Survive your PMS days with a Happy Days Club box!

Bye Bye mood swings join Happy Days Club

Mostly all girls can agree with me when I say that there are times that we do get our mood swings, getting hooked on a chocolate or anything that we want to eat monthly. And probably most women will agree with me that it is all because of our monthly period. Our hormone changes, we are a little (just a little bit) moody, and lastly, I can say we always feel that cramps. This is our time when we ate a lot and do just nothing to stay firm in all that abdominal pains. But wait I heard that the best way to keep the pain away is to stay active. You need to go with your daily routines and keep motivated.

Here I'm going to share with you my personal tips and secret that I discovered just this year that can ease your red day mood. I love surprises that is why subscription boxes is a thumbs up for me. I discovered this Happy Days Club facebook page and got excited to try out their service. Let me first tell you some information about this box.

What is a subscription box? 

A subscription box is a monthly delivery of a niche of products depending on what company you subscribe. They are mostly delivered to your doorsteps and you will be surprised at what's the inside of it. 

What is Happy Days Club?

Happy Days Club is the first PMS subscription box in the Philippines. Every month we'll hand pick chocolates, snacks, teas, sanitary products, comforting items from all sorts of suppliers, international or local, big or small, and send them in your box to help you cope with PMS.

Happy Days Club is an easy subscription box and the FIRST EVER PMS Subscription box in the Philippines! You can check this link on how you can join and be subscribed to their boxes.

After you signed up for a subscription and completed a transaction, you just need to wait for your box they shipped every 10th & 20th of the month or you can schedule your own delivery time.

What's inside the box?  

Like most of a subscription box, you can get different items every month. Each box is uniquely packed. Like mine, I got a special treat package which includes A Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Magic Cream, Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut, Hygienic alcohol, Whisper pads, Twix Chocolate, a Lipstick, Socks, Mochi and a Fruttella candy which is not at the picture because I already ate it. 

Happy Days Club ensures that you get most of the box, that each box can contain craveable treats, a gourmet treat, tea bags, packets of medicine which is perfect for cramps, sanitary products, and many more related PMS products Oh I nearly forgot that they do sometimes include a surprise item/s.

On my first box, I love the most was the socks and chocolates because that is the time of the month where I enjoy cozy around my bed while watching my favorite series and eating some sweets. 

They do have some trial boxes ongoing at their site so check it out. Here's more information on their subscription boxes.

A Premium Hip and Hearty box consists of:
  • 5 snacks for our cravings
  • feminine essentials
  • 2 pampering items for comfort
  • 2 beauty items
  • 1-2 bath and body items
  • and a couple of surprises!
The box cost: 
  • One time trial - 1195
  • 3 months - 3285
  • 6 months - 6170
Handy Box on hand, consisting of:
  • 3 snacks for our cravings
  • feminine essentials
  • 2 pampering items for comfort
  • 1 beauty item
  • 1 bath and body item
The box cost: 
  • One time trial - 795
  • 3 months - 2185
  • 6 months - 4170
Don't worry girls I'm having a giveaway for you guys. Just fill up and follow the instructions below. To experience this box. You can also try their premium boxes and use my code to get a discount! 


or just click this link. 

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