Ever Bilena Advance Make-up Remover Review and thoughts

EB advance make-up remover oil based

I'm searching for an oil based makeup remover, I tend to try on a "Mas murang item segment" for my upcoming YouTube Channel that can easily fit an average Filipino make-up lover. Ever Bilena Advance Make-up Remover, is a perfect match because it only retails for a low price 120pesos. Now I will try to give it a shot and review it for you guys. Searching the net, I can't find any image of this new packaging from Ever Bilena make-up remover. So I'm here for you guys to give it a little bit of an overview. So lets get started.

Directions :

Shake well before use. Moisten a piece of cotton and gently wipe make-up off around the eye area until make-up is removed. Use separate cotton balls to remove eye, lip, and face make-up.


Water, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Isododecane, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lactate, Hydrolyzed Jojoba esters, Phenoxyethanol, Ultramarines.

The container is neatly packed in a box with the direction and manufacturer. Also they included a stopper for the lid so that the product can't spill out of the container. It expires 24 months after opening.

ever bilena make up remover review

On Application : 

It's easily absorbed by the cotton pad that I use. It easily glides to my face and remove my make up; but first I shake the Ever Bilena Make-up Remover to mix the water based and oil. It takes around two rounds to remove my eye makeup like mascara but for me it is a good thing because some micelar water can't remove my mascara. By the way I didn't include a picture of the cotton pad that I used because I think it is gross. Overall, I love this make up remover from Ever Bilena Advance for 120 pesos for 70 mil I think that it is a good catch; Another thing about this is that a little drop from this make up remover does a long way. You can easily find one with your favorite drug store outlet or to the supermarket with Ever Bilena Kiosk. So grab one now, ladies!

For my #DashingMomSquad what oil based make-up remover do you use and why?

May your eyebrows be as strong as your coffee


  1. I have never tried any oil-based make up remover before. But I use Garnier Micellar Cleanseng water as my make up remover. With this, cleaning up becomes an easy-peasy, uncomplicated process lalo na sa mga tamad na maghilamos pagdating sa gabi like me. It promises to shorten my night skincare routine because it acts as a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer in one! Plus, it acts like a magnet that lift off dirt even my water proof mascara ang liquid eyeliner. Garnier Micellar water practically good at making my skin soft and clean and fresh after use. No intense rubbing needed.

  2. Hindi ko pa ito na try. A must try product, Kasi 70ml for 120 only mura na. Thanks for this info madam! God bless.

  3. Hi Ms. Rayrose .. Sa ngayon anv ginagamit ko is product of leiania House of beauty 😄 I use it, first, because it is seed oil organic 😊 second, anti ageing cleanser din po xia .. ☺ pero gusto ko din po subukan ever bilena kasi super affordable and pede lang bilhin khit saang drugstore 😊 #DashingMomSquad

  4. I have not tried any products coz I have sensitive skin and I am thinking na baka harsh sa skin. So skin cleanser and water lang gamit ko to remove make up. Pero this one, its a must try and aside from that, affordable pa.


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