PlayLab, learning revolutionized with Fisher-Price

Learning toys with Fisher-Price

Toys play an important part in a child's learning progress, that is why we parents should look for the perfect toys that we can give to them. Using the power of toys as educational tools, we can help children reach their highest potential through purposeful play. No brand is in a better position to take on this mission than Fisher-Price.
Fisher Price Learning toys

There are different parts of child's development starting from birth to 5 years of age, to be exact there are 3 pillars of child development, 12 categories, 40 foundational skills for school readiness and 157 sub-skills & concepts, with skill definitions. I know that's a mouthful of words, but take note of those.

Children need to develop their Physical, Cognitive and Social & Emotional skills. Each one of this skills is important. Fisher-Price toys are known for their educational toys, that will help your child's growth. Children learn best through hands-on experience. according to Deborah, Weber, Ph.D. Director, Early Childhood Development Research.

Fisher-Price Toys develops a research lab, that helps them to test all of the toys with the kids but also with parents. PlayLab is the heart of early childhood development at Fisher-Price, where a dedicated team of experts conducts observational research with children and parents, and partners with universities and other organizations to further develop the role in helping children and families thrive. The experts all have advanced degrees and areas of special study and can speak to the most challenging issues and promising opportunities in early childhood development.

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