Learn how to be successful and Break free with the help of Mr. Don Soriano

Reading this book for me is quite interesting. I was born with a family that is not that rich but we are into business. For my point of view the cover say it all, I like how the cover of the book was designed. A quote saying principle 1: Don't quit your job. It is always our mind set when you taught you have that enough money to established your own business, we quit our job and start planning the business. On my own experience we shouldn't quit our job. Like what was written at the book of Sir Don Soriano, your monthly salary from your regular job will still be important for you to stabilize your own business in terms of money. Let's start talking about the book itself.

What is the topic of this book? 

It is about creating an advocacy about Financial Literacy. Reading the book I learned a lot about what to do on how can I achieve my goals in life, It is easy to think of one thing but doing it needs a right amount of effort and thinking. Sir Don Soriano summaries his life experience with this book, It all began in a humble beginnings, there were times that he personally started aggressively that cause him to fall down. Here he teaches us step by step on how to be financially stable with the help of his life experiences.

What is good about this book? 

He urges and give readers to ponder on what he is saying, he is giving his real life experiences to give samples on what will happen if this things happens to your life.  Readers can now think of better way to solve that problem by themselves. Sir Don Soriano also includes a lot of inspirational quotes. As for me I currently suffering with this sort of financial problem, upon reading this book, this enlighten me on the things that I can do now to solve this problem, Never forget to read everyday to learn more. Studying does not stop when you graduated on college, it is a continues journey as we grow old. Reading will benefit you to solve your problems.

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