My hair transformation

In some point in our life, we want to change and for my part, I wanted to see the new me with my hair. I decided to get it done by my beautiful friend Shane, who was skillful to do it and style my hair. Lately we notice that there are new colors coming up that we need to bleach our hair in order to get the right color that we want. For my experience to my hair I've done it for 3 times this past few months to get the color that I want. This blog post is just a summary of my hair's adventure this past three months.

The picture at the right was my boring dark brown hair color, and the picture at the right was my bleached hair for about 2 times I think. I bought my bleach powder and the oxidizing formula from the online store. My friend mixed them together and form a very bubbly mixture like what you can see at the picture below.

It was a light blue mixture that has a strong smell on it. My friend portioned my hair and started to brush the mixture to my hair. Once the desired portion of my hair were covered with all of the mixture, we waited for about 15 minutes and she checked if the color was already fading. To make the story short our first try was not that successful on the case of my hair. It just turned out to be light blonde color with orange hint on it.

On our second try to bleach it, I think we are successful to do so, because it is already lighten up a bit, and the color that I wanted is already can be seen. Purple color. Sorry for this short blog post, but I will keep you posted on my other #hairgoals in the future.

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