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At our store Cafe Rozalia we always in search for a perfect dish washing soap for our messy dishes. We tried many liquid soaps on stores, some of which is too pricey some doesn't clean a lot. I went over Supermarkets when I came across this Bubble man Dish washing soap which is on promo. I google about it and found interesting reviews about it and I will share it with you.

Why you should love Bubble Man Liquid Dish washing Soap? 

  • Bubble Man Dish washing Liquid uses chemicals that are non-flammable, non-toxic 97+% readily BIODEGRADABLE on their product.
  • Its contents are free of sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide is the chemical that dries out the hands.
  • It has a Phosphate-free formula.(Phosphate is harmful to the environment)
  • It is effective even at 3% dilution and has long lasting bubbles.
  • It easily removes all of the dirty and grease from the utensils and plate. Aside from that the dishes do smell fresh and clean. Even my employees at Cafe Rozalia Loves it!

Facts about Bubble Man Dish washing soap first it is Made here in the Philippines which is economical and great. It is Environment friendly. Aside from using it on dishes there are also many ways that you can use it like on your babies bottles, on floor and etc. It has a gentle formula so you should not worry if it will irritate your skin or it can be harm for your babies.

There are three variants Lemon, kalamansi and antibac. It retails for only 32.50 pesos for 270 mL and 80 pesos for 88mL bottle and it is on a plastic bottle which reusable. 

Bubble Man is manufactured by Mikewell Corporation and is available on your leading supermarket like Waltermart, Landmark, Fishermall Supermarket, Puregold.

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