.

1. Master Shopping List. Making a list beforehand. I'm sure you know what bazaar you are heading too. It is the best to write down all your needs in a paper and just crossed it out once you found it.

2. Ready your tummy and wear comfortable clothes. Crazy Sale like Baby Company Crazy Sale really means CRAZY! there are lots of people who will come over to buy items. A T-shirt, jeans and a perfect pair of flat shoes will do the best! Para puwede kang lumusot kahit saan para makipagunahan.

3. Stick to your budget. I know it is so hard to decide which item you are getting when you see all of the red tags. You need to take note your alloted budget so that you will not ending up broke after the shopping galore. Remeber to keep your list in a priority.

4. Shop Alone. Yes I know it is a little bit loner type kind of tips but this one helps you to decide properly and have the whole time for yourself to decide which product you are getting. You also don't like the hassle of crying kids during your shopping time.

5. Remember Quality vs Cost . I do buy items from my tried and tested brands like fisher-price, MamyPoko and many more. Even do I saw brands selling the same products at a lower price I still do pick the said brands.

Here's what I got from the Baby Company Crazy Sale. A Fisher-Price Rainforest Newborn To Toddler Rocker original price : 5,499.75 Discounted price : 3,849.83

Also don't forget to bring/get your own Mom card to avail some exciting giveaways from Baby Company, last sale I was able to get a cute white power bank as I purchased worth 3,500pesos of product!

Visit there Facebook page to know the latest giveaways and promos Baby Company!
To make online shopping quicker and convenient for all users in the Philippines, Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, is launching credit card payments on August 13. On the same day, Shopee will also celebrate going cashless with the grand launch of Shopee Gadget Zone, its new in-app portal featuring Lowest Price Guaranteed on a diverse assortment of premium tech products from top brands. Shopee users can enjoy 15% discount when paying with credit card up until Sept 8.

In addition, credit card holders from banks including the Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI), Citibank, Philippines Savings Bank (PSBank), Philippine National Bank (PNB), Robinsons Bank, and Maybank can enjoy 15% off on Shopee’s Bank of the Day promotions starting August 20.

Jane Lim, Director of Shopee Philippines said, “Credit card payments will provide users safer and faster transactions on Shopee, matching our promise to bring a convenient online shopping experience tailored to the needs of Filipinos. We are thrilled to launch credit card payments with the grand launch of Shopee Gadget Zone, which has been well-received since its inception. More users can now buy their favourite tech products at even better prices and with this launch, Shopee takes another step towards becoming the top online shopping destination in the Philippines.”

 Pay by credit card to save even more at grand launch of Shopee Gadget Zone!

At the same time, the grand launch of Shopee Gadget Zone will feature superb deals across four electronics categories, namely TVs, mobile phones, laptops and tablets, and tech accessories. Users can enjoy Lowest Price Guaranteed with up to 99% off a wide assortment of premium products from leading brands including Apple, Samsung, Philips, and many more. To offer users even more incredible deals, Shopee will also run five exclusive flash sales on August 13 with a mind-blowing 99% off dream electronic products including the Apple iPad, Xbox One S, Xiaomi Redmi 6A and many more.

Shopee Gadget Zone is Shopee’s dedicated in-app portal devoted to all things tech, featuring  different tech products from TV, tablets, accessories, consoles and mobile phones from leading brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo at Lowest Price Guaranteed. Users can also find the newest flagship phones in the market like the Samsung Note 9, Oppo F9 and Find X, Honor Play and the hotly-anticipated Xiaomi Pocophone F1. In addition, Check out #ShopeeGadgetZone to see who’s joining the hype on the most exciting tech sale ever!

In addition to the launch of credit card and the grand launch of Shopee Gadget Zone, Shopee will also be holding its monthly Orange Day sale from August 13 to 15 featuring waves of flash deals across different categories, ₱80 deals, all day vouchers, exclusive bundles with up to 90% discount, and 72 hours of free shipping.

For more information about the Credit Card Launch, visit http://shopee.ph/creditcardsonshopee
For more information about Gadget Zone, visit https://shopee.ph/m/gadgetzone
For more information about the Orange Day Sale, visit http://shopee.ph/augustorangeday

For more information, visit www.shopee.ph
Download the Shopee app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick REALLY STAYS! You know that already if you're my avid reader, you will know that is my FAVE Go to lipstick especially on events/occasions. Because it really lasts for hours even you're eating that greasy food, drinks cold/ hot drinks (may forever talaga). Also, I know you are having a hard time to remove it when you need to. The first time I tried out this lipstick I just use my an ordinary tissue and my toothbrush + toothpaste to remove it. I can't describe how my lips turned out at that time, it is super red and I think it contains some scratches from the toothbrush. SuperStay Lipstick is so hard to remove.

I recommend you need to buy an oil-based makeup remover to be able to remove this one. I was so relieved when Maybelline Philippines also launched the SuperStay Eraser which is super effective in removing the lipstick to your delicate lips.


The packaging is quite similar for a lipstick, with black and silver details. The product doesn't have a box, but it is sealed with plastic. It is twistable like a bullet lipstick. 


