Discover your inner Artistic Side at Boysen Color Trend 2017 booth at SM North EDSA

Boysen Philppines joins SM City North EDSA #ArtKarnival with their Boysen Color PLay booth at 4 Floor SM Annex. Experience color like never before. I was lucky enough to experience this colorful booth, which brings out my not so artistic side but I tried to be one hehehe. As I've talked to one of their employees at the booth Ms. Sam (I think is the name) they want an interactive activity to showcase their paints not just by swatches and booklets. The concept of this booth is not just for Art major people but also the normal mall go shopper to experiment with the different color offers of Boysen. 

boysen color play booth

Boysen Color Play Booth goes around various construction trade shows. It was first seen at the annual World Bex in World Trade Center Manila in Pasay City last March. Here at SM City North EDSA public have a chance to experience Boysen Color Play booth for free. 

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Boysen color play instructions
A simple instruction to enjoy the booth
The instructions are just simple, you will be given a contain cardboard, where you can placed your chosen shape blocks, which you then pain with Boysen's latest line of color palettes. There were lots of colored shapes on triangle, circle, square and rectangle. 

Shapes of colors
This is my starting shape blocks
As further you go inside, you will see a paint colors per station. I think each table are grouped by their new set of color lines. Here at the table you can customize and draw with the brushes and paints provided by the booth. Remember that this is a paint be careful on your hands and clothes while doing this activity. 

Boysen color blocks with rayrose

I will attached my video on how I color blocks here. I'm not an artistic person but I tried my best to paint my blocks as colorful and artistic that it can be.

I'm a fan of different patterns and colors, that is why I go with this to design my blocks. During my time at the booth I noticed that lots of children enjoying the booth. They are all creative and imaginative wit their works. By the way I also saw not so old but maybe around 30-50 years old.

Boysen colo paint dashing mom

After finishing your painting, you can go to any of the employee and ask for help to blow dry your master piece, while waiting you can try out their Virtual Reality(VR) rendition of the booth and your surroundings. I've tried it and it is fun you can see lots of colors bending out perfectly. 

Dashing Mom at Boysen

The last stop is their Photo booth section where you can take a picture with your creation and post it online whether thru FB or Instagram and they will instantly print it on a sticker photo paper. It is by a company called Instaroid. Boysen also have a mini gift souvenirs for their artistic patron, A Color Trend book collection where you can see the contemporary, neutral and classical colors that reflect the major social and design trends as of today and their Product guide booklet. 

You can also take home a portable VR glasses from boysen which call Boysen Pocket VR. USe it with BoysenVR App which you can download at

It was a fun booth at SM North EDSA in partnership with Boysen Philippines. They are successful to bring out the creativity among public who goes to the mall. As I've said just a while ago, I saw different age bracket that are trying out to mix and play with the color. I can see with all of their faces that they are having fun trying out the booth. Great Job SM and Boysen.

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