My first official public talk during Mother's Day | How to raise a kid

Mother's day was already finished and the rainy season is just around, but allow me to share my experience last Mother's day. This year's mothers day celebration for me is a little bit different I was able to share my thoughts on the public as in public a mall. Particularly at SM North EDSA during the NickelodeonMom and Me event. I was the representative for the Fisher-Price toy, and accessories.

Fisher-Price is a great product, even before when Harvey is still in my tummy, I already eyeing on some of the products from Fisher-Price that I think could help me care of my baby. I'll be sharing with you some point that I told my listeners during the quick talk.

First, you must know what is parenting, it is a process of raising and educating a child from birth until childhood. It is basically nurturing him to grow and to help him in all aspects.

My personal tips on Raising a child

  1. Encourage your child, especially at home. Our children need to grow up, satisfied with his achievements and ambitions. "The goal as a parent is to help your child feel competent and confident, and to help her develop a sense of passion and purpose," says Susan Stiffelman.
  2. Encourage special skills. Did you know that even as young as 2 weeks old, your baby can learn different things about what he can hear. And as early as 1 month he can learn through his eyes. Every child has unique gifts and talents. Children nowadays are fast learners you can help them know their talents thru giving them some learning toys. I mostly use Fisher-Price Toys, aside from that they are widely known around the world. They provide toys and other kids accessories that are durable and sure your kids can learn from each toy.
  3. Learn how to appreciate their little efforts. Praising your child for his hard work instead of labeling him as "smart" or "talented."
  4. Always make time to EAT together. Informal discussion topics lets your child know your family values learning.
  5. Balance Bedtime. Establishing a bedtime—and keeping to it every single night
  6. Let your kid enjoy his childhood. The best tip that I can give to you is let him enjoy!

 It was a great honor to be the one selected to do the talk. Thank you Richprime for making my experience this one. At the event, I share my experience of tips on raising a child with the help of Fisher price.

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