Unboxing of my first Althea Box! (Althea Box #39 : Red Sparkling Box | Holiday Edition)

Holiday Season might be over, but for me it seems to be longer because of what I received from Althea Korea. By the way have you guys heard of this brand? Here are some of the basic information about Althea Korea so #DashingMomSquad reads carefully.

So What is Althea Korea?

According to their site, the word "Althea" is the national flower of Korea. It represents the beauty of Korea and delivers authentic K-beauty in the world..." In other words, Althea Korea is somehow like an online store that is more on Korean Beauty products and tools.

What is Althea Beauty Box?

Althea Beauty Box is a limited edition boxes formulated by the fairy team from Seoul, with full of the products that you can find site wide. These boxes are easily get out of stock, but don't worry, there are a bunch of thematic boxes 2-3 to be exact every month.

Trend Boxes or Althea Boxes?

These are the two types of boxes every month. Trend Boxes contain hot products (either a new brand or new products from an existing brand) based on some of Korea's biggest beauty trends. Mostly Althea's fairy team release this box once a month only. While on the other hand Althea boxes have a theme, giving the customers a mix of love and new favorites depending on the market. They release this box twice a month.

What to expect inside of the boxes?

You will definitely going to love this box because it contains 5-12 full-size products depending on the theme and its value. Unlike other boxes, Althea Korea makes sure that the customers will love this, not only its cost lower but there is no subscription involve to this one. All you need to do is keep updating if Althea releases one because it it just limited edition once they do.

Going back to my first ever Althea Box, The Red Sparkling Box Holiday edition. I love all of the items that I found inside of it! Let me show them to you one by one.

Hello Skin : Jumiso Chewy Sheet mask perfect for your skin

Pom-pom Rabbit Key ring

It is a fluffy fur ball with a cute rabbit ears. sobrang perfect lang, I think I'm slightly addicted to fur ball.

Skin & Lab: Red Cream & Red Serum

These products are great if you will use them together. Red cream gives nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Misha: Perfect Cover BB Cream

I am shocked that this shade suits me well. At first I thought that this could be too dark to my shade, but upon blending the product it fades and compliments on my skin color. A hint this is the Best selling BB cream site wide!

The Face Shop: Mono Cube Eye Shadow in Red Peony

It is a glittery red eye shadow that have a good color payoff and easily blended with the use of hand/ brush

Tony Moly: New Delight Tony Tint on Red

It is long lasting color even you eat oily food Lastly Masil Color treatment, dual tint

Check out this view for more swatches and watch out for my expression and review about this one.

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