I received Yakap Delivery from Neozep

I am a working mom, so even I am not feeling well I still go to work. A few weeks just past I feel really sick because of colds. Neozep found out that I had colds they send me a #YakapDelivery box to keep my day going.

I was then at the office busy doing office works when I got a message that Neozep send me something to ease my colds. Both of them are makulit while doing the delivery and told me what is inside of the box.

Neozep send this care package that comes with Neozep Non-drowsy and Neozep Forte plus their limited edition tumbler.

Neozep is always my go to medicine for colds. They do stick on their saying the "Isang yakap ng ginhawa mula sa Neozep para sa'yo dahil gusto naming gumaling ka agad!"

If you will ask which Neozep medicine is better I'll give you a short description to where to use it.

Take Neozep Non-drowsy when you need to do task or when you need to go to work. "No antok ginhawa sa sipon para tuloy ang trabaho. While Neozep Forte is taken when you can rest at home for more restful recovery to ease that colds and all of it's symptoms.

Sorry for my haggard face in this photo. 

 You can also watch Alden Richards #YakapDelivery Commercial.  Again Thank you Neozep for my #YakapDelivery box. 

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