Toy Review with #HarveyAndreiAdventures| VTech Philippines Explore and Learn Helicopter

We mothers tend to search online for the toys that best fit their child. Like me, I always watch YouTube review for a certain item to make sure that it will be useful and what will be the benefits that my son can get when he plays that specific item.

Today I will be showing a toy from a popular toy brand V-Tech Philippines and Richprime. They sent a toy for us to review. Read along and see how this Explore and Learn Helicopter will beneficial for your child's growth.

Explore and Learn Helicopter 

is an Infant Learning Toy, perfect for kids who are just starting to learn how to speak and learning colors up to those kids who love cars and other vehicles. As you may all know #HarveyAndreiAdventures loves car and helicopter because of Ryan's Toys review and Tayo The Little Bus YouTube Channel. Upon seeing the toy he got so excited that he hug it so tight.

Right now I know that you are asking why is this toy beneficial for your kid? I will give you reasons why you should buy this one for your kiddo.

  1. Kids can learn many songs from this toy. It's been 3 days that my son got this toy and surprisingly he already knows almost all the songs that were being played. 

  2. Explore and Learn Helicopter is a 2in1 toy which you can push and pull or even just play with it. Kids ages 12 to 36 months mostly want something to pull and push. I notice that at that age my son Harvey tends to walk around with a string attached to a toy just like having a pet following him all around our house.
  3. This toy is full of colors that enhance kids learning about colors. Just make sure that you are there by his side whenever he asks Mommy what color is this and that By the way Explore and Learn Helicopter has 4 color balls that you can shoot at the propeller into the helicopter and a sensor teaches colors and counting.
  4. Spinning propeller plays realistic sound effects for role-play fun. My son and I played the musician, basketball player and even a singer while he enjoys the Explore and Learn Helicopter. 

I'm sure that your child will enjoy this toy too like my son! The best thing about this toy is it is made from Vtech, you are sure that it can last for a long time because it is durable. Because this toy has a wheel Harvey played it like a car too bumping it to that walls, chairs, and other cars and it still working.

You can check VTech Philippines Facebook page to check the price and other toys that are perfect for your kid

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