Learning toys with Fisher-Price

Toys play an important part in a child's learning progress, that is why we parents should look for the perfect toys that we can give to them. Using the power of toys as educational tools, we can help children reach their highest potential through purposeful play. No brand is in a better position to take on this mission than Fisher-Price.
Fisher Price Learning toys

There are different parts of child's development starting from birth to 5 years of age, to be exact there are 3 pillars of child development, 12 categories, 40 foundational skills for school readiness and 157 sub-skills & concepts, with skill definitions. I know that's a mouthful of words, but take note of those.

Children need to develop their Physical, Cognitive and Social & Emotional skills. Each one of this skills is important. Fisher-Price toys are known for their educational toys, that will help your child's growth. Children learn best through hands-on experience. according to Deborah, Weber, Ph.D. Director, Early Childhood Development Research.

Fisher-Price Toys develops a research lab, that helps them to test all of the toys with the kids but also with parents. PlayLab is the heart of early childhood development at Fisher-Price, where a dedicated team of experts conducts observational research with children and parents, and partners with universities and other organizations to further develop the role in helping children and families thrive. The experts all have advanced degrees and areas of special study and can speak to the most challenging issues and promising opportunities in early childhood development.

What's the best thing to enjoy this summer with your kids?

It is learning new things. That is why I tried i-Shine Talent Camp where kids like my #HarveyAdventures enjoys an activity while learning from it.

This Year Promil iShine Talent Camp is new and exciting camp because it is divided into 4 different camps, Dance, Engineering, Art, and Music. Each camp has a powerful Camp masters Namely.

Well to sum up #HarveyAdventures activity watch this video.
Don't worry if your kids don't know how to play and get inside the room without you. Teacher Kara Escay and Teacher  Gia will help your kid with the warm-up exercises and play time. It will help them to know each one and feel comfortable.

Each day they learn new skills like Drawing a face, making their favorite food, creating art like flowers painting animals, making an artwork with the wind and get their hands colored with some paint while doing their dream house.

It was a nice workshop where children get a lot of learning and they enjoy! By the way, they also do some singing, dancing, and storytelling. The Makati Art camp is not yet finished they will be joining the other camp (Music, Dance, and Engineer) too and what excites me is they will be having a recital at Kia Theater.

Joining Harvey in this Camp is a right choice for me because he learned a lot and gain new friends. You might want to try the iShine Talent Camp? visit www.ishine.ph to know more about the schedule.
If you are my avid reader I know that you read that I just got my eyelash extension from Ooh La Lash Ayalla The 30th. Now I'm going to share with you my experience at Ooh La Lash Unimart Greenhills.

How to get to Ooh La Lash Greenhills Unimart?

From Caloocan:

  1. Ride a bus via EDSA to Ayala, Baclaran Sucat, etc.
  2. Get off at MRT Santolan Station.
  3. Cross EDSA.
  4. Make a left and walk towards Annapolis Street.
  5. Ride a jeep to Greenhills.

From Makati:

Route 1: MRT-Jeep/Bus
  1. Take the MRT to Ortigas Station.
  2. Walk to Robinson's Galleria across Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) along Ortigas Avenue.
  3. Ride a jeep to San Juan or take an RRCG/G Liner bus to Quiapo, and get off at Greenhills.

Enter the Unimart Grocery Store, go up the mezzanine are and you will be able to see the Ooh La Lash store.

Are you curious about what hair do they use or eyes? Ooh La Lash store uses eyelashes that are all synthetic. Why do they use synthetic? Synthetic hairs are easily manageable when income to gluing it to our eyes and it is hygienic.

What if there are strands remaining at your eyelashes. Eyelash Technician can remove them to your eyes using an eyelash remover. They drop a few products to strands and they will continuously brush it until it is completely removed with damaging your natural eyelash.

Summer-ready shopping with Shopee

Hot breezy air, tan lines, waves sounds don't you like to go on a vacation this summer? But wait are you ready for the summer heat that will be hitting your face and skin? Here are some of my summer must-haves items that can be found on Shopee Philippines! Don't Forget to use my code  BSUKIDASHINGMOM to cut off 80php!

Ready your beach body and get shopping for all the items that I will show to you. First stop is a finding a perfect Swimsuits.
TYR Women's Baltic Stripe Aqua Control Fit TAQBS7A-416-12 - ₱2,799.00
This swimsuit is from Sports Source, a flexible material for a one-piece swimsuit is good. The color choice also compliments any skin color.

Toeberries Ladies Mono Rainbow Flip-Flops (Plum) - ₱129.00
I was amazed that The SM Store is available at Shopee, I don't need to go to SM and get tired of walking around because in just 3 swipes I found a perfect violet slipper for me.

