Harvey, me and my Tita Susan recently attended an event by Richprime, which is a mall visit of Thomas and Friends gang at SM North EDSA. SM North EDSA events place at The Block became a huge playgrounds for the kids!

Kids and kids at heart enjoyed playing and going around the place. They feature some of the latest toys from Thomas and Friends toy collections. 

They do also have games where kids have to do their own t-shirt design. To show their creative side, all of the contestants delivered a good drawing skills. The topic was if they were the cartoonist of Thomas and Friends what will be the next adventure that Thomas and Friends will take. 

The crowd became wild once the emcee announced the next game which was a question and answer portion. She described the characters from the Thomas and Friends animation and the one who will get the right answer will be the winner. Surely kids love Thomas and Friends and they all know the answer to all of the questions given. 

Mr. Topham of Thomas and Friends showed and we together with the other kids have the opportunity to a photo opp beside him. 

Harvey was able to bring along a day full of happy memories by Thomas and Friends characters. 

So why do kids love Thomas and Friends Characters? 
  1. They are teaching kids good manners.
  2. They sing and have a jolly sounds.
  3. They are colorful and easy to remember.
  4. Kids especially boys love trains. 

We Filipinas always wanted to have that fair and beautiful skin that we can be proud to show the world. But because of the humidity here in our country, Filipino skins become weaker and prone to dullness and pimples. I was invited to the unboxing of this new skin care products which I want to share with you. I've tried their products and I will give you my review of their products.

Their event went well and they gave us a free skin analysis. They gave us an overview of the products they are launching, by the way they also offering a membership plan and distributor plan. If ever you want to earn an extra cash for yourself.

My skin was analyzed by their doctor,I got to know the age and the condition of my skin. The skin experts provided me the right skin care products suitable for my skin.

Are you excited to the products of ORABELLA? 

Whitening Soap – An Instantly Satisfying Way To Whiten


Powered by Nano CARE Technology whitening nano particles: Clinically proven to safely release nutrients deep into the skin, leaving it beautifully smooth and glowing.

Whitening Facial Toner – An Instantly Satisfying Way To Whiten

Powered by NanoCARE Technology whitening nanoparticles: Clinically proven to safely release nutrients deep into the skin, leaving it toned and youthful. Skin care should not sting, tingle, or burn on a daily basis. If it does, you’ll get redness, peeling, and flaking. “Those are signs of chronic inflammation,” says Karyn Grossman, MD, a dermatologist.

Whitening 8-in-1 Day Cream (Whitens, Moisturizes, Refines, Protects, Primer, Bb Cream, Powder, Sunblock)


An Instantly Satisfying Way To Whiten. Powered by Nano CARE Technology whitening nano particles: Clinically proven to safely release nutrients deep into the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Whitening 2-in-1 Night Cream – An Instantly Satisfying Way To Whiten


Powered by Nano CARE Technology whitening nano particles: Clinically proven to safely release nutrients deep into the skin, leaving it thoroughly hydrated and moisturized.

Whitening Hand and Body Lotion 


Powered by Nano CARE Technology whitening nano particles: Clinically proven to safely release nutrients deep into the skin, leaving it luminous and protected.

Whitening 5-in-1 Deodorant – An Instantly Satisfying Way To Whiten


Powered by Nano CARE Technology whitening nano particles: 5-in-1 Deodorant is the only product in the market that: Whitens, tightens Pores, retards Hair Growth, deodorizes, cools. Clinically proven to safely release nutrients deep into the skin, leaving it silky and fresh throughout the day.

Whitening Intimate Wash 


Powered by Nano CARE Technology whitening nano particles: Clinically proven to safely release nutrients deep into the skin, leaving intimate areas thoroughly fresh.

I tried all the products of Orabella, here are my favorite ones. First is their Deodorant, Once you already applied it on your underarm it has some of the glittery like finish on my skin. After a month of usage I was able to notice that my underarm whitens around 3 shades lighter. I love the result and I am recommending this deodorant to you. The next item that I love is their feminine wash, it somehow resembles the cool effect of PH care color light blue/green wash. It feels refreshing, down under and does not irritate my skin.

If you want to know more about this line, read my follow up blog post here and learn how you can make money out of this skincare line.

Shopee, the leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia, today announced the start of its annual shopping event - Shopee 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day. Shopee will offer a wide range of promotions, including discounts of up to 99% off, top picks under P99, and flash sales. Shopee partners with more than 1,000 sellers, including leading brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Oppo, Lysol, Sandisk, Mustela, and Makeup World, to make 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day the biggest online shopping event of the year.

