Summer ready fragrance with Bambini Cologne

Are you feeling the summer air once you got out of your house? Yes right? It feels very heavy when you wearing that bulky clothes, too much makeup, and those overly fragrant perfumes. In terms of our kids, sobrang nilalagyan natin sila ng powder to make them feel fresh and smell fresh. We refrain them to go outside the house and that will make them sad.

Kids love playing outside especially under the sun, so why aren't you let them play? I know you don't want your kid to smell like a chicken roasted under the sun. Yup, me too, that is why I went over and check our room where I put all the PR packages that I got, luckily my eye got caught at the new and colorful packaging of Bambini Cologne. Here are some of the tips that I usually do for my #HarveyAndreiAdventurer to keep him smelling fresh all day.

Keep your kid smell fresh with Bambini Cologne 

  • I usually let him wear light clothes, like a simple white Sando and white pants or shorts. Remember you can never go wrong with white clothes especially on kids. 
  • Always wash his whole body to ease the warm feeling at his body. Take him to a bathe every morning.
  • This is a very Filipino act, I always put a towel behind his back so that sweat can be absorbed by the towel. 
  • Always drink water.
  • Lastly, to make him feel fresh I use Bambini cologne for him. Aside from that, it comes from many sizes, that there is a handy size that can fit perfectly in my pocket there is a wide range of scents to choose from the floral and sweet “Morning Tickles,” the calming “Starry Lullaby,” the clean and breezy “Ocean Kisses,” the cottony fresh “Cotton Cuddles,” and — Iya and Primo’s favorite — the citrusy and fun “Sunny Playtime.” 

 “We wanted to focus on the playful bond that kids share with their parents. With Bambini, we make these precious random moments more enjoyable. It is evident even in our packaging. We made sure they are attractive enough for children so in choosing what variant to buy, parents and kids get to have fun and interact. All these while maintaining a high-quality standard and other requirements most parents are looking for — hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. In the near future, we want to launch a complete range of child-specific products with a fun loving vibe,” says Cosmetique Asia’s Vice President for Sales and Corporate Development, Tim Chuongco. 
Also here are some of the pictures that we got from the media launch of the Bambini Cologne featuring  Iya Villania-Arellano and Baby Primo!

He enjoyed the whole event because there are lots of booths that he played with. He loves the ball pit by the way.

He was able to express his creative side by coloring the Bambini Wall
Harvey even joined the contest for kids, but sadly he lose the game

Your kids' playtime outside the house is not a problem now. My Favorite scent is the Ocean Kisses! Hope you can try and find the perfect scent for you and for your kids too! Available in three sizes — 25ml, 50ml and 125ml — and packaged in an easy-to-go grip curvy bottle, the Bambini Baby Cologne lets parents and children enjoy life’s little surprises anytime, anywhere.

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