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Can you already feel the Holiday season? Maybe you are excited for the upcoming vacation this Christmas. Some already got their 13th Month pay even their bonuses and now starting to search about where to go and spend the holiday season with their loved ones. Here are some of my personal tips for you.

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1. Decided where to go and what to visit on the specific place. Are your family is going to the North like Baguio or Ilocos, do you want a great South adventure? For me We decided to go to Baguio to feel the Christmas wind to our skin.

2. Choose the Right Road trip vehicle. Choosing the right car for your trip is very tiring because you need to consider each one's comfortability for your road trip.

3. I'm sure that you have lots to pack for this trip, whether it is for your #OOTD clothes or for the bunch of food you prepare. So Car's Storage shall be considered. You don't want to carry all your luggage by your legs when going over 5 hours of travel right?

4. Decide what activity you will be doing. We Filipinos are very creative in doing our personal touch on our parties. You can do it inside your car when traveling. Because a spacious car can accommodate that.

5. A good road trip shall have an entertaining ambience. Like what I've said on my tip no. 4, in addition to that you can have some relaxing music or if you are with your friend jamming with your favorite songs will do with the help of your car's Bluetooth system.

A picture of our last Holiday getaway

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