SuperStay Eraser color is a white lip balm like product. To use you just need to apply it above the lipstick. It smells like a plastic, but once you apply it to your lips it feels like a lip balm. 

After I apply it on top of the lipstick I press my lips together for it to penetrate between the lipstick and my lips. Then I just get a clean cloth or cotton pad to wipe it off.

Price : 299 pesos

Compare to other lipstick removers, this is a little bit pricey, because it just contains 2 grams of product. For my personal experience, I can finish all the product within just a span of 1 month. 


Being a known drugstore makeup brand you can easily find Maybelline Kiosk on SM Supermalls, Robinson's Malls, Ayala Malls, Online stores like Lazada, Shopee, Beauty MNL

Overall review, It does remove the lipstick but about the price? I will not repurchase this one, because they are other makeup removers that can do the same duties but a lot affordable. 
I'm currently obsessed with any nail colors and nail art, each time I visit my favorite nail salon Nailaholics and French Tips they do take good care of my precious nails but there is always a chance for it to be chipped or dry. Do you even know that if a nail polish is left about a month it will create a white rough patch on the nail that is called "keratin granulation". This is my worst nightmare in terms of wearing naked on my nails.

I recently attend Orly Philippines Official Launch here in the Philippines. A colorful boho-themed grand launch that celebrates "Strength in Color" campaign and to recognize ExtraORLYnary women who embody individuality, style, and talent in their respective fields.

The event, which was held at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan in Pasig City last August 8, was attended by ORLY’s international representative and executives who led a toast to ORLY’s brilliant and colorful years of setting the professional standard in nail care worldwide. SprintAsia is the exclusive official distributor of ORLY in the Philippines. Whether you are into mattes, gel or classic nail lacquer, ORLY has you covered. From the concept of classic and elegant nail aesthetics to what’s next in nail art technology, ORLY is always at the frontline in the field of nail care and nail enhancements.

This international nail care brand offers a breathable nail polish as a 1-step system (no base on top) and a 13-free formula. ORLY is also halal certified and its Builder in a Bottle is the new innovation in hard gels and extensions Since 1975, ORLY has been the leading maker of professional and retail standard nail color and care. Through the years, ORLY has created trendy nail lacquer shades that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from harmful ingredients. Color and Care are ORLY’s heart, soul, and the reflection of the brand’s multi-faceted personality. To represent ORLY’s vast array of colors, six extraORLYnary women showcased their talent and individuality during the grand launch. Tim Yap moderated a panel discussion with Abbey Sy (arts), Soleil Ignacio (design), Georginna Desuasido (beauty), Sanya Smith (music), Ornusa Cadness (music), and Shaira Luna (photography) -- all trailblazing women who often use their hands in their work.

They also launched their latest product ORLY BREATHABLE a 2-in-1 product that contains treatment and color. For Stronger, Healthier Looking Nails. It contains Breathable Formula Prevents Chipping and Peeling, No Basecoat or Topcoat Needed and it is Infused w/Argan Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 + Vitamin C. Please do check out the new product of Orly and watched my YouTube video for the swatch.
Hi guys, this might be not a beauty blog entry but here's another new section for my blog where I'll be sharing my son's reviews/ discoveries in toys, playgrounds, food, and places. So let's get started and don't forget to #HarveyAdventures if you share this one!

Today I'm going to share with you exciting news about Cadbury Dairy newest item the Milk Lickables! #HarveyAdventures loves opening chocolates. The time he saw this one at the supermarket, he immediately asks me what it is.

Unlike other surprise egg that has the egg-shaped container, Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables container is not similar to an egg. The container is made of a plastic that is stackable. When you have an empty container you can use it to store some small items/toys.

Before eating the chocolate, you need to peel off this cover note that contains the name of the product and ingredients of the chocolate inside.

Here's the inside of the product, it contains a delicious signature chocolate from Cadbury with some rice crisp on top. Once you eat it underneath that outer layer, you may taste bits of oreo which surprised Harvey while eating it. By the way, the chocolate is placed at the bottom part of the container. It has a big scoop with some engraved face-like on it.

Harvey can't wait to try out the chocolate

As you can see it contains a Pokemon whistle toy. I researched about this product and saw that other countries (Malaysia) have a different toy inside like Superhero toys. Joy, MondelÄ“z International launched this new and delightful entry product in its Southeast Asia Markets. This product launch in an exclusive event at The Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, (which I was not invited) Arlene Amante, Brand Manager for Chocolates of Mondelez Philippines, said “Lickables combines the well-loved taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk in a unique spoonable format. To delight families, it comes with an exciting themed prize toy inside. The brand is proud to launch Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables in Southeast Asia with beloved Pokemon character toys too!”

If I'm not mistaken Pokemon characters that #HarveyAdventures got were squirtle, ginger, eve and a pokemon ball. I like the fact that toy inside of this one has a whistle, Harvey loves making a sound, and this one is perfect for him.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables cost 46.50 PHP and it is available at your favorite supermarkets and convenience stores. If you are asking if this is a good deal? For me yes it is because the chocolate is not that too sweet and it has some textures once you eat it. I hope that they add more toy selection, not just Pokemon maybe some cars and mini dolls for girls.