Hey Sugar Waxing Salon at Unimart Greenhills Experience + Benefits of Organic Ingredients

Hello again #DashingMomSquad, here is the other part of my pampering day experience now I'm at the Hey Sugar Salon. 

Hey Sugar Salon is known for their Organic ingredients for waxing which is sugar. Upon your entrance at Hey Sugar Unimart Greenhills you will notice that it focuses on girly vintage, colorful, flowery interior that is so cute. Their staff are all accommodating too. At first I thought that Hey Sugar Salon only caters waxing services, but to my surprised they also have eyelash perming and extension.

I opted to take the service for my eyebrows which is eyebrow threading and for the stray hair on my underarm. When I'm not in the mood to pluck my stray hair on my eyebrows I usually go to a Salon to have them done. Threading may have a little bit of pain for first timers, especially on the lower part of the eye near the eyes.

Image from Yogo and Cream site
Threading is not only for eyebrows, but can be done on all of your facial hair, on your body even to your underarm.

So here is my before and after threading picture
I can see that my eyebrows now have a cleaner edges. After I'm done with my brows I go in their treatment room to have my underarm done. Yes, it is still a cozy flowery theme.

As I've said before that Hey Sugar have this 100% Organic ingredients to their sugar wax. Do you want to know what will be the benefit if you choose only the organic ingredients? Read the details below:

1. Less health risks

As said before, most of the beauty products available in the market today contain a standard cocktail of chemicals, which do more harm your skin than good. This, combined with exposure to harmful pesticides and preservatives used on the food sold in supermarkets, can give rise to a number of diseases. 

2. Lower exposure to allergens

The chemicals commonly used in beauty products, whether to strengthen its effects or extend shelf life, can cause skin irritation and trigger allergies, particularly for those with sensitive skin. 
Organic products may seem less effective compared to their chemical counterparts, but are gentler on the skin and has no side effects. 

3. Helps nourish your skin

Organic and all-natural beauty products are all plant-based. Meaning, the main ingredients used in these products come from directly from plants or parts of plants and come with nourishing power. In the same way that you are advised to eat your fruits and vegetables regularly to keep the rest of your body healthy, putting on all-natural products on the skin will definitely help supply it with much-needed vitamins and minerals to boost its health.

4. Better quality products

There’s a lot of effort and detail that goes into the production of an all-organic, product, if only because they want to encourage more people to see the benefits of going chemical-free. 

5. (Almost) Painless Regimen

Waxing is arguably one of the most tedious and painful beauty regimens anyone has to go through, but through organic options—particularly sugar wax, which wraps thoroughly around the hair and allow for a cleaner pull, pain is greatly reduced. 

From my personal experience on my underarm waxing, She first ask me If I want Cold or Hot wax. So what's the difference between them? Hot wax - is not that really hot it can be adjusted to your own preferences. It is applied by a wooden stick to the areas with hair, then a clean white cloth will be placed above it. Rubbing it softly so that the wax and hair will stick to the cloth before pulling off quickly. While to Cold wax, it is applied against the direction of your hair growth before pulling off. I remember the esthetician said that If you have a lower pain tolerance you should choose the cold wax. It is also perfect for sensitive skin.

Hey Sugar also offers some body scrub and oils
Both of the procedure cause you pain, but as long as you keep doing it, it becomes bearable to your skin and will guarantee you a hair free body area. The esthetician will also remind you that you should not take a bath or put on water to the area for about 8 hours because it have an open pores.

Drop by to their newly opened branch at Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon comes in to save the day! Using only 100%naturally hypoallergenic sugar wax that minimizes side effects such as allergic reactions and chemical irritations caused by traditional wax— you get a gentler but no less effective way to keep your skin smooth and hair-free. With its recent opening in the newly renovated Unimart in Greenhills Shopping Center – Hey Sugar keeps on sharing the “organic way of life” to more and more people in the Metro. 

To know more, follow them on facebook.com/HeySugarWaxingPh, Twitter.com/HeySugarPhils and Instagram.com/HeySugarPhils. For bookings, contact:  0936-642-0530.

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