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As bermonth season comes near, we Asians have this feeling of being sick because of the sudden change in climate. This cooler weather also makes germs stronger and more infectious. That is why we need to teach our kids and also us adults some of the tips that we can do to prevent colds and flu spreading.

So I am all set to learn more about those germs and #MalingAkala so lets begin.

I recently got an invite from Safeguard's Science Discovery Launch here in the Philippines, which was located at Ascott Hotel in BGC. The Agenda of this tour/launch is to answer and prove those many wrong assumptions or as we say in Tagalog "Maling Akala" are all wrong and we need to take precautions to stay clean and get away from those germs especially this rainy season where floods and germs is all around. Safeguard teaches us the value of proper hand washing will make a big difference to our family's health.

We were welcomed and briefed by Ms. Carissa Limcaoco Communications Manager at Procter & Gamble, Philippines. She told us a brief history of Safeguard and some of the pre-assumptions or #mailingAkala that we Filipinos lived by. After the briefing, I got excited to wear lab gowns and goggles ( On the side note, I've been dreaming to be a scientist one day when I was still young)  when they handed me the lab gown I felt that I'm a real scientist but kidding aside we were given those lab gowns and goggles to be protected on our tour.

As we enter the house of Safeguard, our first activity is to check the common areas around the house like the center table where we say that already clean and the kids can put their food. Also on the bathroom door.

#MalingAkala no.1: Areas looks clean, therefore, it is clean and safe from germs. 

Mr. Gabriel do the swab test and checked the amount of germs with the use of Adenosine Triphothate or ATP. We are all shocked that there are hundreds of thousand germs that you can get by just touching those areas.This action proves that whenever you go, bacteria and germs are always present. This germ and bacteria are the one causes disease like flu, diarrhea, cough, skin infections.

#MalingAkala no.2: Washing with beauty soaps and just water makes our hands clean.

The next demo, mommy bloggers, learn more about germs. Do you cook for your family? Do you usually use chicken as your main ingredient? If yes, you have to see this.

The petri dish in the middle is a hand of an individual after holding a raw chicken, as you can see there are lots of germs and bacteria specifically salmonella found on the hand. On the lighter note the right side petri dish is where you wash your hand with Safeguard, which is an almost clean hand. Truly Safeguard proves that they can clean your hand by just washing it with their soap.

Here are some more samples if petri dishes. Let me just ask you, are you that kind of person who is just using their beauty soaps for their entire body even on washing hands? If yes, take a look at this petri dish.This is the sample petri dishes which hand was washed by either beauty soaps and other soap bars available here in the Philippines. The rightmost second row petri dish was only washed by water alone. The upper rightmost one was washed by a safeguard. You see the difference? Proper hand washing really cleanses your hand and body also the bar soap you are using is also important. Safeguard is proven to be the best germ killing soap.

Experiment time

#MalingAkala no.3: Washing out the soap with water does not leave any residue to our skin

Ms. Ong, a Gemologist shows this clear balls the other ball, she pours some brand x soap and on the other is Safeguard. She mixed the soap with the clear ball for a couple of minutes. After that, she washes the balls and show it to us. Brand x balls became opaque in color unlike the ball which uses the Safeguard. This means that there is no soap residue remain in our body when we use Safeguard.

#MalingAkala no.4: Safeguard removes germs and moisture to our skin

Next they advise us to take a spot on their table to test out the gentleness of Safeguard soap compared to other soap. I took two rose petals and placed them each in a petri dish separately. I pour on a safeguard liquid soap to one if the petri dish and the other some brand x soap. I let it sit for a couple minutes, so that the rose petals can absorb the same.

After a couple minutes, here is the result, you can see that on the petals that we use brand x the edges of the turned darker compare to the petal that we use safeguard. In this experiment we compare this rose petal to be our skin, some other brands are really harsh to our skin causing it to be dry.

As a mom we should teach our children the proper hand washing to help avoid spreading of germs and getting sick. We should choose only the best products to help us deal with these germs. For me, I recommend Safeguard on cleaning my family's body.

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