When ever we hear Matte lipstick it always in our head that this seems to have a drying effect on our lips. Matte lipsticks have this characteristics where they dry to your lips velvety and with no shine finish. Which a bit struggle for us girls because a lips tend to go dry and chapped when we wear our fave matte lipstick. But I'm here to share to you guys a newly discovered by me matte lipstick from Revlon.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor : in shade HD Love/Amour (625). This has a thick consistency compared to other matte lipsticks that I've tried already. It cost P575 over the counters of Revlon here in the Philippines. It is a bit pricey but let's move to our review to know if it is worthy to buy.

The Packaging

As you can see at the picture above it comes with a silver twist-able cap/lip applicator that contains the logo of Revlon. You can clearly see the shade of the lipstick just by looking at them because of the clear container. It is handy and can fit even in a small make-up kit bag. If your asking where's the shade can be found? Flip your lippie , it is written at the back together with it's size and a brief information of manufacturer. 

Size: 0.2 Fl. Oz / 5.9 mL
Shade: HD Love/Amour (625)
Price: 575 pesos

My Verdict

Application to the lips: On my application, it glides well to my lips, it has a feeling of lip balm while I'm applying it. It contains that sort of sweet smell like candy I think but it fades over the time when you wear it. It gives your lips some moisture so you don't need to put lip balm before hand. The applicator is soft too.

Color pay off: The color of this one gives your lips a sheen color of red.

As you can see at the picture above, it can be categorize on the blushing red shade. You can see that it seems not a really matte lipstick, Amour shade is perfect for any skin tone.

Staying Power: It stayed to my lips for about 2-3 hours after applying with a pure talk and not drinking water nor eating. It does transfer to the tissue when I tried the transfer test but some color still stayed on my lips. At the end of the day, it leaves a stain to my lips which is a good point if you don't want to retouch your lips throughout the day

Overall: I love the characteristics of this lipstick leaving my lips moisturize, it is not that typical matte lipsticks but it moisturize my lips. The color is good and it still leaves stain. In terms of the price, I will think twice repurchasing this lipstick as mom it is a little bit of pricey that I can buy affordable lipstick with the same characteristics.

For you what is you best matte lipstick/s?

Thank you for reading my review! My your eyebrow game be as strong as your coffee! 

Summer is the perfect season for letting your kids learn and experience new things, and with McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, they can do just that!

Now on its 25th year, McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is McDonald’s flagship family program that gives kids an opportunity to experience in-store restaurant training and learn time-tested values such as teamwork, hard work, discipline, responsibility, and sharing.

Registration is ongoing until April 30, 2017 in close to 500 participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. Kiddie Crew Workshops happen weekly from March 20 to June 2, 2017. The registration fee is P650 only, inclusive of workshop materials, meals for 5 days and the official Kiddie Crew shirt, bag, lanyard with ID, chef’s hat, apron and graduation tokens.

This year, McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop excites participants with a refreshed program that combines their all-time favorite activities with new ones guaranteed to make them look forward to the five-day sessions! Well-loved activities are back, including the Make-Your-Own Cheeseburger, and on-floor, Drive-Thru, and front counter trainings that give kids the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a McDonald’s crew. For the first time, participants will get to satisfy their sweet tooth with the Make-Your-Own Dessert activity and experience how to prepare customers’ orders through the McDelivery Game.

With McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, kids will surely have a delightful summer to remember! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity for your kids to learn new skills and values, experience new things, and make new friends while having fun.

For more information on McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, visit mcdonalds.com.ph.
Image from FB post of Rhodora
Angat, Bulacan is my province, if ever you will be passing by my province, here is a quick tip on where to eat.

Rengmitz' Grill just recently had a renovation of their Restaurant. It was a huge difference because before it had an ordinary restaurant design. But now somehow the interior is a lot better than before. It has a unique hanging light at the ceiling , the chairs and tables are now presentable and lots of instagramble quotes are can be found inside. It is cozy while you and your family are enjoying the great food that they serve.


They served breakfast to dinner. Some of their menu have a schedule like the "Fresh Lumpiang Sariwa" which is available every Friday only. The price of each food that they serve is just right but the BBQ price for my opinion is a little bit pricey. I think they based their price of the BBQ on the demand of it and they are known for their BBQ.

