10 Korean Beauty must-haves from Shopee

Ten ways to achieve that Korean Glowing Skin in a budget with Shopee

I got a handy list here to help you figure out which K-beauty products are worth your money!

Korean always have that glowing and poreless skin that I always want to have. So I googled some essentials to achieve that look. So far what are the products you usually use? are you still go to the traditional way or are you in with the Korean skin care tips? Me. I'm into the Korean skin care because they have that glowing looking young skin. By the way, check out Shopee application to get an extensive range of Korean products and deals. Shopee have lots of products that I'm sure you will enjoy and I'm going to share that with you.

Facemask for 38php
A Face Mask. A face mask is really important, they have different kinds that target different areas and skin type. Mostly I got my mask with moisturizing effects that can help my skin look young. I got a bunch of those with Vitamin C to look fresh all day. Just a tip don't leave it overnight over your face. Leave it just for 15 minutes, remove and pat it dry with your hands to help your skin to absorb it.

Foam facial cleanser - 275php

Face Cleanser is a real key, it should not just an ordinary facial cleanser but also with foam.
that is perfect for oily and acne-prone skin. It rinses off the excess oil and sebum, up to the pores, helping to keep your skin clean and refreshed.

Oil Based makeup remover - 435php

Oil Based makeup remover
I prefer using an oil-based makeup remover because it does remove waterproof make up easily. also, every time I use oil based makeup remover it is easier and adds more moisture to my face.

Essence or Toner - 1550php

An Essence or Toner is the key to every regimen because it will add vitamins to the skin and helps our skin to easily achieve that glowing skin.

Toner - 624php

Toner, unlike other local toners, Korean toners have much alike as essence, they have different sets of minerals that penetrate the skin while cleansing.

Eye Cream -230php
Eye cream, especially for under eye part, is crucial. this is where we see fine lines building up as we age, so to prevent it put some eye cream and massage it with an eye roller.

Pimple pad 

Blemish minimizer or Remover. There is always a time where we have some little bumps that you want to remove. Cosrx is an effective product to remove your pimple in just 2 days

Blemish remover - 5php

Blackhead and white head remover, zits always came from that balck and whiteheads, so before anything else can happen remove it bu using an effective remover try

Cheek tint - 89php
Korean loves just a natural looking face so wearing a lip and cheek tin will be a good sign and steps to do so.

Ampoule - 1100php
An ampoule, I choose that propolis, before i was using propolis I bought from Miniso, but I found it is easier to buy at shopee , ampoule is with higher concentrations of active ingredients that will help a specific skin crisis a little bit.

If you have difficult times to go to the mall and check each product description. You can save time with Shopee Philippines. You can get all the products mention above from there. A little hint just takes some time browsing each item because some items with the same products are lower than the other. Try shopping thru Shopee Application and you can use my code BSUKIDASHINGMOM to cut off 80php!

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