Nail Salon Melbourne CBD Advice; What To Expect From a Manicure

 A manicure can be a fantastic way to complete your look. Whether you are attending a special event or simply want a confidence boost, it is a good idea to visit the best nail salon. Melbourne beauty lovers will find a manicure is not only a relaxing experience but can showcase the jewellery you plan on wearing on your hands or wrists. However, if you have never had a manicure before, you may be a little daunted about your first appointment. So, here’s a rough guide to know what you can expect.

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Filing and Shaping:
Whether you have done your nails yourself or had a friend give you a manicure, it is not likely to compare to a professional nail salon. South Yarra residents will find that professional filing and shaping gives you a far more durable and attractive finish. You can choose a squared or rounded finish, but the technician may advise that one style is better due to the natural texture and shape of your nails. Once your nails are shaped, cuticle lotion or cream will be applied to each nail, and a cuticle pusher will be used to gently push the cuticles down.

Hand Massage:
Most salons include a hand massage as part of their manicure service. While the value of this can be overlooked, it is actually remarkably relaxing. Most technicians use reflexology techniques to relax your hands completely. If you are not used to this type of pampering, it can be a little disconcerting, but try to relax and enjoy the experience.

Applying the Polish:
Finally, the technician will apply nail polish. You will be offered a rainbow of colours, or you could opt for a French polish. Since the polish is professionally applied with the proper base and top coats, you can expect it to last longer than if you had applied it yourself. So, try to choose a colour that will complement the outfits you plan to wear. There is no point in choosing a colour during your appointment on Saturday morning that will totally clash with the uniform you need to wear to work on Monday morning. If you are concerned about choosing a bold colour, opt for a French manicure, which provides a natural and stylish look.
Some salons include additional nail designs such as flowers or gems for an even greater decorative touch.

Appointment Times:
While a standard manicure appointment is usually completed in approximately 30 minutes, you do need to allow more time. Your nail polish could take up to an hour to fully dry, so you may want to wait in the salon before trying to put on a jacket or dig around in your bag for your wallet.

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