What are my top picks from their menu?

  1. BBQ - Rengmitz' Grill is know for their unique taste for their BBQ. Over the past years, I think this is their Signature food. Angateneos always order this one. The meat is perfectly cured with a sweet taste and it is tender. 
  2. Pancit Bihon - I don't know if it is just me or there is really something to their pancit bihon. The vegetables is not that overwhelming and the noodles taste good. "Nandun yung ninamnam pagkinakain mo siya". 
  3. I forgot the name of the other one, but it is Tilapia with a sour soup. 
My son together with my cousin

You can also order to them thru phone and deliver it at your home, which is plus for a Restaurant. This is just one reason why you should visit our Province Angat, Bulacan and discover new and exciting place you can enjoy with your family! 
It is already the half of April, and my birthday just past, my family had decided to take a break and have a simple but meaningful birthday celebration / mini-reunion. We headed to a newly opened Resort at Bulacan namely La Florentina Resort, it opened last March I think, and their video teaser was a bomb watch it!

See it is a unique resort here in Bulacan, without all those big statues of anime or film characters. We reserve a villa for a night swimming and a cottage for us to put our food. A Villa cost 2500.00 pesos, and a cottage cost 600.00 pesos, also you will ask to pay 200.00 pesos entrance fee for each person. The children and the senior citizen are 170.00 pesos, and disabled persons are free. The prices are worth it and very affordable for a resort like this - charming and relaxing.

Upon our arrival at the resort, my Mom (Connie Melby) was asked to go to their office to talk to the staff. She was asked about the details of her reservation and for the payment. Overall their staffs are all friendly and approachable. They even let our car enter the resort premises for my Dad and a plus; one staff assisted my mom going inside the resort.

Each villa has two double sized bed with a clean white sheet and two pillows on each bed. They have air-con, a flat screen TV with shows coming from the ABS-CBN TV plus (which I hope soon they have cable so that none- Filipino guest can enjoy their watching TV). The Comfort room is clean as well and big, but it doesn't have a Hot water, which for me they should upgrade to that because there is the time that people wants to take a bath with warm water. Another thing is their flooring at the CR is slippery. You should be careful. The floor mat outside the CR does not help, and it may cause an accident because it is also slippery when you step on it.

The pools are great. They have three different pools, one is the Water Playground pool, where kids and kid at heart can enjoy playing with the slides, and water loops.

My son and I enjoyed this pool; this is our favorite pool by the way when you swim here the water is cold on our time, unlike the other two pools that are warm. A lot of kids is playing around this pool. Always keep an eye on your children to refrain getting hurt by those who are playing on the slide.

Next is the kiddie pool, here is a kid-friendly pool that is right on their height, this is the perfect poll where kids who want to learn how to swim.

And the adult pool , I haven't tried this pool because for the whole time I was with my kid.

Our overall experience on La Florentina Resort 


It was a unique experience; especially we are just around Bulacan Area. Honestly, most of the resorts that can be found at Bulacan have those big statues of anime and cartoon character, which is for me is quite not a fun of it. La Florentina Resort is somehow a resort like at Batangas, where you can relax and have a quality time with your family. My Birthday and my cousin's birthday too, we gladly celebrate it at La Florentina resort together with our relatives. It is somehow mini reunion. The whole resort is clean and organize. Another good thing is that it is a budget friendly resort. The admin also gave us a huge discount because we extended our villa stay from night swimming to overnight. Pool floors on the playground pool is not that polished, so always keep an eye on your kid. My niece had a scratch after being pushed by my son. But overall it is nice to stay at the Resort. By the way, I forgot to mention some key features of the resort; please check below for the list:

1. There are ample of parking spaces provided for the customers
2. The resort can be easily found street signs can be found on your way to the resort.
3. Accommodating staff and admin staff
4. Customer can easily reserve a slot/ villa online
5. Clean resort surroundings and room
6. DJ available at the start of the day until midnight for request and greetings
7. Affordable rates
8. Good ambience , it is relaxing and perfect for a weekend getaway.

Are we going back to La Florentina Resort?

Definitely Yes!, Me and my family love the La Florentina Resort and they treated us so good. They are all accommodating! 

