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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor HD Love/Amour Review

When ever we hear Matte lipstick it always in our head that this seems to have a drying effect on our lips. Matte lipsticks have this characteristics where they dry to your lips velvety and with no shine finish. Which a bit struggle for us girls because a lips tend to go dry and chapped when we wear our fave matte lipstick. But I'm here to share to you guys a newly discovered by me matte lipstick from Revlon.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor : in shade HD Love/Amour (625). This has a thick consistency compared to other matte lipsticks that I've tried already. It cost P575 over the counters of Revlon here in the Philippines. It is a bit pricey but let's move to our review to know if it is worthy to buy.

The Packaging

As you can see at the picture above it comes with a silver twist-able cap/lip applicator that contains the logo of Revlon. You can clearly see the shade of the lipstick just by looking at them because of the clear container. It is handy and can fit even in a small make-up kit bag. If your asking where's the shade can be found? Flip your lippie , it is written at the back together with it's size and a brief information of manufacturer. 

Size: 0.2 Fl. Oz / 5.9 mL
Shade: HD Love/Amour (625)
Price: 575 pesos

My Verdict

Application to the lips: On my application, it glides well to my lips, it has a feeling of lip balm while I'm applying it. It contains that sort of sweet smell like candy I think but it fades over the time when you wear it. It gives your lips some moisture so you don't need to put lip balm before hand. The applicator is soft too.

Color pay off: The color of this one gives your lips a sheen color of red.

As you can see at the picture above, it can be categorize on the blushing red shade. You can see that it seems not a really matte lipstick, Amour shade is perfect for any skin tone.

Staying Power: It stayed to my lips for about 2-3 hours after applying with a pure talk and not drinking water nor eating. It does transfer to the tissue when I tried the transfer test but some color still stayed on my lips. At the end of the day, it leaves a stain to my lips which is a good point if you don't want to retouch your lips throughout the day

Overall: I love the characteristics of this lipstick leaving my lips moisturize, it is not that typical matte lipsticks but it moisturize my lips. The color is good and it still leaves stain. In terms of the price, I will think twice repurchasing this lipstick as mom it is a little bit of pricey that I can buy affordable lipstick with the same characteristics.

For you what is you best matte lipstick/s?

Thank you for reading my review! My your eyebrow game be as strong as your coffee! 


  1. For me, EB Advanve LTD Liquid Lipstick and Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick are the best. They are super pigmented plus super affordable din. Meron ako pareho nyan pero Im currently using Maybelline Powder Matte in Rich Ruby. Grabe! Hands down ako dito. NakaiLang kain at inom ako pero naka stay pa rin sya sa lips ko. Di ko din need pa magretouch :)

  2. I have EB and San San matte lipstick, pero mas bet ko ang EB. Subrang kapit talaga siya, kahit nakakain, inum na ako, andiyan pa rin siya. Pero ang Hindi ko nagustuhan napakadry lang talaga di tulad sa San San medyo shiny siya. And this Revlon, a must try matte lipstick, medyo pricey nga lang. Hehe pero bet ko siya e try. Thanks for this madam. God bless!!

  3. I have Avon matte lipstick (nude pink) and Maybelline in red-pink. I like both of them. Pero I want to try and add this to my make up :)


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