Banila Co Dear Hydration Sleeping Mask - ₱950.00
Hydration is a key this summer, don't let your skin be ruined by the UV sun rays. Pamper it with Banila Co Dear Hydration Sleeping Mask every night to get that dewy glowing skin.

Beach Hut SPF36, 75mL Clear Spray - ₱220.00
Going out to the sun needs some skin protection. Experience extreme sun protection without the messy and oily feel like other lotion sunblocks. Beach Hut SPF36 spray is uber light on the skin, quick drying and non-messy.
Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ 10mL - ₱170.00
A little SPF on a face base will be a good catch to protect your skin. Belo product makes a flawless no make-up look this summer.

YI 1080P Action Camera International Version W/ Accessories - ₱4,399.00
What's a summer vacay without some photo memories? This Action camera is perfect for your underwater adventure. So smile, snap and enjoy your vacation with this Yi Action Camera from Shopee.

blk all-day lip & cheek water tint - ₱249.00
Add some colors to your face by having a cheek and lip tint from BLK Cosmetics. A watery tint that can give life to your dull face. No need to retouch when in the beach.

Plains & Prints Panama Hat - ₱498.00
Hats can make your photo a little bit of sophisticated and also it serves as your hair protection from the sun.

Lastly, this Towel/ beach mat, let's an update to your aura pose. This beach towel serves as a towel and a mat for the sand.

Hope you enjoy reading my summer must-haves this 2018, hope that it helps you too. If you're planning to buy please don't forget to use my code  BSUKIDASHINGMOM to cut off 80php!

Ten ways to achieve that Korean Glowing Skin in a budget with Shopee

I got a handy list here to help you figure out which K-beauty products are worth your money!

Korean always have that glowing and poreless skin that I always want to have. So I googled some essentials to achieve that look. So far what are the products you usually use? are you still go to the traditional way or are you in with the Korean skin care tips? Me. I'm into the Korean skin care because they have that glowing looking young skin. By the way, check out Shopee application to get an extensive range of Korean products and deals. Shopee have lots of products that I'm sure you will enjoy and I'm going to share that with you.

Facemask for 38php
A Face Mask. A face mask is really important, they have different kinds that target different areas and skin type. Mostly I got my mask with moisturizing effects that can help my skin look young. I got a bunch of those with Vitamin C to look fresh all day. Just a tip don't leave it overnight over your face. Leave it just for 15 minutes, remove and pat it dry with your hands to help your skin to absorb it.

Foam facial cleanser - 275php

Face Cleanser is a real key, it should not just an ordinary facial cleanser but also with foam.
that is perfect for oily and acne-prone skin. It rinses off the excess oil and sebum, up to the pores, helping to keep your skin clean and refreshed.

Oil Based makeup remover - 435php

Oil Based makeup remover
I prefer using an oil-based makeup remover because it does remove waterproof make up easily. also, every time I use oil based makeup remover it is easier and adds more moisture to my face.

Essence or Toner - 1550php

An Essence or Toner is the key to every regimen because it will add vitamins to the skin and helps our skin to easily achieve that glowing skin.

Toner - 624php

Toner, unlike other local toners, Korean toners have much alike as essence, they have different sets of minerals that penetrate the skin while cleansing.

Eye Cream -230php
Eye cream, especially for under eye part, is crucial. this is where we see fine lines building up as we age, so to prevent it put some eye cream and massage it with an eye roller.

Pimple pad 

Blemish minimizer or Remover. There is always a time where we have some little bumps that you want to remove. Cosrx is an effective product to remove your pimple in just 2 days

Blemish remover - 5php

Blackhead and white head remover, zits always came from that balck and whiteheads, so before anything else can happen remove it bu using an effective remover try

Cheek tint - 89php
Korean loves just a natural looking face so wearing a lip and cheek tin will be a good sign and steps to do so.

Ampoule - 1100php
An ampoule, I choose that propolis, before i was using propolis I bought from Miniso, but I found it is easier to buy at shopee , ampoule is with higher concentrations of active ingredients that will help a specific skin crisis a little bit.

If you have difficult times to go to the mall and check each product description. You can save time with Shopee Philippines. You can get all the products mention above from there. A little hint just takes some time browsing each item because some items with the same products are lower than the other. Try shopping thru Shopee Application and you can use my code BSUKIDASHINGMOM to cut off 80php!

 This summer season, TravelBook.ph, one of the country’s leading online travel agencies, lets you experience the best in fitness and leisure.