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In some point in our life, we want to change and for my part, I wanted to see the new me with my hair. I decided to get it done by my beautiful friend Shane, who was skillful to do it and style my hair. Lately we notice that there are new colors coming up that we need to bleach our hair in order to get the right color that we want. For my experience to my hair I've done it for 3 times this past few months to get the color that I want. This blog post is just a summary of my hair's adventure this past three months.

The picture at the right was my boring dark brown hair color, and the picture at the right was my bleached hair for about 2 times I think. I bought my bleach powder and the oxidizing formula from the online store. My friend mixed them together and form a very bubbly mixture like what you can see at the picture below.

It was a light blue mixture that has a strong smell on it. My friend portioned my hair and started to brush the mixture to my hair. Once the desired portion of my hair were covered with all of the mixture, we waited for about 15 minutes and she checked if the color was already fading. To make the story short our first try was not that successful on the case of my hair. It just turned out to be light blonde color with orange hint on it.

On our second try to bleach it, I think we are successful to do so, because it is already lighten up a bit, and the color that I wanted is already can be seen. Purple color. Sorry for this short blog post, but I will keep you posted on my other #hairgoals in the future.

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Baking is my favorite past time whenever I'm on our house at Bulacan. Baking seems to wash away my stress in life. I'm so happy that I got an invite on a workshop from one of the famous Chef in Philippines Chef Edward Mateo, he is known for his exquisite design of cakes with fresh fruits. The workshop is about the Basic Cake & Stable Frosting held on BREVILLE Branch at Balintawak, Quezon City.

Let me give you a little background about BREVILLE

In 1932, Bill O'Brien and Harry Norville mixed their last names together, and the Breville brand was created. They started off making radios, then mine detectors for the war. After World War II and the arrival of the television, they turned their attentions to small appliances and sold the radio business. After Bill O'Brien had set up the Breville Research and Development center in the 1960s, the ideas just kept coming. In 1974, they invented the sandwich toaster. In 1977, they invented Australia's first food processor, the Breville Kitchen Wizz. Breville's Center of Design Excellence is in Botany in Sydney, Australia.
After a 75-year journey, which has seen changing lifestyles and technologies, Breville has grown to become an iconic Australian and global brand. Design and innovation have underpinned this success. From the Snack'n'Sandwich maker in 1974, to the wide feed tube Juice Fountain™ in 1999, and the Professional 800 Collection of today, Breville has provided inspiration to generations of customers.
Though Breville's roots are in Australia, Breville-designed products are now sold in more than 30 countries around the world, including the United States. Like a true Australian however, Breville has remained grounded, despite its global success. Breville is proof that some companies still listen to customers.

The workshop it self, attendees able to learn many things. Chef Edward Mateo, uses BREVILLE Technology on baking, for mixing the ingredients he uses the Scraper Mixer, it has a rubber scrapper for continues mixing of ingredients.

Scraper Mixer Pro

I will be giving you the recipe we have on our workshop , the first one is a recipe for Moist Choco Cake.

  • Chocolate Mousse Frosting
  • 150g Chocolate
  • 2 cups whipping cream
  1. Chop the chocolate and place it in a bowl. Using the Breville Multi Chef - rice/cook function, add 1 cup water then place the bowl on top of the innerpot.
  2. Melt over a slowly simmering until the temperature reaches approximately 45 Celsius on a cooking thermometer, Using the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro, beat the cream until firm peaks cling to the whisk.
  3. Whisking quickly, add about 1/3 of the whipped cream to the hot chocolate. Pour the mixture over the remaining cream and fold in gently with the whisk or a spatula to evenly blend the ingredients.  
 Chef Edward use the Breville Smart Oven , The 22 - liter Smart Oven™ also suggests the use of convection and makes adjustments for fresh or frozen ingredients. This will cook the cake evenly.

Each of the cake that Chef Edward bake, we tried them out, and I say to you that it is amazingly delicious and look stunning.


