WORTH THE HYPE? Testing GIGI X MAYBELLINE MAKEUP | First Impressions & Honest Review

Hello #DashingMomSquad, so it's a new year and I am aiming this year to focus on make-up reviews and tutorials for you guys. By the way, I also uploaded a video tutorial / swatch on my new Youtube channel which is @TheRCVillanueva  so watch my videos and don't forget to subscribe.

Today we will be doing a swatch of Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Pallete by Mabelline. So scroll down to know more about this product.

Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Collection recently launched last November 2017. I was one of the Filipinas who are excited with this collaboration. We all know that Gigi Hadid have this aura of no make up make up. The collection were composed of West Coast and East Coast which are based on Gigi's hometown and her home-based right now. if you want to get a city-girl look you might get the East Coast glam or needed sun-kissed vibe from West Coast Glow.

I'll be featuring for today is the Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette. From the name itself Jetsetter meaning it is a perfect makeup it that you can bring along to your travels. The palette cost 1,899 pesos and it is available on your favorite Maybelline make up kiosk.

The Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette

Gigi Hadid x Dashing Mom review
Cover of the palette
As you can see at the picture above, the palette have it's holographic sliding cover with a pinkish nude/ millennial pink color for the palette itself. I can say that it somehow not the type of cover that can easily be dirty. It is sturdy perfect for travels which is a good thing. It has a magnetic closure.

Price : 1899

Sizes/ Weight 
  • Concealers - 0.08 oz/ 2.16g
  • Lip balms - 0.04 oz/1g
  • Bronzer - 0.07 oz/ 2g
  • Highlighter - 0.10 oz/ 3g
  • Eyeshadow - 0.11 oz/3g
  • Mascara - 0.15 fl oz / 4.5 mL
I find it weird but concealers and lip balm are just like in the same pan but concealers have different weight. 
Gigi Hadid x Dashing Mom review
the back

The back cover definitely say everything about the product. The expiration depends on the products inside.

  • Concealers - expires 24 months after opening
  • Lip balms - expires 24 months after opening
  • Bronzer - expires 24 months after opening
  • Highlighter - expires 24 months after opening
  • Eyeshadow - expires 24 months after opening
  • Mascara - expires 6 months after opening

At the back they also indicate some description about it.
Gigi shares her favorite makeup essentials to look fresh... even after a flight.
The size of the palette seems big to carry on a small bag but still manageable to carry it around.

Gigi Hadid x Dashing Mom review

Here is the inside of this palette. It contain the following ; Concealers which have 2 variants a lighter shade and darker one, Lip Balm, nude and pink one. Eye shadows for highlight, crease, lids corners and liner. Blush medyo may pagkapinkish na orangy , a Bronzer na warm tone I think and a big pan Highlighter. A Mini Mascara the Volum' Express Collosal of Mabelline. 2 brush one for the powder and the other one is a dual ended brush great for blending and application of eye shadows. You can check the image below for the swatch.

1- Black Eyeshadow 2- Brown Eyeshadow 3- Pink Eyeshadow 4-Highlighter eyeshadow 5- Blush on 6- Bronzer 7-Highlighter

I Made a video on the application of the product. 

The Verdict. 

Honestly I thought that this palette will work for me not just because it is a collaboration of Gigi Hadid and Maybelline, but then there are some flaws that I found upon testing this product.

  1. Eyeshadows are not pigmented. I put on lots of layer of it but still I wasn't able to get the color that I want for my eyes. Also whenever you blend the eye shadows the pigment is fading. Another thing the powders are a little bit of powdery. 
  2. Lip balms colors are not for my skin type I think. Because I can't barely see the color of the lip balms on my lips.
  3. On my opinion I'm not a fan of there chosen blush on color here. 
  4. The brushes are not doing good especially the powder brush, upon using it I feel the it pushes my pores and I do feel some itch. Maybe it is not that soft silky brush for my skin type.
Don't worry I know na inuna ko yung mga flaws kasi I want to end with the good ones. 
  1. The mascara choice is good. It is one of the best mascara's that Maybelline have. It lift up my lashes without even curling it.
  2. I like the color of the kit itself together with the holographic cover. It is so millennial.
  3. The Highlighter colors were the best. Gigi Hadid did a great job to this one. The color is great, and once you apply it to your face you will see that your face is glowing. 
  4. Final thing is the MIRROR! It is big enough especially for travelers that wants to check on their faces while on plane/car. Applying make up won't that be hard. 
Does your 1,899 pesos worth for this one? Well for me no, there are many Mabelline products there that could definitely give you more than the items in this palette. How I wish that Maybelline have their own stand alone Highlighter product like this. 

Hope you like my review and don't forget to watch and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. 
May your eyebrows be as strong as your coffee! Thank you

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