Precision Meets Passion at Vivere Salon Glorietta with Mr. Alben Lawa

They all say that hair is the crowning glory of a woman that is why I am so honored to try out the expertise of one of the stylists from a well known salon Vivere Salon. Hair is the most precious part of a woman's body we do everything just to make it shiny and it helps us to look good.

My bleached hair and purple hair

If you're my avid reader you already read my post about a month ago that I decided to bleach my hair to achieve my dream hair color which was purple or violet. Here is the link on my post : Bleached Hair. Back then I only apply a semi permanent hair color that only last for days until a week.

From that day I said to myself that I will retain my bleached hair to try on different hair color trends do that I could make my own statement. Nevertheless, I do achieve that. But I got tired of redoing my hair color every two weeks. So again, I decided to stop coloring it and stick to this yellowish color. I do love my hair I constantly do home treatments and conditioned it almost every day to make it strong.

Luckily I was invited to try Vivere salon and to have a hair makeover. Vivere Glorietta 2 Branch interior is a mix of modern colors and patterns with a touch of Zen. A great combination of inspiration and balancing of moods of the customers as well as the staffs. All of their Senior Hair stylist embodied the salon principle "Precision Meets Passion" which on my own observation and experience this is where they are excellent.

My Glam Team : Sir Alben Lawa & Ate Mona
Vivere Salon promised that all of their stylists are the best, did you know that they are trained in the signature techniques of the Vidal Sasoon Academy, know for their easy to maintain, manage, wash and wear but an unbelievably stylish approach to cutting. Here, each snip and angle is designed to create shape, texture and form, based on what is most flattering for our client’s face shape, what is most ideal for their lifestyle, what is manageable for their beauty regimen and how it all works given their hair texture. To complement our cutting services, we also have a range of scientifically proven hair treatments from Schwarzkopf, designed to make everyday styling easier while ensuring the health of your hair. 

My hair stylist was Mr. Alben Lawa, he is very accommodating and he picks a perfect color to my hair. A quick profile background of Mr. Alben Lawa, about an eight years on hair expertise and 2 years as a senior hair dresser in Vivere Salon.Whenever I go to a salon I always ask my hair stylist for his opinion on what hair style and color would actually make my face brighter and slimmer. As per Sir Alben, I told him that I believe in his expertise that he can do anything in my hair. So let's begin my hair transformation story.

So here is my untouched hair a combination of yellow, gold and black roots

The Ate Mona, attended to me and washed my hair to prep my hair for coloring.

After the first wash of my hair

 The first step is to lighten up the root of my hair because it is already growing. Color mixture was on my hair for about 20 mins. 

Ate Mona is applying color lightener to my roots

After the wash of my lightened hair
As I've said I let Mr. Alben to do what he thinks looks good on me. So here is the coloring, I wasn't able to take a pic of the mixture that they used to my hair, but it is a little bit pastel purple color.

Hair color is Redish Violet
This time color seats down for about 20 mins and they do my roots for another 15 mins. While waiting ate Mona give me some relaxing massage. To kill time and just to relax me.

Color red hair color on my hair

The lightning does not give it a justice but in personal it is a mix of color red and purple
 Love the results, also Sir Alben treated my abused hair, to make it soft and for a long lasting hair colorful.

My overall experience in the Vivere Glorietta salon is awesome. They also took a photo of me because the outcome color is pigmented. Comparing my old hair style to my new one. It is more pigmented and vibrant. Curling my hair will also make it look good.

Before (left) After (right)

Here is my updated hair color after 6 days, which is so fab. It is not that loud red color, it compliments my skin even better making my skin more whiter. To my #DashingMomSquad , one thing I can say, staying out of your comfort zone means giving a chance for a better you.

I recommend you to try the services offered by Vivere Salon. All of their stylist are the BEST! If you are curious to try out their services especially Sir Alben Lawa at Vivere Glorietta Salon. Visit them at 3rd floor Glorietta 2 it is near Nail-aholics and Ohh Lah Lash. Don't hesitate to ask if Sir Alben to be your stylist.


  1. So nice!!! I want to try this color, but will have to delay since I'm pregnant. I'll take note of your stylist's name though!

  2. I love the color - wish I could go that bold! But the color definitely suites you. :) How long does it take before the color washes out?

  3. Your new hairstyle is nice and your new hair color suits you. As women we need to take care of our hair talaga.

  4. i love your guts. Purplish hair. Gusto ko rin niyan hahaha. Can you tell me in detail how do you keep it healthy (at home lang) despite frequent hair coloring?

  5. That's nice they make your hair great, good job for Vivere

  6. I love the makeover! Dapat moms get these kinds of pampering regularly. Well, in my case, I color my own hair using DIY color tubes from department stores, and I'm not frequently doing it 'cause my hair's gonna hate me (laging dry).

    The shade suits you well. Sometimes we really have to experiment to find what looks good on us.

  7. I like Vivere also. But more than the brand, what I look for in a salon is really the skill of the stylist. I like a stylist who can cut my hair nicely in a reasonable amount of time. I would go to an expensive salon and the stylist would literally take an hour pecking my hair, it comes out nice but it's a little time consuming. Oh, girl problems!

  8. Your hair looks fabulous! I wanted to try other hair color too but I think I'm good with my black straight hair :).

  9. Oh wow!! Your hair looks fantastic mas bagay sayo! Hindi pa din ako nagpapacolor and treat ng hair eh. Meron pa ba silang brances aside sa glorietta?

  10. Looove your hair! It suits you very well. It's very important to find a hairdresser who knows what he's doing. I know a lot of girls who had their hair coloured purple, blue, green but the colour washed out almost immediately.


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