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Christmas is fast approaching and we all know that there will be lots of Christmas party and Year end party invites. Sometimes there are certain Themes that you need to dress up to fit in the party. As for my case this year my company has decided to work with the theme Primetime, where we need to find a character from a famous TV show to showcase it on our Party.

As I'm searching the net and found a character that I'm going to portray it is Lady Sansa from the Famous TV show Game of Thrones.

I got a costume already, but there is one problem I'm an Asian girl and my hair can't afford to be color treated anymore because of my previous salon visits. Lady Sansa have this brownish-red curvy hair. I again search the net to find a perfect pair of hair wigs that will match the character. I bump into and found a website with lots of hair wig choices.

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First, I check out their about us page,, is an e-commerce website that help customers to find the perfect hair wigs and other hair products. They partnered with different known brands.I choose this one to be my hair material an almost perfect copy for a Lady Sansa look. Aside from the looks the price is also affordable and sure that it is at the best quality! By the way, here is another wig that I love.

If you are like me looking for a perfect hair wig for your pegs for this coming Christmas party checkout wide range of hair, convenient and fast shipping is their goal! A convenient way to complete your holiday costume in the comfort of your home.

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