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Hidden Food Haven around Makati Area

Admit it, we Filipino loves to eat. Whether there are rice, pasta, salads or even desserts and drinks. I roam around Makati area and found some interesting food spots that you might want to visit or even be your neighbor. So join me as I unravel the secret food haven around Makati area feat SMDC.

Our first stop is located at the SMDC Light Mall, may I ask you a question, Have you visited or seen a condominium with a supermarket, food/ restaurant stalls even Appliance store? Well, look no further, but SMDC Condominium offers a lot not just a safe place to live by but with a whole package like a nice amenity where your family can bond and you don't need to be on hassle going out of the building when you need something to buy. It is all in one building.

So much with SMDC facts, let's go back to the food inside the Light Mall. Our first stop is perfect for those people who are into burritos and tacos, we are in Art of Taco. It is located at 2/F, SM Light Mall, EDSA Corner Madison Street Mandaluyong, Philippines. They serve primarily Mexican food and they promise to give you great tasting Mexican food experience!

First, on the menu they served was Steak Soft Taco.  Made with Fresh Homemade Tortilla with Beef steak marinated in their secret Mexican sauce they added some lettuce, grilled vegetables and Freshly made Pico de Gallo. The customer also can choose their dips from a spicy to non-spicy salsa.

Same as the Steak Soft Taco, they also serve Chicken Soft taco which is delicious.

Filipino can't leave without a rice so Steak Burrito from Art of Taco is perfect! An 8 inches Tortilla with some imported Pinto Beans paste, a beef steak, garnish with lettuce, grilled vegetables, corn kernel for more taste they added Sour cream, Rice and your choice of salsa.

If you're asking what will be my best pick on their menu it will be their CRUNCHY BEEF TACO LOADED! Why? Because I have that perfectly crush taco with a lot of flavors once you bite it. A mix of beef, cheese, and fresh vegetables.

Let's move now to our Second food stop now is something sweet. Have you seen some bubble type of waffle? Eggettes& Co. Gives your ordinary waffle a twist. From a traditional sweet waffle to savory one name it, they have it. You can also customize your own waffle just ask their staff!

Eggettes & Co. is located at the ground floor of Light Mall near the entrance. 

Get a ride because we're moving to our next SMDC Condominium at Grace Mall, Cayetano Boulevard, Brgy. Ususan, Taguig. Our next stop is perfect for those who had limited time on preparing their food. Here is Hot Kitchen by Fresh Options.

They will Cook for you in no time. You can choose from their wide range of frozen meats and dishes. Pay at the cashier you can add some more payment if you want them to cook for you. Wait for it to cook and your good to go. See that is just an easy way to enjoy the food.

Unlike other ready-made food that you can buy on the convenience stores, Hot Kitchen by Fresh Options really ensures that all of their items and tasty and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Making that said, I found a good catch at this store, You can have your own party without a hassle with them.Just Pick. Share. Enjoy your food. A hint you might want to try their Pata which cause for only 369 pesos add 20 pesos for them to cook it for you and whala your pata is already ready for your party celebration!

Let's ride again a car and I'll be bringing you to a place perfect for a Friday night out that is not too crowded. Here we are at SMDC Jazz Mall, where we enjoy some drinks at After All Bar and Grill.

After All Bar and Grill is located at 235 Ground Floor, Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia Cor. Jupiter St., Makati. A perfect hangout venue for your friends and family with good food, good music. So are you asking what is the best pick here? Aside from that, I got to experience the best cook that they have, they also serve us their best menu which is the Sisig and Seafood Teriyaki.

Everyone in my group enjoyed the seafood Teriyaki, it does not have that smell of seafood but it is really tasty and tender. Their Sisig is the best because it is evenly cooked that does not have many onions, unlike other restaurants that I've tried.

After All Bar and Grill's Barista are the best, they formulated some mixed drinks for us, some are with coffee and some lime.

We all enjoy the rest of the night thanks to SMDCEats. Don't forget to watch my YouTube Video about this food crawl down below!

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