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Harvey and I got an invite for Chickie Boy's Birthday last August 5, 2017. We are both excited to see what Max's Restaurant can offer for a children's birthday party. As we all know when it comes to birthdays other competitors are always on first hand choice of the parents. So I'm here to share with you that Max's Restaurant also offers a Birthday party packages that can make your child and all of attendees happy.

To Start off, I'm sure you are asking if what are the themes available at Max's Restaurant. On Max's Restaurant they make sure the kids will enjoy his birthday party and surely treasure it forever. They give both fun and meaningful celebration on each parties that they host.

Party Themes of Max's Restaurant

  • Carnival 
  • Super Racer
  • Outer Space
  • Princess Palace
Each theme is unique and paired with some exciting games and prices. The venue will be having the design that is fit for the theme that the celebrant can choose. 

You can choose from all of the 3 Party Meals or Set. Meal A cost 15,000, Meal B cost 16,000 and Meal C 17,000. You can enjoy a hassle free celebration if you choose an ALL-IN-ONE party offer which is good for 20 pax. It includes the following:
  • 20 sets of Party Kit (20 invitations, 20 party hats, 20 name tags)
  • 30 Balloon Sticks, 20 Balloon CLouds
  • 20 pcs of giveaways (choice of Chickie Stool or Kiddie Lunch Bag)
  • 1 set of game prizes (12 activity booklets, 5 coin banks, 24 pencils in 2 cases, 3 assorted play balls) 
By the way you can do enjoy some more FREE amenities from Max's Restaurant
  • FREE Three(3) hours use of venue
  • FREE Mascot appearance
  • FREE use of Party Banner
  • FREE use of Party Standee
  • Themed Cake
  • Party Host
I can say that getting a party done on Max's Restaurant can be a good choice if you are tried of always seeing other competitors party design at all pictures. Max's Party is enjoyable especially to the children. Now I will share to you my son's experience during the Chickie boy's birthday party.

The venue were at the Max's Restaurant first location I think. Which was at Scout Timog area. The place is huge and great for a big party and events. We are welcomed by the smiling faces of the staffs. There was a registration where we got a name tag for Harvey and his passport for all of the activities inside.

At the entrance we were welcomed by these beautiful designed cake for the party. Each cake has it's own theme. From left, Super Racer, Princess Palace, Chickie Boy's cake, Carnival, and the Outer Space. 

The first booth they we went by was this Create your own crown, I think this booth is one of the activity that you can do if you are getting the Princess Palace theme party. 

We were given this color pencils, paper plate, scissors, glue and colored paper to design the crown that we need to work on
The next stop was this booth which Harvey's favorite, the kid needs to throw a ball to the pile of blocks, all of the blocks should fall on the table to be able to get a prize.

This booth I think proves that Harvey can be a good basketball player at the future, he was able to shoot the ball on his first attempt. Great Job Baby!

Seeing this booth reminds me of that playing area on a carnival, that both kids and adult may enjoy.

The Super Racer backdrop that is picture perfect spot for a party. 

Princess Palace with the Princess together with my Tita for that picture perfect scene.

Krispy Kreme donuts

Jamba Juice
Some of the food tenants that joined the party to celebrates Chickie Boy's Birthday. 

My son got tried after playing at the party and he really enjoyed it. 

Max's Restaurants Crew prepares a little dance number for their guest to be entertained. 

Bloggers and our Kids enjoyed the party and hope for more success to Max's Restaurant. You should try to get and avail a Birthday Party package here at Max's Restaurant and I'm sure that you child will love it. 

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  1. Wow, the boy’s birthday was really epic and these photos are saying it all. My nephew is turning 7 soon and is excited because he wants a Star Wars party and his dad is going to make a wish a reality. The party will be hosted at one of the local NYC venues.


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