More than being the cheapest online reservations portal for hotel accommodations, TravelBook.ph has its tours and activities platform ranging from theme parks and museums, outdoor activities, tours and sightseeing to beauty and wellness, sports and recreation, and restaurants and dining.

For a limited time only, TravelBook.ph offers the following buy one, get one promos:

1.      Climb Central (Buy 1 Get 1, Central Adult Day Pass for Php 560 only)

-          Adult day pass to Climb Central for two (2) pax
-          Equipment set for 2

Location: The Portal, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City

Booking Period: April 25 to 30, 2018

Redemption Period: Three (3) months after booking date

2.      Beyond Yoga (Buy 1 Get 1, 2 Weeks Unlimited Pass for Php 2,000)

-          2 weeks unlimited access to all classes for 2 pax
-          Free use of yoga mats for non-heated yoga classes and anti-gravity classes
-          Free use of hammocks for anti-gravity yoga classes
-          Free use of lockers
-          Free use of shower facilities

Location: Quezon City, Serendra, Rockwell, Alabang, and Greenhills

Booking Period: April 25, to 30, 2018

Redemption Period: 3 months after booking date

3.      Inflatable Island (Buy 1 Get 1, Inflatable Island Spray Pass for Php 1,400 only)

-          Four (4) hours non-exclusive access to Inflatable and Unicorn Islands good for 2 pax
-          Whole day entry to Samba Beach
-          Access to the Floating Zoo
-          Exclusive access to Bali-inspired lounge
-          Free parking on a first come, first served basis

Location: Samba Bluewater Resort, Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales

Booking Period: April 25 to 30, 2018

Redemption Period: 4 months after booking date

To avail these promos, just download TravelBook.ph’s mobile app (available in iOS and Android) or visit www.travelbook.ph/tours.

Here's a simple way to achieve that no makeup look with just an hour of waiting at Ooh La Lash Eyelash Extension Lounge. I believe that our eyes are the way to know one's personality. I always make sure that my eyes make lots of impressions. That is why I decided to go to Ooh La Lash Eyelash Extension Lounge to give it a little more life.

I do have naturally long lashes but they always growing downwards. There are also times that even I curl them a lot at the end of the day they become saggy.

Tip No. 1 - Try their Eyelash Extension. Eyelash Extension is perfect for anyone who is on the go and does not like to put too much makeup, especially on eyes. When you wake up just clean your face with some water, brush your hair and you're good to go.

Tip No. 2 - Have your eyebrow on shape. You can pluck, wax or get the thread. Ooh La Lash also have Threading services for your eyebrows and they do a great job.

The whole process is just an hour and half that includes eyelash extension and the eyebrow threading.

Have you ever been to a place where each corner is perfect for a photo background? Well I think I can show you around about this new discovery of mine. The French Tips Nail Salon, specifically on Estancia Mall.

French Tips Eco Chic Nail Salon is not just your ordinary nail salon, you can pamper yourself using their luxurious organic soak, lotions, and oils. The process includes hand washing rituals, soaking, nail shaping, cuticle care, and a relaxing complimentary hand massage. See pampering to the next level! Let me show you around their luxurious interior design.

You might want to visit their branch at Estancia Mall, they are located on the lower ground floor. Just beside Vivere Salon and in front of Mary Grace. 

I got some moisturizing mask for my legs and a quick cleaning for my toes and fingers.

If you are my avid readers you know that I love coloring my hair and this hair coloring might damage the hair strands. It can be brittle and dry or something that it can be to stiff. So I decided to try Vivere Salon's Keratin Treatment.

Some information about Hair Keratin, our hair has a natural Keratin that makes up most of our hair. The properties of keratin are amazing in that they can refresh dryness and damage, but if your hair is naturally curly, there is nothing keratin proteins could do to change that.

On the process at Vivere Salon, I signed up to their customer list and the Head stylist talk to me what am I going to avail while I'm seated at their elegant salon chair. Then Sir Jason assisted me and wash my hair to remove excess oil and dirt. Their washing chair is comfortable to the neck and so soft. The shampoo they use also smells good.

The first wash is about removing the dirt of the hair, second wash is about penetrating the roots of the hair to also cleanse it. They used the shampoo made especially for Hair Keratin Treatments Sir Jason leave the shampoo about 3 mins.

They dry my hair with a blow dry and they proceed to Hair Keratin Balm application. My whole hair was then wrapped with a plastic to let the keratin balm absorbed by the hair and then left for 45 minutes. This is the time where I enjoy the most why? Because some of the salons offer a complimentary massage to ease off that waiting time. Mind me, Vivere Salon at Estancia mall especially sir Jason is so good at massaging.

