Win all of these items and be my May Commenter of the Month. How to join? Simple follow the steps below

  1. Follow my Social Media accounts :
  2. Follow my Blog with this link : Follow my Blog
  3. Follow me on Bloglovin : Link for follow
  4. Comment on every blog post that I will post throughout the month of May. What will you comment? answer each question at the end of every blog post. 
  5. For additional chance : Share my blog post :D 

To claim your price? 

  1. This is ONLY Open for Philippines residents only.
  2. Winner will shoulder the shipping fee (around 50-100 pesos I think) 
  3. You will have a week to pm me, if you are the winner. After a week with no pm, I will choose again another winner. 


  1. Yay! followed all your social media account! ❤❤❤ I'll be as active as I can (mommy duties ey?) hihihi. Even if I didn't win, will support you still mommy Rayrose! ❤ God bless ☺

  2. I followed you Madam.. Sana Keri maging active since I have work. Good luck!