Deliciously looking cake by Chef Edward
    Here are the delicious cakes from the workshop, this cakes become perfect with the help of Breville products. All products are designed perfectly for our baking needs.
Reading this book for me is quite interesting. I was born with a family that is not that rich but we are into business. For my point of view the cover say it all, I like how the cover of the book was designed. A quote saying principle 1: Don't quit your job. It is always our mind set when you taught you have that enough money to established your own business, we quit our job and start planning the business. On my own experience we shouldn't quit our job. Like what was written at the book of Sir Don Soriano, your monthly salary from your regular job will still be important for you to stabilize your own business in terms of money. Let's start talking about the book itself.

What is the topic of this book? 

It is about creating an advocacy about Financial Literacy. Reading the book I learned a lot about what to do on how can I achieve my goals in life, It is easy to think of one thing but doing it needs a right amount of effort and thinking. Sir Don Soriano summaries his life experience with this book, It all began in a humble beginnings, there were times that he personally started aggressively that cause him to fall down. Here he teaches us step by step on how to be financially stable with the help of his life experiences.

What is good about this book? 

He urges and give readers to ponder on what he is saying, he is giving his real life experiences to give samples on what will happen if this things happens to your life.  Readers can now think of better way to solve that problem by themselves. Sir Don Soriano also includes a lot of inspirational quotes. As for me I currently suffering with this sort of financial problem, upon reading this book, this enlighten me on the things that I can do now to solve this problem, Never forget to read everyday to learn more. Studying does not stop when you graduated on college, it is a continues journey as we grow old. Reading will benefit you to solve your problems.

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I'm a music lover well this is a secret now revealed. There are times that I just open my Spotify and plug in my apple earphones. But as we all know each earphone has a cons, this is when they are tangled and broken that you can see it's wiring's. I discovered a new way to help you guys solved that problem. From the company Royqueen, they are know to be the leading suppliers of portable speakers in the international market. At this days good headphones with high quality have a physical cables. Royqueen innovate there product and goes with the technology today, the Tornado Bluetooth Headphone. I will give you a quick overview about this product.

Royqueen Tordnado Bluetooth Headphone


Our experience with this products starts with it's packaging - because it will give us the first impression for the product. It is placed inside a typical box that has a plastic window that you can see the product inside of it. The design of the box is uniquely design for the Tornado Headphone with the Tordnado logo on it. When you flip the box around, all the specs in a logo form and with labels are printed on it. It supports MicroSD (High quality sound), Bluetooth Technology, It can be use to FM Radio, and what is unique about it , it has a Call function. This what I'm excited about it, Tornado Headphone has a built-in microphone that you can be hands free while talking to anyone.

What comes with the product?

Royqueen Tornado Headphones comes with a User manual where you can brief yourself the basic functions of the headphone, 3.5mm Audio cable which is about approximately 24-30 inches long and a Micro-USB to USB cable that will be use to charge the Royqueen Tornado Headphone.

Design of the Product


Royqueen Tornado Headphones comes in a sleek black and gray color. It has an adjustable headband & movable ear cushion that can be modify according to the user's preference. The cushion for the ears are very comfortable once the listener use it to his ears, it is made with faux leatherette. A rubber material will be touching your hair at the upper part of the Royqueen Tornado Headphones  it will help lessen the tension on your hair. Another good thing about this product is that, it is light weight unlike other headphones that you need to add extra effort carrying them around. But wait there's more it is fold-able!  Yes you read it right, the Royqueen Tornado Headphones was made by this design to be fold-able so that the user can carry it around without worrying that the headphone might be broken apart once you put it on your bag. 

Is this a good Quality?

My answer is YES! Before I made this product review I tried the product a couple of times now. A good quality headphone is you can easily understand how the headphone will be use, and if it is easy to bring along, and the most important is that if the sound is good quality and not damaging your ears. All of the qualities I've said above are all present with this Royqueen Tornado Headphones. It is wireless that made possible with a Bluetooth Technology. I tested this out at our office , on how far will the bluetooth function can go, where I go about 25-33 feet away with my phone while using Royqueen Tornado Headphones. 

My husband is on the other country, and there are times that he is calling me when i'm busy doing something else before I stop on what i'm doing and holding the phone and talk to him for an hour and so, but know with the help of Royqueen Tornado Headphones, I can move around freely , do what ever i'm doing while talking to my husband by this headphone. Well that is a big plus multitasking! Then there are times that bluetooth is not available I tend to use the Aux cord to connect it with my laptop. 

