Ooh La Lash Unimart, Greenhills Experience + How to take care an eyelash extension

My last and final stop in this event was here at Ooh La Lash, they are specialized on eyelash extensions and eyelash perming. Here I choose Eyelash extension on Diva. 

Eyelash extension can help us achieve that woke up like this aura, without even putting on a make-up. Lash Extensions or some may call it ‘lash extenders’ are individual strands of synthetic lashes attached to your natural lashes one by one using special glue. They could be the best gift given to some of us who were not born lucky enough to have long, gorgeous, thick lashes. Since applying false lashes everyday can prove to be a painstaking daily beauty episode (not to mention the messy glue application) opting for a safer, more convenient and more natural looking choice is definitely the wiser move! 

On Ooh La Lash, you can choose eyelash length that fits your mood. 

I've been on lash extension salons and they only provide couches for their clients, here on Ooh La Lash clients can go sleep to their beds while doing their lashes. Usually this takes about an hour for the whole process. 

What preparations do I need to do beforehand? 

According to the lash experts at Ooh La Lash, you should: 
  1. Make sure to cleanse your eyes and remove any eye makeup or product applied as it may interfere with the adhesives and may cause reaction.
  2. Make sure you don’t have the following conditions: Conjunctivitis, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Styes, Alopecia, Blepharitis or if you are undergoing chemotherapy.
  3. You cannot have eyelash extensions if you have had an eye operation/eye surgery within the last 6 months.
  4. If you have scarring to the eye area, eyelash extension service should be performed 6 months after the scarred area has been healed.
  5. Contact lenses cannot be worn before and directly after the eyelash extension service.
  6. If you wear glasses, don’t forget to bring these with you so the lash technician can make sure there is room for your lashes to grow.

Lastly, don’t forget to inform the lash technician if you suffer with claustrophobia or have any neck problems. They are well-trained and capable of answering any concern you may have.
You’d be surprised to know that there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to lash extensions. At Ooh La Lash, you have the freedom to choose your curl, length and thickness. Go for Light and Natural (30-50 lashes)  for natural-looking lashes that would go unnoticed,  Classic  (51-85 lashes)  that’s has the perfect length and curl to add oomph to your everyday look,  Diva (86-130 lashes) for voluminous lashes with ultimate curl and length that scream va va voom! and Vixen (Unlimited lashes) for long and beaut-full lashes to die for.  

Does it hurt? 

Based on my experience on other Lash parlor, the glue that they are using does hurt. It makes my eye tear a lot. Here on Ooh La Lash, the glue that they are using is good for sensitive eye. Frankly I didn't expect that there is no foul odor from the glue and it does not sting my eyes. 

Me and the technician busy attaching the eyelashes

How to take care of your newly vamped lashes?

1. Avoid wetting your lashes.
2. Avoid swimming or exposure to heat
3. Do not apply oil-based creams and lotions on or around your eyes.
4. Do not apply eye or lash makeup.
5. Avoid eyelash tinting, perming or chemical eyelash treatments.
6. Avoid sleeping on side or stomach.
1. Avoid excessive exposure to heat or steam when swimming, showering or exercising.
2. Avoid rubbing your eyes and do not pick or pull your extensions as it might pull off your natural lashes.
3. Avoid using oil based makeup remover as it can weaken the adhesives and might cause your lashes to fall off fast.
4. If you choose to wear mascara, strictly buy the water-based type.
5. Do not use eyelash curlers.

The eyelash extension only last to me for a week, because I wasn't able to take care of it. Sorry Ooh La Lash for it, but their services are good. If only I take good care of my lashes it will last for a month. Be careful eyelash extension is so addictive, it really add a new look to your face. Don't forget to drop by at Ooh La Lash’s newest branch at Unimart, Greenhills, San Juan at the Mezzanine Level and let their expert lash technicians do the magic! Visit http://oohlalash.com.ph/ for more details! 

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