After 45 minutes, the next step was they blow dry my hair just a little bit to remove the excess water then they proceed to iron my hair. Sir Edison Guevarra was my Hairstylist, He makes sure that my hair gets its best.

The whole process took around five hours to complete. Keratin Complex price starts at 5,500 pesos. Price depends on the length and volume of the hair to be treated. By the way, Sir Edison also cut my hair to give it a little life. He reminded me that my upon getting the keratin complex, hair should be wash 3 days after the treatment. I asked why he said that the whole process in a salon is just a start. The chemical that was put onto the hair penetrates deeply after 3 days of not washing the hair. So girls if you are thinking about getting a Keratin Complex, make sure to keep that in mind.

Here is the recent photo of my hair. I can say that my hair straightened that I don't need to do ironing every single day. It is soft and manageable.

You may visit Estancia Mall Vivere Salon. They have the nicest salon staffs and also the best hair treatment. Check out their services at their website: Vivere Salon Website

Follow their social media accounts: Facebook : Vivere Salon To know and be updated if they are having promos.

Kinaen ka na ba ng mga K-drama na napapanuod mo? lahat ng ginagawa mo, pinapanuod puro mga K-drama? If yes, you might want to try this Korean inspired grill Oh My Samgyup. It is located at 139 Mother Ignacia Ave, Quezon City, Philippines. Serving hours 12:00pm - 1:00 am.

Oh My Samgyup is owned by 4 young ladies that formerly worked on a Korean company. The tradition was passed on them that is why they decided to put up a business like this.

What's special at Oh My Samgyup? They have 2 floors that serve delicious food. At the second floor, they have a store called Oh My Chicken and Beer which they serve lots of a la carte meals from snacks to dinner. They have Crispy Hawaiian Spam Sticks (250), Mozzarella Chicken Poppers (260) that are good for sharing if you can resist its taste. They also serve some authentic Korean noodles price ranges from 130 to 590.

But the most exciting part of their store is on the first floor which was the Samgyupsal Korean grill. For my personal experience, their meat is far way different from the other Korean grills that I've tried like Lee Huk and Hwa ro-ro. Aside from that, they have different kinds of meat, each meat has a different flavor and juiciness when you eat them.

Wait can we just first talk about the store interiors, a good store should have a good interior design so that while waiting for the order customers can take a picture of the store.

 I like their interior that is different from the common Korean grills here at the Philippines. A dark minimalist with a touch of greens and silver. Their seat also catch my eyes because as you can see at the picture above they are unique. Let's go back again to their food.

Upon entering the store waiters will assist you to your seat and hand you a menu you can choose from their a la carte or try their Unlimited Pork and Beef grill.

As I said above, their meats have different taste and I think they marinate them to achieve that taste. Unlike other Korean Grill that has the same taste in their pork and beef. Oh My Samgyup makes sure that each meat slices has a distinguishing flavor in it. Once the customer bites it they will taste that delicious and juicy flavor. 

You can visit them Oh-My-Samgyup Chicken & Beer and Korean BBQ restaurant at 139 Mother Ignacia ave. Brgy. South Triangle Quezon City (front of ABS CBN ELJ Bldg). Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OhMySamgyupp/ for more updates and promos.

Less is better as they say. In terms of make-up and skin care I always make sure that my skin is well moisturized and clean, being bare because of your skin regime is the best way to feel light and beautiful even with no makeup / less makeup. That is why I'm so happy that Althea Korea formulated their own skin-care essentials that we Filipinos can buy it at an affordable price. Products just consist of 3 steps.

Who among you does the 7 steps Korean skincare, be honest it is so hard to follow and you need a lot of extra money to buy all of the 7 skincare items to be enable to get that no pore Korean look but then, here is a solution for you guys, Bare Essentials from Althea Korea!

Here is my quick introduction to what you expect to these 3 items that I have. First is their Contour Cleanser, a product that is worth 300pesos will do many wonders for your cleansing session for your face. It has a foam-like texture with some microcapsules that gently exfoliate your skin. It contains Ice plant that Hydrates and calms redness around your face and Lemon myrtle that is Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to strengthen the skin.

Size : 200ml/6.76fl.oz
Price: 550 php
Next is Primer Water, has Snow lotus which Smoothens and brightens the skin while evening out its texture and Patented "dewdrop" formulation that Revitalizes the skin and provides immediate, effective moisture. It does wonders for your face that it smoothens the skin surface while hydrating it.

Size: 50g/1.76 oz
Price : 640 php
Lastly Fixer Cream,  once applied on to the skin it deeply penetrates into the layer of the skin. It promises to have a 24-hour hydration. What's surprising about this one is it moisturize the skin without that sticky feeling.