“Last year, our 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day successfully achieved a five-fold increase in orders and three-fold increase in traffic within 24 hours. This year, with over ₱50 million worth of marketing activities, we aim to increase traffic by five times and triple our sales. We look forward to having all users across the Philippines join us in the biggest sale of the year,” said Macy Castillo, Head of Commercial Business at Shopee.

Since its launch in 2015, Shopee has experienced significant growth across the region. To date, Shopee has surpassed USD 3 billion annualized GMV with over 50 million downloads and more than 100 active million listings. In the Philippines, Shopee has garnered more than 4 million downloads.

Based on a 2017 study by Google and Temasek, the Philippines’ e-commerce market is projected to reach $9.7 billion (₱498 billion) in 2025 and 34% annual growth rate, which is said to be above the global average growth rate.

“The Philippines is an important market for us given its immense potential. As we scale up our product selection to cater to a wider audience, we are pleased to have leading brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Lysol joining our 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day this year. This is a major milestone for us in establishing Shopee as a one-stop shopping destination for users to enjoy a wide variety of products. Together with our 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day partners, including PLDT and Coke, we are confident that this will be a record-breaking year for Shopee in the Philippines,” added Castillo.

Luigi Casas, AVP and Head of Corporate Relationship Management at PLDT Alpha Enterprise, said, “We are very excited and proud to partner Shopee Philippines. Their business platform contributes enormously to the retail industry, as well as the overall digital transformation of the country and our economy. Together, we aim to increase awareness on the benefits of eCommerce adoption and how it drives the country’s economic growth as we redefine the retail industry.“

Starting from 1 September, Shopee 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day will begin with daily deals up to 99% off across multiple categories, including fashion, health and beauty, gadgets and electronics, and home and baby products. Users can also enjoy daily giveaways on Shopee’s social media accounts.

“Looking ahead, the future of the Philippines’ e-commerce market is very promising. We are highly confident that 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day will continue to be celebrated as an iconic day that appeals to the needs of the increasing number of online shoppers in the country,” Castillo ended.

Join Shopee in celebrating 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day. For more information, visit http://shopee.ph/99 and download the Shopee app via the App Store or Google Play.

September, 2017 - Another milestone for this Philippine Medical Association approved medical society is the upcoming 3-day convention (September 2-4) with local and international speakers in Crowne Plaza Ortigas. Did we say fellowship night happening on September 2 is full of fun and surprises?

 The Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age-Management Medicine (PAAAMMI) is a non-profit medical organization, whose mission and vision is to provide high quality and cost-effective health care service, based on the very early detection, prevention, and reversal of age-related disease processes, and by employing a combination of the medical disciplines in age management, aesthetics, and cosmetics.

Officers for 2016-1017 include the following reputable doctors: Francis M. Decangchon M.D. -  Chairman of the Board, Jane Enriquez, M.D. -  Chairman Emeritus, Board of Directors: James S. Boado, M.D., Elenita Simundac-Daco, M.D. (Deceased), Ma. Rhoda B. Espino, M.D. Alvin M. Jorge, M.D., Charlie H. Mendez, M.D., Maria Ellery M. Mendez, M.D., Yolanda C. Rodil, M.D., Thelma D. Tamayo-Rojas, M.D., Gisela Trajano-Sarmiento, M.D., and Richard Nicomedes R. Sarmiento, M.D.

In each convention, PAAAMMI will equip the attendees with new learnings and knowledge in the Anti-Aging and Age Management fields through the well-prepared presentations and discussions at the plenary lectures. Different international speakers from countries such as Hongkong, Malaysia, Korea, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Aruba, Turkey, Germany, Italy, and   distinguished prime movers in the aesthetics and anti-aging fields from the Philippines will be invited to share their specialties and advancements in this Science of the New Millennium.

These plenary lectures have become a foreground in establishing a good rapport throughout the conventions.   Added features are live demonstrations and workshops presented by the guest speakers and corporate partners. These activities are considered to be a benchmark in the anti-aging and age management practice. It is part of PAAAMMI’s altruistic initiative to further enhance the education amongst the doctors.

PAAAMMI moves forward by refashioning the word and concepts of ‘beauty’ and ‘wellness’ in the coming years. These are lifestyle choices that the patients of our members make in their everyday lives, but with only a cursory knowledge that does not dig deeper beyond image and appearance. PAAMMI will show through extensive research and application how aesthetics, beauty, and personal health should be integrated in order to boost an individual’s inner confidence, vitality, and overall physical attractiveness.

PAAAMMI’s annual conventions will constantly be designed to enhance the camaraderie in the medical community while serving as an avenue to provide updates on medical breakthroughs and advances in technology, thereby promoting the continuing medical education and professional growth of all of members, equipping them further to better serve their patients.  

To inquire, you may contact PAAAMMI secretariat at 0977-806-4659
or visit www.paaammi.org.ph