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Skin care is the most important part of my daily rituals; but there are times that I am just so lazy to remove my blackheads and whiteheads also do wear some facial masks. Here comes to a point that I need to go to a clinic to see a doctor to ask what are the services that best fit for my skin. I will post every skin clinics that I've tried for you to pick which one is the best for your skin and your budget. So for today we going to review about Mauve Aesthetics & Medical Spa.

Before going to the Medical Spa you need to pre-schedule your visit or to make some appointment because they prefer clients who book for appointments. You can contact them thru their Facebook account Mauve Aesthetics or Instagram account Mauve Aesthetics. They do respond quickly, and they will give you their phone number which is 285-68-77 , you can call them for faster booking transaction. They answer all of my inquiries from instagram which is a good thing. 

Mauve Aesthetics

On the day of my visit, you can easily find the clinic which is located at Bayo Condotel Sct. Bayuran brgy South Triangle QC (nearABS-CBN). I came from GMA Network and just rode a tricycle to get to the place. Upon the entrance to the salon, I am deeply in-love with it because the them is Purple! Which is my favorite color! They interiors and design is so good and pleasing to the eyes. The staffs are accommodating and ask me what is my name to check if I already booked for an appointment. Ms. Margaret May Llavor,Founder/COO of Mauve Aesthetics and Medical Spa, show to me the different parts of their store and what they are offering. The hand me their price-list which I'll be posting below for you to see. 

The first floor of the clinic is where they do the nail services. There are lots of well designed chairs for the customers. 

mauve aesthetics interior

For the second floor, this is were the rooms are located. They do have single & couple room, great for couples or friends that want to be in a one room. The comfort room design is so cozy. 

patient's area

The procedure I got I think is Deep Cleansing Acne Special, because that I my acne is on bloom. I will post a video of my whole cleaning session below.

The Procedure

  • Cleansing of my face, which they use a foam cleanser face and massage it through. I like the massage part very much and I think that it helps clean up face. After cleansing they put facial mask to my face, "yung feeling na refreshing habang nilalagay sa face."
  • Sonopeel was the next procedure where there is a device that will run through your face while removing the dirt like black heads and white heads to your face. 
sonopeel device
Sonopeel device sample. Photo grabbed from (Google search)
  • Extraction of my pimples and other dirt that the Sonopeel device didn't removed. This part is the most painful one if you have large acne or even many pimples. So grab on some tissue to dub it to your eyes.
  • They clean up my face with a cotton pad, and put the protecting pads to my eye to get ready for the Blue light process, where a blue light will be treating the acne. It is pain free light that uses ultraviolet light that kills acne-causing bacteria.
  • The last two steps are important which is the Serum and SPF, which helped my face recover from all of the process. 
My overall experience in Mauve Aesthetics is good. If I will compare my experiences with the other clinics like Belo and Flawless. I love the whole experience from Mauve Aesthetics, the person who attended to my concern is approachable and answered all my questions. They are all well trained and knowledgeable on what they are doing. My facial was successful because my acne didn't come back. I have only one comment, I think they should improve on the cleansing of the face, because I noticed that my eyebrow makeup is still there and some of the procedure special the with the diamond peel machine is a little bit fast. Will I recommend this Clinic for my #DashingMomSquad? My answer is yes, they are budget friendly and good service. They are just a newly opened clinic but they have their own standards that makes each of the services unique from the other clinics.

So if you're thinking of visiting one of the Clinics, give it a try to visit Mauve Aesthetics. Don't forget to Like their facebook account Mauve Aesthetics and follow them on instagram Mauve Aesthetics to get the latest updates to their services. By the way, they also have this loyalty awards, like you need to register your number to be able to receive a points that correspond to your service.  

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