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Brows speak volumes about yourself, you can communicate with other people without even speaking with just using your eyebrows. A subtle arch can reflect your inner mental landscape. A simple furrow can express emotional turmoil. In my case, if my eyebrows give more life to my face. If it is not groomed I look a little bit sick even if I'm not. That is why eyebrows are important and need to take care of. It shows different emotions like confusion, surprise, happiness, hostility, interest, playfulness, and anger.

Personally, I'm looking for an expert that will shape my brows perfectly that will flatter my face. I'm glad to know that the Happy Brows official opens at Gateway Cubao! They mainly focus their services to groom eyebrows, now I don't need to mind my brows because they create perfect frame brows for my face.

Just like Sir Arvin Amaro explains, Happy Brows begin the Speak with its campaign to put a lot of focus on just how important our brows are. Brows are the ultimate truth-tellers and it can speak volumes about who you are, what you're thinking and how you feel. Hinging of that, they introduced the concept of Browmoticons to visually illustrate the true language of brows.


Confident, bold, and simple. Brow-O-Wow is about owning what you've got. It's defined by a natural shape accentuated only be a subtle arch creates that perfect balance between cute and assertiveness.


Brows with a little more sex appeal feature a distinctive arch and are a little closer to each other. Define your arch for a sassy vibe and be sure to create a gentle fade as it moves outward to ensure that your brows-don't look too severe.


Relaxed and neutral brows communicate ease and happiness. Brows ride naturally over the eyes with a defined arch to communicate a more cheerful vibe. Fuller brows also illustrate youthfulness that makes them look more natural

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