Flashing color blue while the Royqueen Tornado Headphone is in use

Here is the close-up picture of the on ear controls. Microphone, Line in for the Aux connector, USB port , Power/Pairing Indicator light, Power On or Off button, Play/Pause/Volume button and TF card port. 

Red light on once the headphone is charging

The battery life of Royqueen Tornado Headphones  is the best, approximately you can use it for about 5 hours on 50% volume.  The sound produced by Royqueen Tornado Headphones  is clear and does not damaging the user's ears. It is musical and with great clarity across all of the frequencies. 

My final verdict about this product

We will start on what I don't like about it, frankly the AUX cable for my personal opinion,  I prefer to it to be longer, because it is easier to move around when your device is not with Bluetooth.  Next is I wish it is somehow water proof or water resistant well that's all for what I don't like. On what I LOVE About the Royqueen Tornado Headphones , first it is affordable it's original price is 1,749 pesos now Royqueen is giving a discount to their customers, it is now 1,390 pesos a great discount for their users. As you can read above I LOVE THIS PRODUCT it is handy with a good quality of sound, long battery life and I can easily talk with my friends hands-free! 

You can visit Royqueen's Website to know more about this Royqueen Tornado Headphones , and get to try this one! Please also like , follow with their social media accounts to get updated with their latest discounts and products.

Royqueen's Website: www.royqueen.com.ph
Twitter: Royqueenph
Instagram: Royqueenph

For you what brand of headphone you are using? was it worth it? Would you like to try Royqueen Tornado Headphones? Comment down below

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This is one of the series of a new portion at my blog Mom 101, which I will review and share some of the items that I use and strategies on how I take care of my son Harvey Samson. As you will follow my facebook and other blog post, my son is known to be the most active and super energetic child as always with that characteristics I need him to be packed with lots of food, milk, and vitamins so that he can recharge even he is so active. Luckily Wert Philippines send some vitamins of Nutri10Plus, we tried the vitamins for a month now, and I think it helps with his developments.

Before Harvey have a mild asthma when he was around 5 months- 1 years old. We experience bringing him to the hospital at the middle of the night for a check-up. Since then we looked for a better or best vitamins that can give him strength and ability to increase his stamina.

Nutri10Plus is a food supplements that contains a lot of vitamins for your child. Below is the Ingredients found.

As you can see it contain the most vitamins and nutrients your child shall be needing everyday. I will enumerate the Nutritional Information below:

Active Ingredients                                                          Each 5mL contains                    
CGIF(Chlorella Growth Factor)                                        100mg
Taurine                                                                                25mg
Lysine                                                                                300mg
Vitamin A(as Palmitate) eq. to 420 RE                             764 IU
Vitamin D,(Cholecalciferol)eq. to 5.25 mcg                     210 IU
Vitamin E (as Acetate) eq. to 9 mg TE                              13.5 IU
Vitamin B1(Thiamine HCI)                                                  1 mg
Vitamin B2(Riboflavin)                                                         1mg
Vitamin B3(Niacinamide)                                                   15mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI)                                             1.3mg
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)                                          2.4mcg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)                                                  60 mg
Zinc,elemental (as Zinc Sulfate)                                          6.8 mg

Well that was a full of information on what to know about this product. All of those nutrients will surely give your kid a boost in his everyday activities. To a more active lifestyle!

My Verdict: 

Will I going to continue this vitamins for my son? My answer will be yes, in terms that it do help my son and gave him more energy, but this is just an addition to some other supplements he is taking now. As you can see on it's Nutritional information vitamin C is  just a minimal with this supplements. I want him to take a little higher on the Vitamin C side to make his immune system stronger. It taste good and smells good. It contain a Ponkan Flavor that is perfect taste for a child's taste buds. The amount of in-take depends on the age of the child is just a minimal. This is a plus because you can save money with this just a minimal drop for a 120ml bottle of energy. Attached below is a sample of what Harvey is doing and this vitamins really helps him to do so.

So to all mommies out there try the Nutri10Plus food supplement for your kid. As goes with their slogan "Aktibo at Malakas ang batang Nutri 10 Plus" here is a sample proof of it.

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